Barker successor hot topic in Hollywood

By Tim Surette

Jun 22, 2007

The Bob Barker-era of The Price is Right just came to an end, as the silver-haired TV personality hosted the daytime game show for the last time.

Barker may be leaving the show after 35 years with the microphone, but the show must, and will, go on. Though it seems unimaginable that anyone can fill Barker's shoes, someone must. The question is, "Who?"

A few names have been rumored to take over, including the very tan George Hamilton, Entertainment Tonight cohost Mark Steines, and Vegas stage show Price is Right host Todd Newton. But since Bob's departure, two new names have entered the rumor mill.

Rosie O'Donnell, a recent emigrant of The View, has reportedly expressed great interest in taking over the hosting duties for the show and said she was meeting with show's producers this week, says the Associated Press. O'Donnell even got the approval of Barker, who said she was qualified for the job.

However, on her blog she recently said, "I don't know if it's going to work out, I love that would be good for me, but I don't know if it would be good for them."

But Rosie isn't alone. The newest contender for the job is veteran comic Drew Carey, says Variety. Citing inside sources, the trade says CBS has already started talks with Carey about hosting The Price is Right.

Carey, who is hosting the new game show The Power of 10, has had his own sitcom (The Drew Carey Show), hosted an improve comedy series (Whose Line is it Anyway?), and spent plenty of time on the stand-up comedian circuit.

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  • raystorm156 Jul 19, 2007

    marc summers-vetran gameshow host

  • ejreb Jul 19, 2007

    The best choices for life after Bob Barker would be Tom Bergeron or, believe it or not, Jerry Springer. They both have not only great hosting experience and personas, but have marvelous senses of humor in general and about themselves, seem to genuinely like people, and have great people skills. The other candidates being considered may have one or two of these qualities, but none other then Bergeron and Springer have all of Bob Barker's best qualities, which is what carried the show for so many years. A wrong choice of host could kill the show for good. Bergeron was terrific on "Hollywood Squares" and now on "Dancing with the Stars," and Springer is the master of controlling insanity on "The Jerry Springer Show" and a wonderful new host on "America's Got Talent." If either one were available, CBS should jump at the chance to hire either one of them!

  • bailz357 Jul 02, 2007

    Either Drew Carey or George Hamilton could pull it off. Hamilon has gotten a lot of face time on daytime TV with his snack food commercials and silly looking chaps. Ultimately, this is a really difficult feat to pull off and could lead to show cancellation. The new host will have to kind if "make it their own"

  • linkinfnpark19 Jul 02, 2007

    drew carey might be a better candidate, rosie is going to kill the show

  • peggy777 Jul 02, 2007

    Bob Barker was the show. Please let the show go rest in peace. Rosie can kill it off, I know I will get sick.

  • lae10 Jul 01, 2007

    The show won't be the same without Bob Barker.

  • philospeak_com Jun 29, 2007

    This is a bizarre topic. It is hard to imagine so much discussion about a daytime gameshow. As Evil_Dead_Ash says, Bob Barker is the "Price is Right". I suppose Drew Carey would be a decent replacement. Maybe another old guy that holds a mic well would do: such as George Hamilton or John O Hurley (J Peterman from "Seinfeld").

  • Evil_Dead_Ash Jun 29, 2007

    What the? This is stupid. Bob Barker was the Price is Right basically. The series will be lucky to last 1 or 2 seasons without him.

  • gwest100 Jun 28, 2007

    If Rosie or Drew (both obnoxious) are selected for TPIR, not only will the show JUMP THE SHARK; it will be eaten by the shark. I do see a fin breaking surface!

  • GameGuy08 Jun 28, 2007

    Absolutely no one can fill in the impossibly gigantic shoes of Bob Barker. Any new host for the price is right would cause an uproar. The Price is Right IS Bob Barker. Just like Jeopardy IS Alex Trebeck and Wheel of Fortune IS Pat Sajak. They just can't be replaced. Reruns will do just fine. Ya got 30 years worth of them, not like you'll run out anytime soon...

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