Battlestar Galactica Prequel: Continuing the Run or Spoiling the Fun?

By Stefanie Lee

Jun 22, 2009

The LA Times reported on Friday that the trailer for the new Battlestar Galactica TV movie has been released. The film is set to air in November.

Entitled Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and directed by Edward James Olmos, the plot details the back story of the popular show, focusing on the storyline of the Cylons prior to their attack on the twelve colonies. Many of the series regulars, such as Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, James Callis and Mary McDonnell, will be absent from the presentation because their characters are not involved in the film's plot. Grace Park and Tricia Helfer, however, will be involved in the film.

Battlestar Galactica began its four-season modern run on the SciFi channel in 2003 and ended in March of this year. It has been highly praised by many media outlets, including The New York Times.

But if the show was so satisfying when it ran, do we really need a prequel to further explain things? Or is this just a ploy to rake in more dough for the BSG brand — and perhaps jump the shark at the same time. For sci-fi fans, the peril is obvious: When the Star Wars franchise attempted a prequel, we got stuck with Episodes 1, 2 and 3. And that may have been three movies too much.

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  • JohnMunsch Jun 24, 2009

    I'd would have to echo satnam99. You can't jump the shark when your finale already sailed over it with 100 feet of clearance.

  • drumstel Jun 24, 2009

    I am wondering what the movie wil bring, but as stated in de story above. I must say it's very sad to learn only two characters will be in the movie.

  • BoogerHeadRat Jun 23, 2009

    Hey, why is everybody ragging on the idea of another 2 hours of new Battlestar Galactica? It may not be as great as the series but what-the-heck.

    Would you rather they did a two-hour prequel of Brothers & Sisters instead?

  • satnam99 Jun 23, 2009

    cannot possibly be worse than the last episode so i will watch it

  • tribalchic Jun 23, 2009

    I agree 100% with my1sunshine.
    I personally thought the finale was brilliant (I watch it for the characters, not the plot, so maybe thats why) but I couldn't even discuss its brilliance because the entire fanbase was to busy crucifying it and each other.
    Those who were flaming all over the forums because the finale was a "copout" should hopefully calm down after seeing this movie. I, on the other hand am happy with the ending that was given earlier, so I don't know if I want to watch this or not.

  • KidParadox Jun 23, 2009

    Sorry it's not gonna happen.
    Not for me at least.
    We were told we would either love or hate the last BSG episode, well I'm in the latter. I followed the series through thick and thin, I watched it religiously every week that it was on. Even bought the Razor DVD.
    The last battle was awesome, the first half of the finale superb. In my extremely biased opinion the second half blew monkey chunks, and in doing so tore down years of watching I had done. I understand not everyone feels the same, to those of you who appreaciated the artistic liscense there I take my hat off.
    One mans (or ladies) art is another mans (or ladies) garbadge.
    I will not see another episode of BSG no matter what it's called. Not this generation at least, lets see what 2030 has in store for us.
    My avitar used to be the BSG Fleet Insignai, well now I am off to finer pastures.
    Bitter yes, but I am still a SciFi fan and will always be. Bring back Fire Fly or Even Blake Seven for all I care, just don't take it upon yourselves to bury it.

  • erikal20 Jun 23, 2009

    Even though Jaimie Bamber is not in it i will watch it.

  • littlebill64 Jun 23, 2009

    okay lets see what's going too be the real storyline in this...

  • tvlovinarria Jun 23, 2009

    I think it looks pretty interesting. It should be really interesting to see the motivations and plans behind everything from the cylons' point of view that we saw from the humans' point of view before. Can't wait!

  • KazzGirl Jun 23, 2009

    Like any TV show it will have its fans and detractors. I think it has to "make it" in the long term for people to really know if it will be as good as BSG. For those who have watched BSG it will hold interest as everyone wants to know how it all began and what really happened so to speak - so the prequel always has to be watched. But for anyone just starting, it will have to be more than good in order to keep them interested. Stories within stories have to no only make sense to the new viewer, but to the old one it has to hold some relevance to what they already know in order for them to get an "AH HAH" moment. I will be watching, but if it is not all that I hope for, I will switch off soon.

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