Being Human "For Those About to Rot" Review: A Boy and His Wolf

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Mar 19, 2013

Being Human S03E10: “For Those About to Rot”

I was wrong about Zoe—she’s aliiiiiiive!—so I’ll stop short of weeping for my favorite chilled-out chili-cooking werewolf just yet, but things weren’t looking so great for Pete when we last saw him doing his best vampire smorgasbord impression. I'm so glad those three bloodsuckers had the courtesy to remind each other that Josh was off-limits before they tossed him out on his face. We finally got some reprieve from Nora’s anti-Aidan campaign, only to see the seeds planted for Josh to start a war of his own—maybe not one as (annoyingly) bitter as Nora’s, but once he realizes that Aidan told the other vampires how to cure the death flu and gave them specific instructions not to eat Nora and Josh, I can see Josh at the very least being a little bit disappointed. He's spent the entire season thus far defending Aidan’s “inherent nature” and downplaying the death and terror that seems to follow him everywhere, only to end up with a dead werewolf guru and a possible all-out species war brewing, since the vampires are seemingly unable to take their medicine without freaking killing the source. Seriously, maybe Dr. Aidan should have printed up some instructions and a complete list of the nasty side effects of medicating with werewolf blood: bleeding from the eyes is normal, FYI you do NOT have to DRAIN your werewolf to get the full benefits of his blood.

So the truce was nice while it lasted. Josh worked on meditating his way into a meaningful relationship with his inner-wolf and got so, SO close to succeeding before Pete got eaten. I hope his mentor’s probable death doesn’t put a total halt on his werewolf maintenance. I like this new, confident, less-whiny Josh.

We can’t talk about the new Josh without talking about Suicide Stevie, though. When Sally answered a call from Zoe and found out that rather than being eaten by her kind-of-a-zombie boyfriend, Zoe beaned him in the face with a baseball bat—a lot—she realized that the threat of the reanimated corpses' inevitable hunger for flesh couldn’t be ignored or downplayed anymore. After burying Nick—who took his dead-again status pretty well, all things considered—Sally and Josh set out in search of Stevie. Stevie was conveniently hanging out at his childhood home, claiming his parents were at their lake house for the foreseeable future, which was total bullshit because he was being weird and evasive and I saw the promo for this week’s episode ahead of time. Being Human, seriously, your promos are like abridged episodes. Leave a little mystery, eh?

Stevie had indeed eaten his parents—and the mailman—but at least he felt really bad about it and understood that it wasn’t normal or okay or excusable. He wanted to die again, but, haunted by memories of waiting to die the first time around, he wanted some help this time... and Josh was ready and willing to jump right in with the assist. Sally was horrified. Not gonna lie, I was a little horrified. Josh’s point, that Stevie was too far gone and too dangerous to just tie up in the basement until they found a solution, made perfect sense and it’s not like Stevie was put down against his will. 

I said that I like this not-a-wuss Mimi-Siku, and I do, but I’m also worried about what Josh’s desensitization to the more violent and effed-up aspects of his and his buddies' supernatural lives means for everyone around him and himself. Not batting an eye at burying a corpse is one thing, but Josh didn’t even TRY to talk Stevie into a backup plan, or flinch from the idea of killing Stevie/helping Stevie kill himself. For most of Being Human’s run, Aidan has been our go-to source for darkness, but Josh is quickly becoming a scary dude in his own right.

So Sally called Josh on his haste to end Stevie’s brain lust and asked when he would put her down, since clearly it’s only a matter of time before she tries to take a bite out of his forearm herself. Josh’s insistence on saving Sally was reminiscent of the sort of eagerness to do right we saw in early Josh, but it was also colored by fear, which is at the heart of so much of what Josh says and does these days. Josh goes through repeated cycles of gaining awesome things in his life and losing them. He was free of being a werewolf for much of the season. He helped rescue Sally from Limbo. Nora accepted his marriage proposal. But with the truth about Sally’s future coming out, Liam being kind enough to give Josh his curse back, and the implications of Aidan’s miraculous recovery threatening the balance between their communities, it’s not unreasonable to consider that Josh is currently acting out of fear that his life is on a downward trajectory once again—and that this time, Josh isn’t just going to stand by a take it.

