Allen Gregory Is Canceled

By Tim Surette

Jan 09, 2012

Fox's latest foray into animation hardly qualifies as "domination." Allen Gregory, the series from Jonah Hill that debuted last fall, has been canceled. Fox president Kevin Reilly announced the news to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The series followed a rich, seven-year-old super genius named Allen Gregory as he attended regular elementary school with normal kids for the first time after many years of being homeschooled. Hill provided the voice of Allen, who we thought was one of the worst new characters of the season.

Nestled between The Simpsons and Family Guy on Fox's Sunday-night schedule, Allen Gregory soon became a 30-minute bathroom break for viewers tuning into the network's Animation Domination block. The show's finale pulled down a 2.2 rating in the adult demo, but previous episodes earned as low as a 1.5. Basically, people would rather watch the toilet flush or see more of those super-sad infomercials where Sarah McLachlan tells you that a bunch of shelter animals are dying. Not cool!

Goodbye, Allen Gregory. You will not be missed.

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  • jrickerby1 Feb 24, 2014

    In early 2012, I watched this on Channel 4's E4 and it's absolutely rubbish! It's the worst animated programme I ever saw! It's just a terrible cartoon programme! Nobody wants to watch this crap,

  • MatthewSulliv1 May 22, 2012

    Such a funny program, can not believe there not going to be doing a second series. I think the people who are against Allen Gergory need to lighten up its not real life, real life isn't funny, stop taking a cartoon so seriously. Most of the modern American sitcoms that make it over here to the UK are really unfunny (How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory) and here you have one of the funniest programs I have seen for ages being ridiculed by the people from its nation of origin. Welcome to the 21st century, you cant just use the same styles that made shows like Cheers and Friends great again and again it gets boring. I am a fan of Allen Gregory, Bobs Burgers and even the Napoleon Dynamite cartoons, if you are going to cancel any animated sitcoms it should be ones like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad (which I also enjoy) which are pretty much exclusively toilet humour and not things like Allen Gregory with quite smart witty jokes. I can see how a show like Allen Gregory could be quite shocking at first but I genuinely urge its critics to be a little more open minded lighten up and give Allen Gregory a second chance. Don't let such a brilliant idea for a show go to waste, it would be a massive shame to never see any more Allen Gregory.

  • ZacRox86 Jan 19, 2012

    Call me crazy, but I thought it was great. However, I can see why others hate it so much. I think this review is retarded. And by the way, Allen Gregory wasn't taking an "Allen Gregory", he was calling the principal.

  • jason43224 Jan 17, 2012

    Show was downright creepy, good riddance

  • ecwfrk Jan 12, 2012

    Next up, Napoleon Dynamite.

    Hopefully they can find a way to go back in time and cancel it 8 years ago when it would have actually made some sense to turn that into a cartoon.

  • WavSlave Jan 10, 2012

    Excellent move on Fox's part. Those thirty minutes had indeed become an extended bathroom break for me. Now drop "The Cleveland Show" and give "Bob's Burgers" a sweet time slot and things will be looking up for the Animation Domination block.

  • LostVengeance Feb 10, 2012

    Other than the fact that The Cleveland Show is getting great ratings, and positive feedback. American Dad, Family Guy, and Cleveland Show are going nowhere fast.

  • TrevPlatt Jan 10, 2012

    Hands up if you're surprised that Allen Gregory has been cancelled...

    Just as I thought, me neither!

  • Geek_Queen Jan 10, 2012

    I know the Dead Pool has been over for a while, now, but I'm still sitting here thinking, "Neat, it's another one of my Dead Pool picks!"

  • dwbaz Jan 10, 2012

    Please stop these stupid scam comments about making money. I would rather watch Allen Gregory than see another one of these pieces of crap.

  • chas031 Jan 10, 2012

    mmmmm, that means a team of animators are available to Fox for next season!!! Terra Nova The 200 million $$$$$$ Animation series!!!! Yeah, that'lll do the trick!!

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