ABC Spreads Its 2012 Fall Premiere Dates All Over the Calendar

By Tim Surette

Jul 26, 2012

Hey ABC, way to join the party. The Alphabet network was the final major purveyor of television to announce its fall schedule, and it's smearing its return dates all over the calendar. Premiere dates for ABC will start in mid-September (like those of almost everyone else) and run all the way through early November (well past everyone else is done).

The bulk of ABC's shows will return or debut during official Premiere Week (September 24 through September 30), but some well-known shows won't be re-introduced until October or later—including Suburgatory (in its new post-Modern Family time slot), Happy Endings, Last Man Standing, and potential tent-pole drama Nashville.

Comparing ABC's premiere dates to the other networks' reveals it the most widely spread calendar of the bunch. ABC's fall premieres begin September 14 and end November 2. The other networks' ranges look like this: NBC, September 10 to October 19; Fox, September 12 to October 26; CBS, September 19 to September 30; The CW, October 2 to October 19. I guess this allows ABC's marketing department more time to put short-term focus on individual shows or pick up viewers who've abandoned other networks' new shows. Or maybe ABC just doesn't want the parade of premieres to end.

ABC's 2012-2013 Fall Premiere Dates
(New shows in ALL CAPS so your grandma can read 'em, too!)

Friday, September 14
8:00–9:00 PM — Shark Tank
9:00–10:00 PM — What Would You Do?
10:00–11:00 PM — 20/20

Monday, September 24
8:00–10:00 PM — Dancing with the Stars
10:00–11:00 PM — Castle

Tuesday, September 25
8:00–10:00 PM — Dancing with the Stars Results Show
10:00–11:00 PM — Private Practice

Wednesday, September 26
8:00–9:00 PM — The Middle (special one-hour premiere)
9:00–9:30 PM — Modern Family
9:30–10:00 PM — THE NEIGHBORS (series premiere)

Thursday, September 27
8:00–9:00 PM — LAST RESORT
9:00–10:00 PM — Grey’s Anatomy
10:00–11:00 PM — Scandal

Sunday, September 30
8:00–9:00 PM — Once Upon a Time
9:00–10:00 PM — Revenge
10:00–11:00 PM — 666 PARK AVENUE

Wednesday, October 3
8:30–9:00 PM — The Neighbors (regular time period premiere)

Sunday, October 7
7:00–8:00 PM — America’s Funniest Home Videos

Wednesday, October 10
10:00–11:00 PM — Nashville

Wednesday, October 17
9:30–10:00pm — Suburgatory

Tuesday, October 23
9:00–9:30 PM — Happy Endings
9:30–10:00 PM — Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

Friday, November 2
8:00–8:30 PM — Last Man Standing
9:00–10:00 PM — Shark Tank (new time period premiere)

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  • Aquitar94 Sep 12, 2012

    This is my fvorite network to watch TV, but half of the shows I want to watch won't even sart till October -____-


    Sundays: OUAT, Revenge

    Tuesdays: Happy Endings, Apartment 23

    Wednesdays: The Middle, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Nashville

    I'll watch Last Resort the Thursdays TBBT & 2.5 Men are showing repeats.

  • djenkins79 Jul 28, 2012

    I don't understand ABC's scatter technique for their fall premieres. It seems counterproductive to spread them out so much over three months. At least I'll be able keep tabs on the premieres with my new Dish Hopper. With the Auto Hop feature I'll be able to skip over commercials the day after a show airs and get in more on my free time. Plus it will save on remote control batteries. My coworkers at Dish love "Dancing with the Stars" but I plan on watching "Last Resort" since I need to find something to replace "The River." It should last longer than a season, I hope.

  • acre1993 Jul 28, 2012

    I honestly don't see what's so good about the show scandal I watched all 7 episodes to see what's so entertaining and honestly its terrible and boring the only thing that's good about it is the chemistry.

  • ludoTV Jul 28, 2012

    I am looking forward to Revenge.... Once Upon A Time became a bit meh at the end but perhaps it perks up in season 2...

    Of the new shows, I'll be checking 666 Park Avenue and perhaps Last Resort & Nashville but I am not expecting great things...

    Malibu Country looks like a variation on Nashville - kind of odd so much country all of a sudden...

    Scandal looks terrible...

  • ted2332 Jul 27, 2012

    Looking forward to Last Resort.

  • KatieBeth Jul 27, 2012

    Can't wait for Once Upon a Time and Revenge

  • Nickylucas Jul 27, 2012

    Revenge had a decent first season. I got really bored of the weekly parties, fake smiles + laughs, and annoying characters pretty quickly. The second half of the season really picks up though, and that season finale was pretty awesome. Plus, James Morrison is in it! (He plays Bill Buchanan in 24).

    I hope Revenge got a bigger budget for season 2, because it could do with a lot more action. As much as I liked it, it became a bit too soapy at times.

  • No1Slayerette Jul 27, 2012

    Sunday and Thursday are going to be difficult days for me...

  • DraicKin5 Jul 27, 2012

    Why did they switch Suburgatory and The Neighbors ? Anyway I don't think there's any move that could save The Neighbors from early cancellation and placing it "in the middle" of wednesday comedy block will make it only more obvious !

    Can't wait for OUAT , the bitch and suburgatory.

    I'm curious about 666 park avenue but the teaser was really disappointing but i'm ready to give it a try!

  • spudda32 Jul 27, 2012

    Cant wait for Castle and Revenge to come back. Will try the new shows (I usually do) and see if there is one I will love just as much as I loved Revenge last season

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