ABC Sets Midseason Premiere Dates for That Diving Show, Zero Hour, and More

By Tim Surette

Dec 04, 2012

The schedulers at ABC know that you're holding off on booking your Spring Break vacation to Twin Falls, Idaho, until they announce the network's midseason return dates, so they did you a favor and set their calendar today. The network has six shiny new programs to tantalize your senses, and will shuffle around its Wednesday comedy block in April to squeeze one of them into it.

Serialized drama Zero Hour (pictured, above), starring Anthony Edwards as the editor of a paranormal magazine who happens upon THE GREATEST CONSPIRACY KNOWN TO MAN, debuts on February 14 (Valentine's Day—awww!) in the 8pm hour vacated by Last Resort. I don't want to give too much away, but this show might have frozen Nazis in it. (It does!)

Radha Mitchell stars in Red Widow, debuting March 3 in 666 Park Avenue's old spot of Sundays at 10pm. The drama follows a woman who gets caught up in the mafia. It's like The Mob Doctor but with less doctor.

On the comedy side, the annoyingly titled How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (pictured, immediately above) debuts Wednesday, April 3 at 9:30pm. It will bump Suburgatory to the 8:30pm slot after The Neighbors finishes up its run. That one stars Sarah Chalke as a single mom who moves back in with her hippie parents. Family Tools gets the late start on May 1 and will take over for Suburgatory. It stars Kyle Bornheimer as a man who takes over the family handyman business.

ABC is also trying out a primetime cooking competition show called The Taste starting January 22. The Taste is to cooking shows what The Voice is to singing shows in that the judges will conduct blind taste tests to determine a winner, so presentation be damned! And the show you've all been anxiously awaiting, Celebrity Diving, makes a splash (tee hee) on March 19. It is exactly what it sounds like, "celebrities" learning how to high-dive. Yikes.

(Very subject to change)

Tuesday, January 22
8pm–10pm The Taste (two-hour series premiere)

Tuesday, January 29
8pm–9pm The Taste (regular time-period premiere)

Tuesday, February 5
10pm–11pm Body of Proof

Thursday, February 14
8pm–9pm Zero Hour

Sunday, March 3
9pm–11pm Red Widow (two-hour series premiere)

Sunday, March 10
10pm–11pm Red Widow (regular time-period premiere)

Monday, March 18
8pm–10pm Dancing with the Stars

Tuesday, March 19
8pm–9pm Celebrity Diving

Tuesday, March 26
9pm–10pm Dancing with the Stars the Results Show

Wednesday, April 3
8:30pm–9pm Suburgatory (new time-period premiere)

9:30pm–10pm How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)

Wednesday, May 1
8:30pm–9pm Family Tools

Besides Celebrity Diving, which we're all SUPER excited for, which new show are you looking forward to most from ABC's midseason? Or should I say, are you looking forward to any of these?

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  • inspectorgoss Aug 04, 2013

    i think its completely bull that abc cancelled zero hour!!! it is an amazing show with drama and anticipation! It seems these days anything that has Bible, and or truth to it no one wants to watch it all they want is to see stupid people doing stupid things! Maybe the reason people had a hard time understanding the plot is because the Bible isn't taught the way it use to be taught.Zero hour is about prophecy of the end of times and they have left it ending with a bunch of what abouts BRING ZERO HOUR back!!!

  • TrevPlatt Dec 06, 2012

    I'll probably give Zero Hour and Red Widow the 4 episode test. Maybe give the Live With Parents thing a shot but mainly in the hope of seeing some Sarah Chalk cleavage!

  • javisst Dec 06, 2012

    The only show that seems interesting to me, judging from the trailers, is “Red Widow”.

  • JT_Kirk Dec 05, 2012

    That is the saddest midseason I've ever seen put to paper.

    If Zero Hour has classic nazis, that could be cool, but if it has modern nazis, they're boring.

    Also, Tim, how could you miss calling Valentine's Day "the greatest conspiracy known to man"? Seriously, it's RIGHT THERE.

  • tvdvdaddict Dec 05, 2012

    Zero Hour is the only show that sounds interesting. Unfortunately, it's been given the horrible time slot of Thursday at 8, so I don't expect it to last long. I still haven't forgiven ABC for canceling Missing last season. As for Red Widow, do we really need ANOTHER mob/mafia show? NO.

  • AndreaMcCooey Dec 05, 2012

    Might give Zero Hour a gander to see what its like. Other than that, this is meh.

  • Nickylucas Dec 05, 2012

    Pretty ironic that Zero Hour is in the one hour that has failed ABC time and time again. Good luck Zero Hour, but I doubt a Season 2 will come of your existence.

    ABC would've been better served giving Last Resort a Back 9 and keeping it in 8PM.

  • hell693 Dec 05, 2012

    Nothing to get excited about all the shows seem boring.

  • TheBam711 Dec 05, 2012

    ABC "Where good shows get bad titles" "Got a bad title? Try ABC!" "I'ts ABC. Put a smile on" "ABC - Happy endings for everyone"

    Don't laugh...One of those shows is actually going to be good. "Trust ABC, not the title"

  • bicelis Dec 05, 2012

    Oh Elliot Reed, you're at it again? Since I loved you once, I'll give the show a 4 episode test.

  • JT_Kirk Dec 05, 2012

    Don't you mean "Becky 2"? ;-) I would have given her a chance here, but for her recent work on Cougar Town and HIMYM, both of which turned grating fast.

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