Battlestar Galactica Finally Wins Something

By Tim Surette

Aug 03, 2009

Though recognition from awards shows has pretty much become a joke in recent years (OMG a Teen Choice Award!), it's still nice to see a deserving program take home a trophy. Especially when that program is Battlestar Galactica.

The Television Critics Association Awards, which took place this past weekend and are exactly what they sound like, honored Battlestar with their highest honor, "program of the year." The SyFy show has always been a critical favorite, but for some reason never got any real love from the Golden Globes or Emmy Awards (it won a few technical awards for effects at the Emmys).

A splendid remake of the campy late-1970s program, Battlestar Galactica has repeatedly been called one of the best dramas on TV by prominent professional television critics (not just bloggers working out of their basements). That praise, however, didn't translate to awards. Let's face it, there's a clear bias against sci-fi at the Golden Globes and Emmys, as evidenced by a grand total of ZERO major category nominations during the show's five-season run. At least the TCA award gave it a proper sendoff in its final season, even though many would argue it wasn't even its best.

True Blood -- also an Emmy shutout (perhaps there's also a vampire bias?) -- was awarded outstanding new program, one of three wins for HBO. The cable network also won awards for news special The Alzheimer's Project and mini-series Grey Gardens.

Mad Men continued its dominance of the drama category (a given regardless of awards show), and The Big Bang Theory took home the hardware in the comedy category. The unisex acting awards went to Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad and Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory.

Hmmmm... Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, and Big Bang Theory all winners at the TCAs, but not even nominated for Emmys. Who do you agree with -- the critics or the Emmy voters?

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  • dinavah Aug 16, 2009

    The injustice done to BSG in it's run only highlights the bias against Science Fiction. At it's heart - and I know I'm preaching to the choir - it was a drama set in space with exceptional characters in more exceptional circumstances performing great acts of courage, sacrifice and humanity - warts and all.
    It may not be Trek, Babylon 5 or any other you care to think of but for me, there were stories there that took my breath away. A true shame that award givers could not rise above their prejudice!

  • nhojnomis Aug 15, 2009

    Pity BSG couldn't get an award in the first 4.5 seasons, when it was easily one of the best shows I have ever watched. However, after that stinker of a finale using the' "ol deus ex-machina"......the writers deserve absolutely no recognition whatsoever........

  • karlandi Aug 13, 2009

    The Emmy's have turned into a joke of epic proportions, he who gives the the biggest "gift basket" (AKA bribe) wins the award. SciFi doesnt have as much to give as other channels (like the "big 4" and HBO) so they dont win anything. Its that simple. BSG was THE best drama AND sci-fi show for the past 5 years , but they got nothing. This nears the laugh ability (if not exceeds) of Susan Lucchi (SP?)not winning an award for , what, 15 years (for soaps)?

  • Lei_K Aug 05, 2009

    thank the Gods!

  • SrRui Aug 05, 2009

    Good for Battlestar Galactica!

  • aprildo777 Aug 04, 2009

    Well, at least the critics know what great TV is. Yay BSG!

  • iwatchitall Aug 04, 2009

    Finally someone got it right! And to all you imbeciles who think the ending of BSG was lame: You're Lame! You just didn't get it. I thought it was frakkin' amazing. Easily the best show on television for the last 5 years running. I am surprised In Treatment isn't up there for best drama though, I thought it was even better than Mad Men.

  • elahoda Aug 04, 2009

    About time. It's more than just sci-fi... it's a human drama... incredible acting, and basically a what-if scenario if the human race was attacked and almost destroyed. Not unlike Jericho.

  • haldrey Aug 04, 2009

    An honor more than deserved even thought it took so long to recognize BSG as one of all time great shows. Look only two years for True Blood.

  • seantuck Aug 04, 2009

    Battlestar totally deserved this award.

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