While Sally rotted and Josh meditated/buried corpses/killed zombies, Aidan went on a second date with Kat. They’re cute. She has baggage. They ran into her ex at the rare book archive and she told Aidan about how she dated the guy for four years and she wanted kids and he didn’t so she left. Aidan had flashbacks about trying to have babies back in the eighteenth century and when faced with repeated stillbirths and miscarriages, their local fire-and-brimstone preacher basically told them that Jesus thought he and his wife would make crappy parents and it was probably a blessing that their babies kept dying because then tthe children could be with God instead of with Aidan and Susanna. So Aidan punched him in the face.

But eventually, EVENTUALLY, they had a healthy baby boy. You know, after Aidan prayed and swore to God that he’d be a good man for the rest of his life if this one baby could just survive. I sense a lot of angst in our future flashbacks.

Or just in our future future. Aidan ate Kat’s ex during one of his sleepwalking episodes. That’s awkward.

What did you think of the episode?


– Re: Nick and Stevie’s matching doors. They totally got eaten by the soup kitchen witch, right? Probably?

– You’d think that after 200+ years of perfecting the art of lying, Aidan wouldn’t be thrown off-guard by something like seeing his father’s name in a book that he printed. I mean, you’re in a rare book archive with a Revolutionary War buff, dude. Surely you were going to encounter SOMETHING you recognized. With all the baby-making flashbacks, I actually assumed they were going to encounter a registrar with Aidan’s baby’s birth recorded in it or something. Idk.

– Pete: dead or alive? Can we have two miraculous survivals in a row or would that just be silly?

– What do you think is the deal with Aidan’s sleepwalking? Does it have anything to do with werewolf blood, or is this just Aidan having one of his semi-annual psychotic episodes?

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  • MorganMullen Mar 24, 2013

    JOSH IS NOT BECOMING EVIL... OR HEARTLESS... HE CANT BE... at LEast hE Hugged Sally... U Know Pulled Her into His Arms. Becouse Him, Aiden, And Nora Dont Wana Loose Her. And Zoe Dosent Wana Hit Her. Kill Her.Also I Liked. It In This Episede How Josh Was So Touth And Sweet TO. Sally. Sallys One Of His Bestfriends

  • AkiraHideyo Mar 21, 2013

    I kinda knew Pete would be attacked one day cos he has no curfew from Aiden. I think Josh and Nora will now see Aiden as a selfish monster given so many has been killed to preserve Aiden. As for Sally, I dun think it will so simple an end for her. I believe the witch as plans for her.

  • bleumystique Mar 21, 2013

    This episode was more interesting than what was going on last episode. That's for sure. I'm loving this review. You always explore and go deeper. You break shizz down. I love that!
    -Umm, is it just me or did Kat's ex have a resemblance to Henry? And Kat looks like Aidan's wife, and Aidan is sleepwalking/sleep-eating and I'm starting to wonder if I'm hallucinating myself. Kat does look like his wife right? And dude did look like Henry? Please tell me that isn't just me.
    -Ah, you know what turns a girl on? Learning that her new beau is shooting blanks? You know what also turns a girl on? That delectable metallic taste of his lips after sucking on a vampire capri-sun. Good times. I like Aidan and Kat together. Which has to mean that this is really going to be effed up. I mean his previous two girlfriends were kinda the worst and ended up dead, and let us not forget the occasional shirtless hugging buddy along the way. All dead. I didn't like any of them. But Kat. I love Kat, which has to mean that she'll face the most horrific death imaginable.
    - I love Josh. I love this new ballsy Josh even more, even though I agree that he's dangerously close to being too jaded. Josh just has my heart because he's so...Josh. Is it possible to call him my spirit animal? What the hell is a spirit animal anyway? It doesn't matter, Josh has always been my person. I get Josh, minus the self-loathing, but still. So I loved how he's just casually burying bodies like it's just another normal day in BoMass, and he had it in him to crack a few jokes about his skills at doing so. I didn't even flinch at the pragmatic approach he was taking with Stevie. But when it was done and over with and Sally and he share their awesome moment, it hit me that, okay, maybe he's too close to losing some of his Joshness. We can't have that. But I still like his newfound balls and him becoming one with his wolf and stuff. The season is practically coming to an end and only now is he really holding my interest this season.
    -Josh and Sally. I missed that. I always love seeing Sally interact with the each of the boys one on one. She has different relationships with each of them. I've been loving the Aidan and Sally stuff, so it was cute that she got her one on one time with Josh. Love them.
    -I like Peter. I hope he isn't dead. And now all hell will break loose between Josh and Aidan. I'm sure. I can put up with those two at odds, because they always work it out in the end, but so help me if Nora gets involved I'll scream. I did not miss her at all.
    -Aidan's flashbacks always make me chuckle despite the subject matter. I think it's the wigs and accents. It's a wonder they haven't actually explored his spirituality more. It would be interesting.
    - So I'm guessing/hoping witch lady is back next ep. Clearly Nick and Stevie ended up in front of her.Dudes can't catch a break.

