ABC's Makeover no more

By Reuters

Oct 25, 2006

The return of ABC's reality show Extreme Makeover lasted one week.

The network has pulled the plastic surgery series after one low-rated airing in the 8 p.m. Friday slot. Beginning November 3, ABC will return to the scheduling pattern from earlier in the season, airing a repeat of Grey's Anatomy in the opening hour of prime time.

Additionally, ABC has set February 7 as a return date for the hit drama Lost. The first portion of the adventure series' third season is slated to end November 8, with new series Day Break scheduled to air in Lost's 9 p.m. Wednesday slot starting November 15.

When it returns February 7, Lost is scheduled to run with all-original episodes through the end of the season.

In another scheduling move, ABC is bringing the legal drama Boston Legal to its original 10 p.m. Sunday slot November 26 for a special airing of the opening of a two-part episode. The conclusion is slated to run November 28 in Boston Legal's regular 10 p.m. Tuesday slot.

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  • AprilFox Nov 03, 2006

    I agree good riddance! Now Extreme Home Makeover that's a show worth something!

  • nothing_else123 Nov 01, 2006

    abc did the same exact thing with jake in progess last season and emily's reason why not. hated that heather graham series which is why im glad they pulled it after one episode, but JIP i was kind of pissed about.

  • rjspring Oct 26, 2006

    Good riddance

  • krazy4crack Oct 26, 2006

    I don't like it... but one week? Give it a chance~!

  • _crazy_cool_ Oct 26, 2006

    wow that's fast

  • SuperBilly1 Oct 26, 2006

    wow, that was quick

  • MadGamer132 Oct 25, 2006

    damn, one week. that's weird.

  • Water78 Oct 25, 2006

    so sad

  • calicow Oct 25, 2006

    Dang, this came four seasons too late.

  • sfviewer Oct 25, 2006

    It's about time this show gets cancelled.

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