Being Human "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" Review: The Ghost Whisperer

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Feb 12, 2013

Being Human S03E05: “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

It was only a matter of time before Daddy Werewolf figured out that Aidan ganked the masculine half of his werewolf wonder twins. How long do you think it'll be until he realizes it was Nora who put down his other pup? I suspect he already knows and he’s just playing mind games because mind games are the best games, especially when the only alternatives are Aidan’s hunger games and Sally’s foolish games.

Actually, no, Sally’s storyline has really, truly benefitted from getting her out of the house and into sunlight and clothes that aren’t also pajamas. She got a job at Max’s funeral home, they had sex in the viewing room, and the ghost of Max’s overbearing mom, Linda, joined the parade of troubled spirits looking to ghost whisperer Sally for guidance. Or, in Linda’s case, not so much. Sally had taken to carrying an iron frying pan everywhere to dispel needy spirits, but Linda had no intentions of moving on. Linda just wanted to stick around and keep her precious baby boy from being deflowered. Forever. OMG WORST HAUNTING EVER.

So along came “naked naughty Sally” with no fear of dear old mom and a supercharged undead sexdrive to devirgin Max and defile the viewing room. I would say that it was a YOLO moment, except Sally has already proven that you do NOT, in fact, only live once. On a side note: Is YOLO still a thing? Is it over? I mean, I’ve only recently started utilizing it at inappropriate times, like while microwaving breakfast burritos and procrastinating on laundry (big fan of the sniff test) and I was always under the impression that only assholes ever said it, which is fine, cuz I am, but I’d HATE to be DATED, you know? #YOLO?

I’m a mess.

SO ANYWAY, Sally tried to exorcise Linda (RUDE) but only because Linda ghost-possessed her first and made her quit her job and hurt Max’s widdle fee fees in the process (ALSO RUDE). In the end, Mommy admitted that she only wanted Max to be happy with his life of supernaturally induced celibacy and I guess they reached a truce and Sally’s now allowed to uh, water his flower whenever she sees fit. Congrats to both (all three?) of you. Considering that all of Sally’s hook-ups eventually end up dead, where do we gauge Max’s life expectancy? Sure, he won’t fall under the unfortunate-encounters-with-Sally’s-former-life clause, but it’s not like Danny survived long after his exposure to Sally either.

Armed with the knowledge that Aidan offed his male heir, Liam met Josh via Nora, was surprisingly only moderately judgey about the killing Ray thing, and reached out to the aimless wolfpack by giving them a purpose in life: to kill that pasty-but-handsome vampire nurse. He even returned wayward Erin to them, which was probably more awesome for guilty-Nora than Josh, who had come to realize that maybe adopting an emotionally unstable were-teen was not the sort of complication their already complicated relationship needed. No marriage talk this week, Josh? I kind of missed it (no I didn’t).

Josh adamantly refused to waste his vampire BFF and waved a pistol around for good measure. He’s so cute when he think he’s being threatening. Not sure what Daddy Werewolf’s motive was in just letting him leave after that little display. Any theories? Given Nora’s stance that Aidan isn’t really that nice of a guy and has probably killed “thousands” of people on his own over the years, not to mention my personal belief that Liam knows she killed Brynn, I’m thinking Papa will appeal to/pressure her to step in where Josh refused to tread. That could be fun. Aidan’s story was lacking a pulse along with its immune system this week and it pains me to say so, it really does, because I’m partial to his storylines. I’ve loved Sam Witwer since (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen The Mist!) Marcia Gay Harden fed him to that giant praying mantis monster, but ugh, this week, ugh. It’s like all Aidan does lately is dream weird dreams and hallucinate his murder victims—and they aren’t even FUN hallucinations of murder victims.

Being Human North America has moved away from its European roots in the two seasons since its debut, though the parallels are still there—particularly when it comes to Sally versus her BBC counterpart, Annie. Is anyone else who's familiar with the original series beginning to entertain the notion that Aidan is ultimately going the way of Mitchell? Mitchell tried real hard. Aidan tries real hard. But Mitchell was a chronic ne’er do well. Everything he touched blew up in his face. I’m starting to believe that Aidan is the same sort of perpetual f*k-up, which is sad, because it makes it hard to have faith in the guy when you know he’s just going to ruin everything again and again and again.

Bubble Boy is TOTALLY a goner.

What'd you think of this week’s episode?


