Being Human "(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Review: Sally Malik’s Kiss o’Death

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jan 22, 2013

Being Human S03E02: “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

It’s a running joke in my house that the women on Being Human exist solely to screw everything up. I realize that’s not a particularly fair statement, that Josh and Aidan have done their fair share of ruining everything in the past. It’s not even meant to be that much of an insult—if nobody ruins anything, there’s no conflict and the plot stagnates. Sally and Josh miraculously returned to, uh, being human in last week’s premiere, and humans are boring. It was only a matter of time before one of them screwed something up and frankly, my money was on Sally from the very beginning.

I’m not entirely convinced that this storyline wasn’t conceived purely as an excuse to get Meaghan Rath out of that frumpy sweater/bedhead combo, but that’s okay. I mean, damn girl, you fine. However, I’m a little skeptical of Suicide Stevie and Nautical Nick’s reanimation, considering all the effort put into the ritual to restore Sally. You mean Nora and Josh just hauled ass to desecrate their graves and haphazardly smear the leftover Ray juice all over their rotting corpses and... it worked? Lol, okay. I’m not letting anyone tell me to slow down and do things right ever again. Aidan’s face summed things up perfectly once he was reunited with his freshly humanized roommates and got their story: “You dumbasses.”

While “It’s a Shame About Ray” suffered from too much darkness and exposition, “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun” marked a return to the precarious balance between angst and lulz that, when Being Human really wants to, it manages quite well. We got scene after scene of Sally squealing over the novelty of changing her bra (I’m right there with you, girl) and sipping cosmos giving way to the I-told-you-so moment required in any Sally story. Poor dumb Trent. Him just wanted some undead booty.

Still, sometimes it’s hard to feel bad for Sally beyond her initial tragic death. It's pretty much guaranteed that if someone tells Sally not to do something, then that’s exactly what she’ll do. The witch who raised Sally warned her not to seek out people from when she was alive the first time around. To Sally’s credit, she didn’t go looking for Trent, but once he started tossing back gin and hitting on her, she threw all caution out the window. C’mon, Sally, this is life and death and... death. Trent wasn’t even that cute and he was kind of a doofus. That hair was sooooo N’SYNC chic. All it needed was bleached tips. And he’s dead now. All because you wanted some nookie.

Also what’s up with going all doom-and-gloom on Josh, huh? I’ll be the first to agree that he might be rushing into his marriage proposal plan, but the dude was happy and the dude is NEVER happy. LET HIM BE HAPPY.

But like all happiness in ex-werewolf-Mimi-Siku’s life, even his starry-eyed intentions for Nora were quashed by the arrival of the top dog daddy to last season’s werewolf wonder twins. Remember them? I try not to. After finding Connor mounted on the wall of the Amish vampire compound like the prized hunting trophy he was, Papa Werewolf got a little grumpy and set off to find Brynn, vowing revenge if any harm had come to her. Does being cast on Revolution count?

Daddy Werewolf tracked down Brynn’s last known BFF, Nora, and decided to bunk with her for the duration of their change. Normally, Josh hung out outside Nora’s storage unit/kennel, but she conveniently talked him out of it in time for Mr. McLean to stop in for a smackdown. Cozy. When Josh arrived in the morning to let the dogs out, both Nora and Mr. McLean were gone but don’t worry, the promo for next week snapped the tiny shred of tension the show managed to cobble together once we realized Josh wouldn’t be turning this full moon after all. At least the writers didn’t kill Nora off. I assumed she would be killed off because of all that wedding talk and the fact Josh’s happiness must be stopped. How dare you develop positive self-esteem, Josh? HOW DARE YOU?

Meanwhile, Aidan—despite the dire implications of that closing scene last week, complete with moany Bon Iver cover—got his shit together, took a shower, had a shave, and stopped hallucinating long about to call his friends for a ride. I miss Bishop already. While the vampire flu still sounds silly, even after the expanded explanation that basically amounts to “It’s a virus that gives humans the flu but kills vampires dead-fo-sho,” the horror factor has returned... along with my boy Henry. Oh Henry, I want to love you. Why do you have to make it so hard for me to do that beyond the purely shallow reasons?

The vampire virus has killed off an impressive chunk of the blood-sucking population, but a few ingenious survivors remain, drinking newborn blood (lol, you’re so damaged, Being Human) and keeping their girlfriends chained up in germ-free bedrooms. Fine, Henry didn’t actually chain Emma up, he just brainwashed her. Semantics. And then Aidan set her free because being buried undead for a whole year made him really zen about things like condemning his former sometimes best friend to a possibly horrific flu-death. Henry is kind of a sucky bestie, if you think about it.

