ABC Family Renews Baby Daddy for Season 3 (Sadly, There's Still No Word on Bunheads)

By Jen Trolio

Mar 22, 2013

The cast and EP Dan Berendsen posed for a photo on the set after hearing the news. 

ABC Family took a page out of the Starz Renewal Playbook today and announced a Season 3 renewal for its young-person-raising-a-young-person comedy Baby Daddy, whose Season 2 premiere is still two months away

"Based on the creative strength we saw during production on Season 2, and how the episodes, storylines, and characters are developing, we decided to double down on this hit show and keep it in production for additional episodes,” network president Michael Riley said in an official statement.

Unfortunately the network still hasn't said anything about the one series on its roster that we're actually dying to know the fate of, Bunheads. The charming little ditty from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wrapped its first season last month with no word on whether it'll get a second.

So, congrats to Baby Daddy, I guess—do any of you guys watch the show? Is it worth checking out?—but now here's hoping ABC Family will follow this announcement with some good news for the residents of Paradise, too.

Baby Daddy Season 2 premieres Wednesday, March 29 at 8:30pm on ABC Family. 

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  • natashaj868 Feb 07, 2014

    just started watching this show out of curiousity online because of the name. Great show. Hope Riley ends up with Danny though

  • karessaclaxton Nov 05, 2013

    wish it would never end

  • chantiquerlafaele Oct 27, 2013

    My sisters & I absolutely LOVE & ADORE this show! it must continue!! please keep it coming!!!

  • charlenejerome50 Oct 17, 2013

    I totally love every charater on this show. After a long day of work and school it's exactly the corky fun you need. a load of laughs Bonnie Riley Tucker Danny Ben and baby Emma are.

  • Cornett91 Oct 17, 2013

    I absolutely LOVE Baby Daddy and can't wait for a new season! Keep 'em coming ABC!! And don't listen to the morons who disagree or who are hatin' on the show, their opinions don't matter in this case!! I can honestly fully relate to this show and it is the BEST show I've ever saw!

  • aliceholmes37 Sep 30, 2013

    I LOVE this show. Danny and Riley all the way. I'm sorry, Ben is just too childish for my liking and Danny is way nicer. I'm so glad they are doing another season of this. I kinda miss jane by design. That was good.

  • ErinaHui Aug 27, 2013

    Looking forward to another season of Baby Daddy!!!! It's a great show and I LOVED it from the beginning. Can't wait until the 3rd season airs!!!!!

  • sonyabria Mar 29, 2013

    Love this show! I sat and watched with my girls the entire first season on Netflix this week! Great cast, funny lines and situations. It's extremely well-written comedy. So glad that there are 2 more seasons!

  • angrodpallanen Mar 25, 2013

    Don't know this show but I kind of need a Bunheads season 2. I didn't know I missed ASP's witty banter in my life but I did and now I don't want to go on without.

  • nomz123 Mar 24, 2013

    i love baby daddy

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