– Holy crap, it wasn’t a full moon this episode. WEIRD.

– Uh. What exactly is a “cautious swallower?”

– This episode was like, Fake-Out City. You should see my notes. Page 3, Line 1: “Aidan kills the suspicious nurse.” Line 2: “Nevermind.”

– “I know, I’m not special like everyone else in the house.” Look at it this way, Mimi, you’re special BECAUSE you’re not special. Right? Maybe?

– What’s Liam McLean’s angle?

– I think it might have more interesting if Aidan had ACTUALLY killed the suspicious nurse.

– WHERE IS RAY? I don’t even really like or care about Ray, but it’s been WEEKS since we’ve heard from him.

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  • bleumystique Feb 16, 2013

    -I loathe Nora. I mean for a bit there she had some great moments, and I don't disagree that she and Josh are a cute couple, but she kinda just sucks. I have a problem with that new chick that waltzes into the picture and is all judgy of her bf's friends without really getting the chance to know them. I also have a problem when that gf considers killing said best friend, all the while knowing that said best friend isn't just a best friend, but family. Really Nora? I mean she's done a pretty good job at keeping her Aidan disdain to a minimum since the season started but she really went there in this episode and I hate that. See, it isn't just that I'm protective of Aidan, so much as what he freaking told her himself (round of applause Aidan for dropping some centuries old knowledge on the damaged werewolfette) "None of us are clean here." Thank you. Thank you so much. Because Nora is the scariest one of them all because part of her actually likes killing people because of how damaged she is. She's the perfect candidate for being one step close to becoming a mass murderer under the guise of justice or revenge or right and wrong or something. So the self righteous stance she takes with Aidan frustrates me to no end. It's perfectly acceptable and excusable when Josh kills people or Sally kills people though. Nice Nora. Nice. I don't expect her to like Aidan, but I just hate the fact that she can't just put up with him because he's her bf's best friend. Plus how awkward is it that due to circumstances completely out of your control, you return to the home you purchased with your bestie and suddenly have become a stranger in it? Can Aidan cry seniority? because he'll always win at that. Here's to hoping that finding out about Nora subleasing her apartment is a sign that she can move back there at some point. Small doses is what I have for her character, which is a shame because the actress is fab. I just can only take Nora in small doses.
    - Sally's story was actually kind of fun. I didn't hate it. At first I thought she was killing the ghost rather than banishing them, and she kind of came off as a horrible ghosty person for not helping them, but when she explained her reasons it made perfect sense, which brings me back to her and Aidan. I love how never before did the parallels between them seem so obvious. They always mean well, their intentions are usually good, but they have the uncanny ability to screw stuff up on the regular no matter what.
    -ugh. Liam. Erin. Liam. Liam playing mindgames with Nora and Josh and sending Erin to be a spy for him.
    -Bubble boy, this isn't looking good. I thought Aidan should have just told the kid, I mean who is he going to tell?
    -I'm loving this season of BH. I gripe here and there but it has been nothing short of entertaining, and for once, everyone has something really going , but they are also spending more time together, which I love.

  • AssandroJourn Feb 13, 2013

    syfy you are big dissapointment after ruining Alphas and slowly killing Being Human. latter show has no direction whatsoever. Only direction for boredom and CW plotlines.

  • ddstephens Feb 13, 2013

    JOSH!!!!!!!!will you PLEASE!!!!!!bring back the wolf....If I got to stand you being human for much longer..I am going to bite you myself...and Aidan get a grip cute f*^%k up...and Sally just love ya...

  • CJ42090 Feb 13, 2013

    Adopting a rebellious youth is one of my least favorite TV tropes so I was pretty bummed when Liam brought Erin back.

  • smorbie Feb 13, 2013

    Me, too. It's so obviously to cause problems with Nora and Josh. The difference of opinion they are having about Aiden should be enough without bringing Erin into it.

  • CharmedOneP391 Feb 13, 2013

    ”Soul lock, bitch!”

    Haha great episode...though sallys storyline was a bit odd even for this show.

  • tnetennba Feb 13, 2013

    "WHERE IS RAY? I don't even really like or care about Ray, but it's been WEEKS since we've heard from him. "


    "I think it might have more interesting if Aidan had ACTUALLY killed the suspicious nurse."

    I don't. The situation is messy enough as it is, so I was relieved to see that it was just a dream.

