ABC Family Cancels Make It Or Break It

By Tim Surette

Apr 26, 2012

ABC Family is taking the spring out of Make It Or Break It's step, by axing the show. The cancellation was confirmed by show creator Holly Sorenson, who tweeted out the bad news:

This is bad news for fans of the gymnastics drama, but a great opportunity for me to overuse a ton of gymnastics puns. After three seasons of bounding about ABC Family's schedule, Make It Or Break It will make its final dismount on May 14. The show flipped onto the scene in June of 2009, and initially earned top scores from viewers. Season 2 was a balancing act, but ABC Family opted to renew the series for a Season 3 short routine of eight episodes. But as the series progressed, it tumbled in the ratings, was accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs, and began holding up liquor stores.

And the judges give that last paragraph a 3.5, 4.2, and a 2.3. Damn you, Russian judge.

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  • MichelleAnderson Jan 29, 2014

    This is bullshit. My favorite show by far.

  • tiffanymonroe9275 Dec 31, 2013

    This makes me so freaking mad. I thought I had FINALLY found a series that was completed -.- but fudging no! When I went to watch like season 4 there was no season 4 THE LAST EPISODE DIDN'T EVEN END LIKE THE TV SHOW WAS ENDING !! IT LEFT OFF ON A FREAKING CLIFF HANGER! I LITERALLY CRIED BECAUSE I'M SO FREAKING TIRED OF PEOPLE CANCELING THE BEST TELEVISION SHOWS! Make it or Break it, The 4400, etc. I hate greedy television networks -.- There was SOOO much more they need to cover in Miobi -.- so flipping pissed

  • rav42202 Nov 12, 2013

    why would they canceled make it or break I look at their website make it or break it had the highest rating 5 stars. you don't end the series with them getting ready for the Olympic. we need to protest!!!!!! reply to me for more! no stalkers!!!!

  • FanT Sep 30, 2013

    ABC is going to loose viewers and ratings if they keep canceling the good shows!!!Cancel something stupid. keep Make it or break it and The Lying Game

  • lisajackson14 Sep 06, 2013

    just watched the last episode....IS THIS KIND OF A DAMN JOKE?!

  • angryprincess Aug 22, 2013

    So stupid they canceled this show. They do not care about fans just about how much money they are going to make. We spend three years watching this show and we never get to see the ending. It's like watching a movie with no end. Who won the freakin gold, where is emilee and damon? So not fucking fare!! stupid abc family

  • savannahsanch Jul 17, 2013

    I wish there could just be 1 last episode where they r at the olympics and also if emily keeps the baqby like what happened to her

  • joellie2016 Jun 21, 2013

    They should atleast made the last season when the girls go to the olympics. Jeesh why people got to read into things. >:/

  • hayielghtompk Jun 12, 2013

    I don't think they should have canceled it. They were going to the Olympics, Kaylie, Payson and Lauren also Jordan! It was so good!!!!! I wish it would come back! I <3 that show I love Gymnastics so it was good watching that show and thinking maybe that could be me! I want that show back on!!:(

  • Angels1821 May 24, 2013

    This is so stupid.... i mean they just made it to the Olympics, Kaylie and Austin made up, payson and rico are such and cute couple, Lauren started to like that one guy! they have to cancel all the shows i like right at the right time in the seasons! i wish they would just BRING Make it or Break it back on television it was so far my Favorite show and i was really getting into gymnastics.we need to know who wins gold and i head Emily might have came back to the rock to train for the next Olympics, they just left everyone wondering about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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