ABC Family Orders More Bunheads, Renews Switched at Birth, and Cancels Jane By Design

By Tim Surette

Aug 17, 2012

There was good news all around at ABC Family today unless your name is Jane By Design. The teen version of ABC renewed Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, and Switched at Birth for new seasons, and ordered more episodes of its new charmer Bunheads. As for Jane By Design? More like Jane Bye Bye. It's been canceled, says TV Line.

Melissa & Joey, starring Melissa and Joey, will be back for Season 3 in the spring, Baby Daddy's second season will also premiere in the spring, and Switched at Birth will enter its sophomore season this winter. Bunheads, the fast-talking freshman drama from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, will extend its first-season run with more episodes starting this winter. I think. The press release was a little confusing.

Jane By Design was given a chance to improve on its initial ratings with an order of additional episodes for its first season, but the show didn't deliver. The series ended its season with a disappointing audience of 1.18 million viewers.

Yes, we live in a world where Babby Daddy gets renewed. But hey, more Bunheads! Yay!

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  • kmh96_ Jul 08, 2013

    I stayed up all night long and watched every episode then went to bed.I love this show so so much and they have to go and cancel it. I hope they read all of these comments and I hope they take off bun heads or baby daddy instead. Because you know what this is a great show, with great actors, and a great story line.Honestly this is my favorite show "jane by design " i want it backkkk

  • kmh96_ Jul 08, 2013

    So sad to see that Jane by Design is cancelled. I really enjoyed watching that show. Please bring it back

  • ReikoLaan Sep 25, 2012

    ABC has to know that there are viewers for Jane by Design from all around the world not only in US. So i think that the audience was/is bigger.

  • ElzeyJules Sep 22, 2012

    i neeeeed Jane by design!!! Damn it! :(

  • snezhy Aug 25, 2012

    I personally love Babby Daddy and am super excited it is renewed... Bunheads' last few episodes made it worth saving, so I am excited about that too. Yay for television these days!

  • KellyKaiser1 Aug 21, 2012

    I love Bunheads. Michelle makes me laugh

  • txgirl75 Aug 20, 2012

    Alright Bunheads and Melissa and Joey..Sure am ready for the new season of switched at birth.

  • LyanneCasilla Aug 20, 2012

    I CNT BELIEVE IT!!!!! first it happened w/ The Nine Lives of Chloe King and now Jane by Design!!! Im sooo PISSED!!!! they keep cancelling good shows and leave the crappy ones!!!! Im really starting 2 resent this channel. They can at least finish them w/ a half decent finale.... -_-

  • bluemystique Aug 19, 2012

    I liked Jane By Design. I'm a little disappointed it got the axe but so goes the tv life. Not surprised Bunheads got picked up even though I know it's an acquired taste. I like watching Switched At Birth and because of the subject matter of the show, I knew it would be a shoe in. There aren't many or really any tv shows that tackle the hearing impaired audience...or manage to pull off ASL seamlessly.

  • i5star Aug 19, 2012

    Love Bunheads and Switch at Birth!!!

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