    "Also: Aidan is headed for disaster, right?"

    I don't think so, and I hope not. I mean, there are always complications, but this could be a pretty good solution for him. The bubble boy is going to be willing to give up some blood just to have someone interesting to talk to. It's a win-win. Or at least it's going to be, until the boy steps out of the bubble and says "Hello Aiden. You know I'm going to die if you don't turn me, right?" I hope he's not so ****ing stupid that he does that *this* season. Since he's so young, there's no need to hurry. He should at least wait until the vampires of the city have stabilized the situation.

  • Buc40 Feb 13, 2013

    You know Ray.
    The wolf guy that Josh & Nora killed that caused Josh to be human again.
    The same guy they then dug up to use for the spell to get Sally back.

    I'm not sure why anyone would be questioning where he is and why we haven't seen him in weeks when his death was a major part of a storyline.

  • shocker713 Feb 14, 2013

    People are probably questioning it because he was in the season preview that aired after the premiere. Soup Kitchen Witch Lady does something with him.

  • tnetennba Feb 13, 2013

    Thanks. I thought to myself "wasn't that the name of the wolf guy they killed?", but since it didn't seem to make sense to ask that about him, I was starting to wonder if I had forgotten a character.

  • ToddMurray Feb 12, 2013

    Ha! I'm not exactly sure what a "cautious swallower" is, but I'm pretty sure that Sally's not one. :) They really had me with the Aiden fakeouts/dreams, so well done there. Are those girls figments of his imagination, or are they really haunting him? I couldn't decide. I also didn't get that Liam knew anything about Aiden killing his son -- just that he was one of many vampires they were hunting down in Boston only he wasn't sick or starving like all the others. Not sure where he's going with bringing Erin back, except to curry favor with Nora so as to get her to come around on killing Aiden. Although I really like the thought below that Erin could be a Liam-compromised spy, but I learned from last season that over-thinking things usually takes us off base. Loved Sally's ghost whisperer line because I was just thinking right before that how crappy it would be if her character went that route. Go Sally!

    Do you think it's on purpose that Bubble Boy looks like a young Henry, now that Aiden no longer has a son to look after?

  • smorbie Feb 13, 2013

    I'm with you. I didn't get that Liam knew about Adien's killing his son. Was I in a fugue state when that occurred?
    I really think that Erin will help Liam, not because she's a spy necessarily, but because she's a teenager, angry at any authority figure.

  • hbf716 Feb 12, 2013

    I felt the same thing between Aiden and Mitchell. It seems no matter how hard they try to be good their bloodthirsty vampire nature always seems to come back. I just hope Aiden's fall isn't as brutal as Mitchell's. Mitchell was really hard to like after the massacre. Writers never seem to know what to do with people in relationships. All of a sudden life becomes boring and love can't be made interesting? It makes me crazy. My favorite thing about the BBC version was the relationship between Nina and George. Their love was so intense and pure and powerful. I love Nora and Josh and often compare them to Nina and George. Now the writers just need to give them some storylines to work with. I was so happy and I laughed aloud when Sally brought up the Ghost Whisperer because we were all thinking it. Still love this show.

  • abhakhadar Feb 12, 2013

    a chronic ne'er do well. Everything he touched blew up in his face. I'm starting to believe that Aidan is the sa

  • Mate Feb 12, 2013

    Ok now Nora is the one with the lame story lines. It just seems odd, perhaps because she still doesn't feel like one of the core characters.

    Her and whatever she is feeling for Erin feels misplaced. I am wondering if Erin is there to be a wedge between her and Josh. I wonder if that is why Liam brought her back. I think he senses a rift between Nora and Josh and wonders how he is going to exploit that. And really Erin is a perfect means to do so. Also what is going on with her Sub Leaser and the introduction to Aiden. That seemed really oddly placed.

    Aiden's plot was all right. I am not sure how I feel about the whole hallucination thing. But I do like the plot with he and the Bubble Boy. I wonder how it is going to pan out. Mostly because every single one of his proteges thus far have been horrible. Plus the kid is kind of young.

    Josh is interesting. For some reason I don't see him remaining a human. He is invariably going to be dealing with things that are more powerful then he. And his little .38 isn't going to be enough.

    Sally, I am so glad she is getting more screen time and plot. I am not sure about the whole ghost mother thing. That seemed just weird. Even for Sally's plot line.

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