ABC Cancels Zero Hour Due to Zero Ratings

By Tim Surette

Mar 02, 2013

God couldn't save it, "The 12" couldn't save it, only ABC could've save it, but ABC killed it. Zero Hour, one of television's newest weekly hours of absurdity, has been canceled by ABC after three episodes, according to TV Line. If you're surprised by this decision, then I guess you never watched Zero Hour.

The conspiracy thriller grabbed a 1.4 18-49 rating in its premiere on Valentine's Day, and last night's episode pulled in a 1.0 rating. That's not good. ABC has not confirmed the news, and the network currently has a giant blank space on its schedule for next week. 

The show starred Anthony Edwards as the editor of a skeptic's magazine who might have been a reincarnated Nazi apostle who had to chase down clocks all over the globe before immortal demon babies and assassins hunted him down. Or something like that.

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  • jowilliams395 Apr 24, 2013

    Well, I guess that explains why I can't ever seem to find the show anymore. Eyeroll...I haven't watched ABC regularly in YEARS, because of what they consider "good" shows. They finally get one that I like...and promptly cancel it. Figures. Maybe some other station will pick it up, and I'll get to figure out where it was going.

  • rfresa Apr 21, 2013

    I was interested by the concept, but the execution was just so boring. Halfway through the first episode I was playing solitaire on my phone and laughing to myself at the ridiculousness. There were certainly plenty of interesting ideas in this show, but it felt like it had been written by producers and accountants. There was no weight to the characters or plot.

  • AckrosGliceas Mar 17, 2013

    Valentine's Day - seriously??, wth where they thinking , awesome show, and didn't deserve being pulled. what an absolute joke of a decision. who ever is response , they are the problem not the show. grrrrrr

  • M-Marley Mar 13, 2013

    I only watched the first three episodes last night could have give it a chance people do have busy lives you know really enjoyed the show to bloody prats

  • AnthonyGrande Mar 10, 2013

    Only dumbasses can screw up an exciting story involving demons, nazis and the end of man. When you hire actors from the Stallone and Diesel school of acting, scripted by aficionados of Corey Mandell's battlefield earth what you get rhymes with scat. My mistake, it is alleged to be scat. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • darkitp Mar 06, 2013

    now i understand ABC cancellation Levels

    V Level : give it second season and cancel it afterwards
    The River Level : Give it full season and cancel it afterwards
    Zero Hour Level : Cancel it after the third episode
    future ABC project Level : cancel it before airing

  • dedetudor1 Apr 07, 2013

    U got it.... They're a bunch of dumbed down asses that don't know a good thing when they've got it. If they advertised it as much as Splash who knows what the audience would have been. SOOOOOO SICK OF ABC'S IDEA OF CRAP TV!!! Stop the madness and pleeeeeease get rid of the "reality" garbage!!!!!!!

  • Sbriseno07 Mar 06, 2013

    Well, it is a weird time to start a news show. Most people start looking for new shows to watch in September. Right now I am set.

  • NickProudfoot Mar 06, 2013

    I agree with all the people saying the networks are a bunch of stupid people in suits telling us what THEY think is good... not what WE actually think is good -- Screw the GD ratings they don't mean jack and they're wrong because they don't account for the users like us...I haven't had cable or satellite in almost two years now and I'm so happy I stopped paying 100 bucks a month for crap I can watch online.

  • kealnche Mar 06, 2013

    Enjoyed the first episode; fell asleep on the second.

  • dedetudor1 Apr 07, 2013

    Sorry u did, you missed a good one.

  • Altmed1 Mar 06, 2013

    Best new show I've seen in a long time! This & "Once Upon a Time", I just found this show yesterday! 3 eps & I'm reading they are cancelling it? How stupid! (or hopefully a god publicity stunt) And the networks wonder why ppl like me cancelled cable. No dish, nothing! I'm watching everything online & finding youtube has some amateur movies better than the so-called, super cheap crap "reality" TV... I thought I might get a dish, but if the networks are going to pull crap like cancelling their best show in eons, they wonder why less & less ppl have cable or dishes? English & Russian TV are hysterical & have some GREAT drama! My son just bought a dish & gets TV all over the world w/ no monthly fees! I might just follow his lead! American TV Network execs better wake up & keep these gems or they'll be history!

  • tomtaylor5220 Mar 09, 2013

    Missed the whole first went right under my radar..but then started watching episodes on Netflix..and was hooked.

    Watched the whole first season.. and have now seen every episode.

    Very clever show.

    Netflix costs me 7.97 a month..and my cable channel/Internet package costs me $190.00 a month.

    Guess which is the better value?

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