  • efonsecajr Staff Mar 20, 2013

    This ep was gooooood. Felt out of place for an up and down season. Hoping the tone in these kind of eps continue onward.

  • Ninjaandy Mar 20, 2013

    It won't happen, but: I would love to see Josh, lying there on the ground outside the trailer, have a sudden werewolf epiphany and transform into the wolf of his own volition and clearing out that trailer. He would save Pete, but Pete's injuries would be too severe to go on living long. He could give Josh some nice parting words, ending with "also, murder all those blood-sucking bastards."

    This would simultaneously transform Josh into a powerful badass who then has to contain his desire to abuse his new-found ability for what he considers a good cause -- destroying all the vampires in Boston except Aiden. He might even seek out Bryn's dad for help . . .

  • klotensen Mar 20, 2013

    It's funny how many people DIE around Sally, Josh, Nora and Aiden. Is there a bodycount somewhere? Well, I root for them and hope they continue doing so.
    Who is next? Pete? Kat? The witch?

  • ddstephens Mar 20, 2013

    Well last night previews for next week, seems like some weird dude in a hood may be causing Aidans sleep walking...And no kidding they show way to much on previews....

  • hbf716 Mar 20, 2013

    Seems obvious that the witch is taking all the souls involved in her spell. Loved the Lake House reference. Cracked up when Sally said Keanu and Josh said Sandy. Love that movie. I like Pete but not confident he's alive. The vampires seem desperate (which makes sense), ravenous and aching for a chance to start taking out werewolves. Definitely think there is going to be some problems when Josh discovers Aidan put a target on all the werewolves. Not sure what is up with the sleepwalking but am I the only one that thinks Aidan finally having a baby with wife was a little suspicious? I'm thinking that Aidan is going to freak out when he discovers he's doing it with his offspring but then will find out they aren't really related cause wifey got it on with the preacher in order to have a baby.

  • kanniballl Mar 20, 2013

    Yeh, though it begs the question... why have Sally make that deal if she was just going to get it anyway.

    I mean: the instant we saw that she was able to take the souls of people that Sally accidentally killed I figured their's were on her menu as well. But then, why make the deal with Sally? Perhaps "eating a soul" and "owning it" are two different things?

  • smorbie Mar 20, 2013

    Maybe the witch isn't going to eat her. She may have more grisly plans for Sally's soul.

  • EsmeBuffay Mar 20, 2013

    I instantly assumed Aiden's sleep walking had to do with the werewolf blood.

  • safibwana Mar 20, 2013

    I'm good with new Josh. I'd have killed Stevie, too. With a baseball bat. To the head. Because zombie.

  • mcepin3 Mar 20, 2013

    but Sally is also a zombie...

  • safibwana Mar 20, 2013

    And the second she starts trying to eat people, baseball bat to the head.

  • withoutcanseco Mar 20, 2013

    seriously. zombies need to be ended, without angst.

  • smorbie Mar 20, 2013

    I think Josh did the right thing.

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