Battlestar movies may get made

By Tim Surette

May 19, 2008

The producers of Battlestar Galactica may have already set an end date for the popular science-fiction show, but that doesn't mean it's really the end of Battlestar Galactica.

The Sci Fi Channel show ends its four-season run at the conclusion of this season, but could live on in the form of something it's already very familiar with--made-for-television movies. The Chicago Tribune reports (citing BSG fan site Galactica Sitrep) that talks are under way to produce as many as three telefilms set in the Battlestar universe.

The films, which could be shot later this year, have the blessing of at least part of the cast and the producers. However, with some cast members already planning their post-Battlestar careers, timing of the movies' production and actors' availability will be paramount to which characters' stories get told.

Apparently talk of getting the movies made is just talk, but it has been agreed that the films would not take place after the events of the fourth season. Rather, they will tell tales of past events, like the telefilm Razor did last November.

Sci Fi still has not yet dated the back half of season four, but it's assumed the final 10 episodes won't premiere for a while and could be held until 2009. Sci Fi has greenlit the Battlestar prequel Caprica and has begun assembling its cast, which includes Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz.

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  • MistaC87 Jun 14, 2008

    I would love to see a BSG movie where the Cylons set into phase the destruction of Caprica just days/hours before. Would also like to see Mary McDonnell's cancer affecting her before the diagnosis.

    It would also be sweet to see the Cylon called "Caprica" and Guis start their relationship and see her planning the betrayal from the start.

  • stefincognito Jun 07, 2008

    SHAweet!!! I hope the BSG movies happen... they are like muh weekly addiction!

  • FrakkingFrakker May 27, 2008

    I think we need the series to end in a reasonable ammount of time NOT 2009!... If it ends and ends well enough that fans want more, then let them talk about movies...but everything is conjecture until the series ends and I will be an opponent of any project in this universe until this series is properly and gracefully put to bed. End the series right and keep us interested. Don't make us wait!!!! and placate us with the hope of giving us more.

  • iso1987 May 26, 2008


  • Xaviersx May 26, 2008

    It would be welcomed, but nothing I'm looking forward to. I just want them to wrap up the series with a good ending, not milk it for after finale movie(s) that should have been the finale, and if anything, show us the distant past when the cyclon/human conflict began and let it progress far enough to understand where these more 'human-like' cyclons evolved from. But I'm not holding my breath after a tv season of striking disappointments.

  • SrRui May 26, 2008


  • David_Sylver May 25, 2008

    Rather than create new movies set in the already established past Moore and Eick should concentrate on Caprica which I will accept as a prequel/new entity or Dallas in space. Considering the spiel they gave us (the fans) about ending the series on a high it seems somewhat hypocritical to now milk the franchise with TV movies. I mean how many 'unheard tales' can they bleed dry for the franchise? If they are going to try this stunt I'd far rather them re-write (again) season 4 and give us a fifth season however unlikely that possibility. Season 4 seems to be finally picking up despite a very ropey and beyond downbeat start. I loved seasons 1-3 and Razor wasn't too shabby either but this season is so dark I half expect Joy Division or Leonard Cohen to be used in the soundtrack over Bear Tyler. The new Battlestar has rarely been about laughs or the campness of the original but this season is in danger of becoming bleak to the point of despair. I know we are supposed to care about the characters but when the entire outcome is looking negative for the sake of being negative interest kinda wanes. C'mon Ron; give us some hope!

  • lisa_lsk May 25, 2008

    great news!

  • mackski May 25, 2008

    They can actually do so many different things with a movie. I hope something does come of this.

  • raven51450 May 24, 2008

    Next movie should focus on odama when he was younger and beginning of the hummain/cylon conflict

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