Being Human "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die" Review: Party Like It's 1779

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Feb 05, 2013

Being Human S03E04: “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die”

I still stand by my belief/denial that because we didn’t actually see Henry bite it on screen, he’s not actually dead, but Aidan thinks he is, so let’s run with it. What do you do when your vampire offspring comes down with the incurable vampire flu? You throw one helluva party even though your roommates are trying to sleep. You also drink from anyone with a pulse because you have a death wish. For real, Aidan, if you’re just going to indiscriminately “roll the dice” with your pub food, at least nosh on someone who isn’t a big, sweaty biker-type. Do you really want your last meal to taste like sweat and B.O.? Or, according to Sally, “Hep-C?”

Oh man, so I’m not really on the Sally-and-Aidan-sitting-in-a-tree bandwagon just yet, but they were kinda cute at the bar, weren’t they? You know, until Aidan ditched her to quench his bloodlust? Sally even got to be awesome for a few minutes—that was a BIG stake. Kudos to Miss Malik for saying the things we were all thinking while Aidan indulged in yet another angst-and-blood fueled bender. He’ll just never learn. Sure, most—if not ALL—of Aidan’s vampire BFFs are dead and that’s sad, especially when part of the vampire deal is that you get to live forever being sexy and throwing sexy keggers with your sexy immortal-ish friends. But honestly, not everyone Aidan was moping over in that sadface montage was a particularly good friend, and hasn’t Aidan spent two seasons trying to break out of the nest anyway? (The answer is yes.)

But like Aidan said, he just wanted his freedom, not the apocalypse, which is also a kind of freedom, but it’s a terribly lonely freedom. Plus Aidan had second thoughts about freeing girlfriend/snackpack Emma from Henry’s cushy cage because Henry would still be alive if his system were still in place. Vampires are complicated, except in Aidan’s case, where they’re weirdly human about things. Despite his epic sadness, Aidan didn’t really feel like letting Sally stick him, so he got his shit together and got his job at the hospital back. He was assigned to the night shift tending to Kenny, the “bubble boy,” who suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency and has never been touched by a germ in his life.

I think we all know where this is going.

Meanwhile, Josh and Nora’s werewolf brood engaged in the most mundane aspect of humanity this week—reluctantly attending family birthday parties (ugh) and in Josh’s case, agonizing over whether or not to ask his ladyfriend to marry him. JUST DO IT, DUDE, YOU’VE BEEN DEBATING THIS FOR FOUR EPISODES NOW.

Nora's mother’s birthday is the only time Nora visits her family because otherwise, mom doesn’t get a birthday cake. She wanted to go alone, but Josh insisted on joining in on the opposite of fun because after he told Aidan about his matrimonial intentions, Aidan said he should probably “do it right” and ask Nora’s dad for the okay. I guess he missed the memo about Nora’s family being messed up. It’s cool. Being buried alive tends to do that.

So mom got her cake and Josh got his blessing—if you want to call it that—and “teen wolf” Erin, masquerading as Josh’s cousin, hit things off with Nora’s borderline-dirtbag brother RJ. Later, RJ came to the house to congratulate Nora on her engagement, except Josh was still screwing around and hadn’t gotten that far yet. Nora went out for coffee and RJ made out with Erin. Josh interrupted nookie-time like a DAD, RJ threw a punch, Nora threw him out, and Erin ran away. Yay, family!

So now that the cat... dog... is out of the bag and Nora knows what Josh is up to, he should probably just suck it up and ask, right? Maybe? Probably not. Nora was throwing out some seriously mixed signals after Erin bailed. She agreed that Erin leaving was probably for the best, which matched Josh’s own sentiment quite well, but then she talked about “slowing down” and making sure they didn’t get tangled up in more than they could handle—which, given that she’s now totally aware of the huge life-step Josh has spent the entire season trying to talk himself into, she had to know what she was implying. Ugh, this isn’t the part of “being human” that Being Human needs. Lip service to paying the rent is a nice touch that keeps our supernatural roomies grounded in humanity. An entire storyline dedicated to will-they-won’t-they seems like such a waste. We can get that in pretty much any other show in any other genre anywhere.

