You Can Now Watch and Vote On 10 New Amazon Pilots, Starring Titus Welliver, Jeffrey Tambor, Natalie Zea, and More

By Tim Surette

Feb 06, 2014

You're always complaining about how the television development process always excludes your vote and how when you barge into network headquarters to greenlight a new sci-fi epic you get arrested. Well "new media" is here to make your life less arrested, as Amazon has posted 10 new pilots that regular folk like you and me can vote on to determine whether they deserve a series order or not. This is Amazon's second round of viewer-voting on pilots, following the company's initial crop of comedies and kids' shows last year. 

This time around, there are five adult programs and five children's shows (Amazon loves youths) to watch online (as long as you have an established Amazon Prime account or free trial), with the mature series ranging from an apocalyptic thriller from the creator of The X-Files to a goofball comedy about a widow who takes over her dead husband's football team. Let's run down the five non-kids programs, one by one:


Written and directed by The X-Files creator Chris Carter, The After (pictured above) follows eight strangers who are thrown together after the world descends into chaos for mysterious reasons. Think present-apocalyptic FlashForward with cliffhangers, lots of panic, and tons of unanswered questions. Aldis Hodge, Jamie Kennedy, Arielle Kebbel, and Adrian Pasdar star. 


This unusual twist on the crime drama centers on Bosch, an LAPD detective who's investigating the murder of a 13-year-old boy. Sounds pretty straight, right? Except Bosch is currently on trial for murder! Whaaaaaat? His victim was a serial killer, but still. Whaaaaaat? Titus Welliver is awesome, and he stars as Bosch. Also, the show is based on the books by Michael Connelly. Annie Wersching, Amy-Price Francis, and Jamie Hector also star. 


This one sounds interesting! Based on the memoir of the same name, Mozart in the Jungle is a dramedy that promises to reveal a side of the classical-music scene that you didn't know existed: the side with a lot of sex and drugs. Mozart in the Jungle goes behind the scenes of a symphony where more than horns are blown. I'm talking about lines of cocaine and maybe genitals. Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and Alex Timbers wrote it, and Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke (Jemima's sister), Saffron Burrows, Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters, and Peter Vack star.  


This is a dark comedy about a family in Los Angeles with serious boundary issues, according to the logline. And when someone makes a shocking admission, everyone's secrets come gushing out. But it's got a helluva cast! Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman, Amy Landecker, and Jay Duplass star. 


What happens when the owner of a professional football team dies and leaves the team in the hands of his widow? Awkward "women don't know football" jokes, I'm assuming! Natalie Zea stars as the new owner of the team in this sports comedy. 

On the kids' side, Amazon is offering five shows with names that only kids will love: Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street, The Jo B. and G. Raff Show, Hardboiled Eggheads, Maker Shack Agency, and Wishenpoof!

Which of these pilots sound good to you?

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  • HassanAli2567 Feb 16, 2014

    Please dont cancel The after,its the best one out of all the recent ones,although some better CGI wouldnt hurt.

  • mharris672 Feb 11, 2014

    Lots of Great Series out there in recent times:
    Banshee; Breaking Bad; Game of Thrones; House of Cards; The Walking Dead; Spartacus; Vikings; True Detective; Black Sails; Strike Back; Homeland; Ray Donovan; Almost Human; Arrow; The Blacklist; Defiance; Helix; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; even 24 is coming back for another season! The list goes on... The Red Road; The Last Ship; Penny Dreadful; Extant...

  • mharris672 Feb 11, 2014

    1. The After
    2. The Rebels
    3. Bosch

  • tryptz Feb 10, 2014

    I jusrt saw the After pretty damn good well acted and intriguing.

  • hockeyrick Feb 10, 2014

    Anything is better than Network TV!

  • captirl Feb 09, 2014

    I enjoyed the After up until the final scene, wtf was that? But if it gets picked up I will no doubt watch it and try to figure it out.

    And the Irish guy really irritated me, he's just an overdone, angry, alcoholic, foul mouthed Irish stereotype - being Irish I am really not impressed with the writing of him!

  • DavidJackson8 Feb 08, 2014

    The After

    The writing and acting were very spotty. Quite a bit of bad acting and accents... and quite a bit of bad dialogue. The mystery is interesting, though, and that should keep me into the show. I like the cast, but I guess I was surprised at people like Sharon Lawrence and Arielle Kebbel not acting as well as they usually do (Kebbel's accent was terrible). Also, I guess it speaks to how long it's been since I seen him in anything, but Jamie Kennedy's chubbiness really shocked me for a second.

    The Rebels
    Not too bad. It wasn't that funny and seeing how stupid some of those athletes were was a bit much... but then again, athletes can be pretty stupid, so who am I to judge how stupid is too stupid. But despite some of the standardly-lame "a woman doesn't know sports" jokes, it was okay and I think Natalie Zea did a good job with what she had.

    I wouldn't mind either of them being "picked up", but I can see both being pretty bad... or kinda decent. I certainly don't anticipate either being great... but I think being Amazon shows makes me a little less harsh on them, heh.

  • tnetennba Feb 09, 2014

    "...Sharon Lawrence and Arielle Kebbel not acting as well as they usually do..."

    I don't recall seing Sharon Lawrence in anything since NYPD Blue (even though I must have seen her episodes of Monk). She was certainly better there. I think she's too young for this role. (She's 53).

    Aldis Hodge (the hacker from Leverage) was a disappointment as well. His character is a stereotypical angry black man, but he's not quite pulling it off. Of course, the dialogue isn't making it any easier.

    The angry guy with the accent is too annoying and too belligerent to be realistic. I think the actor is OK, but he looks bad because of the bad writing.

    Adrian Pasdar is the one that irritates me the least. But it took some awful writing to break his leg.

  • DavidJackson8 Feb 08, 2014

    I just watched Transparent... it was... okay... but not AT ALL funny. Why bother calling it a dark comedy, just call it a drama.

  • KevinG87 Feb 08, 2014

    really only The After sounds remotely interesting but after those last Amazon tv shows, I won't bother.. they all seemed super low budget even for a web pilot.

  • tnetennba Feb 09, 2014

    Bosch doesn't look that way. Almost everyone you see is someone you recognize. The witch from Being Human, "Marlo Stanfield" from The Wire, "Hershel" from The Walking Dead, "Renee" from 24, the guy who was working with that politician in The Killing, Abraham Benrubi, Valerie Cruz, Lance Reddick,...

  • peterspoor33 Feb 10, 2014

    Yeah, liked the Connolly books, could see me watching more Bosch despite imagining a bulkier guy than Tolliver as the lead but it was done well, little preachy in the bar scene but I got to see Bosch eyeball a coyote so book-to-film wish fulfilled.

  • tnetennba Feb 08, 2014

    I just saw The After. I was very disappointed. It looked cheap and dumb. The dialogue was bad enough to make the actors seem much worse than they really are, and I suspect that most of them would have looked bad even if the writing had been good. The characters are all pretty useless. Officer Munez seriously made me wish that officer Linda had been there instead.

    I like it when a show or a movie starts with a big mysterious event, but I don't like it when everything just makes less and less sense after that. It's perhaps too early to tell, but I think that several things in this episode suggest pretty strongly that the story is just going to continue to make less sense.

    I can't say much more without spoilers, but I'll say that this is definitely not a sci-fi mystery show like Flash Forward. It's a supernatural show.

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