But this still doesn’t solve the problem of Aidan needing himself a nice plasma slushy sooner rather than later. He got by, chugging what remained of his own after the crash, but there wasn’t much left and that certainly won’t work in the long run. The old haunts came up empty and he didn’t drink from Emma after discovering the truth about her relationship with Henry. Sally offered him a sip, but since she’s human-but-not-really, Aidan was forced to decline, also rejecting an offer from Josh because even though Josh is human now, Aidan still wants to maintain monster dignity or something. Okay, and there was the small matter of Josh having his own tussle with the vampire flu before the story picked up this season. But must be rough to be the only freakshow left in the house these days. Aidan looked kind of bummed when Sally and Josh were planning their celebratory dinner that he couldn’t eat. It’s okay, boo. One of them will return to monsterville soon enough. Probably Sally. Sally ruins everything. (Sorry, Sally.)


– Is it just me or was there a lot of Sally/Aidan sexual tension in that little heart-to-heart on the sofa? They’re totally gonna bone at some point this season, aren’t they? That’s gonna be weird... like watching two siblings go at it.

– You know, Syfy, these intense cliffhanger endings would be MORE intense and cliffhanger-y if you didn’t show the missing-and-supposedly-in-mortal-danger individual being all fine and dandy in the promo for next week. Just sayin’.

– Does Aidan have a spidey sense now or something? That wasn’t there before, right?

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  • fan1983 Feb 17, 2013

    Ugh - I really don't want a Sally/Aiden love story. It would ruin the dynamics of the trio's friendship.

  • ReneeQuintero Jan 24, 2013

    I actually liked that arc on the UK version, and here they can actually touch each other, though in the UK version is was really well played by the actors..I love both of them and was a shame that Aidan Turner had to die in order to go and make the hobbit, and the ghost always love her more than this Sally! she really ruins things up big time!! and I knew she was going to be trouble when she decided to go out.

    I would Josh to be back being werewolf, maybe rescuing Nora it's bitten by daddy pure-werewolf and could become almost purebred and so powerful, and I would love some flashback to the time Nora spent with Brenn, really sometimes they fast forward too much but still love the show, sally apart it's a improvement in some aspect from the UK version, but I don't see them like that because each one it's unique in their own way..

    Also in the UK version if remember correctly they can last without feeding, maybe this new zen Aidan can do least till the cure it's out or the flu is flushed!!

  • Whedonrules Jan 24, 2013

    I think Brenn was played by Tracy Spiradakos - the girl everyone lambastes on this site for her acting struggles in "Revolution".

  • ReneeQuintero Jan 25, 2013

    yes she is the girl from revolution..but who knows..Tim said it was kind of hilarious that maybe it'll go south and she can replay brenn?? hahaha don't know

  • marcusj1973 Jan 23, 2013

    Having seen the UK version, I've been waiting for the Aiden and Sally romance arc to start. Not sure I would have picked this method since is sort of came out of nowhere, I'm just hoping that they don't ruin it like they did in the other version

  • shocker713 Jan 23, 2013

    I know it's a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things, but since when do they show they episode title onscreen?

  • scholtemarco Jan 23, 2013

    Aidan sure does get beat up a lot doesn't he? Also, he's still pretty spry after having spent 6 feet under for over a year and not having had any fresh blood since his release from the coffin.

  • flyPBA Jan 23, 2013

    some of us don't watch this show on SyFy ... if that channel spoils the tension by showing scenes from next week's episode, please don't do the same thing by mentioning it here.

  • fangtasiaforev Jan 23, 2013

    I can't wait for Sally/Aidan to get together. They ruined the couple on the UK series but I think the they might be able to do something good with them on this version.

  • safibwana Jan 23, 2013

    Sally/Aidan seems inevitable to me because of Mitchell/Annie, but who knows, they have parted ways from the UK version in big ways. But also because of the UK version I can't imagine Being Human without Nora.

  • Gilda Jan 23, 2013

    Watching last weeks episode i was assumeing that sally's body would inhabit the three spirits so i was confused when all three of them were just kind of there in the beginning.... so did the cloth and heart do anything? cuz stevie said that he woke up in his coffin so why isnt he more zombie like/ a skeleton?
    also the syfy cliffhanger thing is so true.. i try not to watch those promos after the episode cuz the next one gets ruined

  • smorbie Jan 23, 2013

    I've been playing with that in my mind like a rubik's cube. Here's how I've pasted the stickers back on. They had to do all stuff to Sally to bring life back into her body. But she brought three lives with her from limbo. It's like they said, they caught a ride on her lifeboat. So since the spirits were reanimated, they all went back to their proper bodies. Note I didn't say I solved the puzzle, I just pasted the stickers on in a way that looks like it could be right. But, really, I don't know.

  • Gilda Jan 24, 2013

    Yeah i understood that they all "caught a ride on her lifeboat" and traveled to their other bodies, i just dont understand why the two guys look normal... i think ill just go with the explanation that a wizard did it

  • smorbie Jan 24, 2013

    works for me

  • LeBuzzE Jan 23, 2013

    Ray should find Josh and bite/scratch him again to turn him, it sure would be a bummer for him lol

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