But fine, maybe Josh should just keep his mouth shut for now. Either way, though, stop waffling, son! Did Mimi-Siku waffle when it was time to bring fire down from the Statue of Liberty? No! MIMI-SIKU IS NOT A WAFFLER.

Oh, and we learned that Nora killed Brynn. I bet that’s important.

What did you think of this episode?


– “Aidan was okay with it because when he was a teenager, beer was safer than water.” Aww, it was totally a make-fun-of-Aidan-for-being-semi-immortal night on BH, what with the beer lulz and Sally’s “old man” music and even Aidan’s quaint little insistence that there’s a “right” way to ask someone to marry you. He ages like a... well, actually he doesn’t age. Whatever, you know what I mean.

– “So drinks come in bowls. Best bar ever.” Normally, I’d be right there with you Sally, but that margarita looked like bath water. So I’mma pass.

– Do you think Papa Werewolf knew Nora killed Brynn all along?

– This season is really big on revealing plot-altering points in throwaway lines: BTW, Nora killed Brynn and all Aidan’s vampire friends are probably dead, including Mother. Probably.

– Prediction: Erin will return when she accidentally kills an ex-boyfriend.

– Other prediction: Bubble Boy will either be dead or turned by the end of the season.

– I still hate those Subaru commercials.

– When do we find out what happened to Ray? What do you think Ray (and Sally’s witch) are up to?

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  • fan1983 Feb 17, 2013

    NO to Sally & Aiden having a love story. Just... no. This show is about their friendship. FRIENDSHIP, I SAY!

  • Observationista Feb 09, 2013

    I've found this entire season to be very "off" so far. Very little has actually happened and too much time is spent with characters just emoting. For me Season 1 was the best, Season 2 was inconsistent but still had moments of greatness, but Season 3....the writers need to step it up. As far as this episode in particular, an excellent example of the problem. The preview showing Sally astride Aiden with a stake to his heart promised drama and possibly sexiness. The scene in the show is actually nothing more than the preview - that was all, nothing more to see actually. How disappointing. Where is the show that used to make my jaw drop or hide my eyes in suspense?

  • snd1 Feb 08, 2013

    This episode was dull as dishwater and far soapier. All filler, no substance. If I want to know about teenage angst and how awkward it is to meet your girlfriend's family, I'd watch General Hospital. When is this show going to get back to being about the supernatural? Or, now that two of the three main characters have achieved "being human", are we beyond that now? The writers should try watching the UK version, a truly brilliant---scary, funny, exciting, well-written---show. (Only five episodes left, so they'd better hurry.)

  • shocker713 Feb 08, 2013

    "Twilight said it was ok!"

  • Lula19 Feb 07, 2013

    FTW -> Aidan, the vampire!, asking to not do the nightshift. haha

  • radiumgirl Staff Feb 07, 2013

    Haha, loved it!

  • AkiraHideyo Feb 07, 2013

    The storyline so far for Season 2 seems wobbly and not focussed nor logically believable since they started writing for their own scripts from the UK franchise, which their Season 5 just started on BBC. I'm just watching the US series and see if it will take off like the phenomenon that happened with the UK QAF UK series. Who knows? Good luck guys.

  • hbf716 Feb 07, 2013

    I love Josh and Nora. I love how much they love eachother. Nora seems like she is still a hot mess and has so much ugly baggage that she is still holding onto. She will need to deal with a lot of that before she can move on with Josh. Of course if it was me - I would jump on the Josh marriage train like last season. He's perfect, I love him. My prediction is that Brynns dad knows Nora killed her and will come after them eventually scratching Josh turning him back into a werewolf or Josh will choose to become a werewolf again in order to save Nora. The bubble boy seems like an awfully convenient answer to Aeden's problem and I vote he becomes a vampire. He's in a bubble - being a vampire would mean freedom. I think Aeden and Sally have great chemistry but I don't think anything will happen anytime soon. Can't stand Erin - I'd be fine if she never came back but I agree that she will probably end up killing someone - Nora's brother perhaps?

  • bleumystique Feb 06, 2013

    It was interesting an episode indeed. Also AWESOME review!! : )
    -Ohh so you also have noticed the throwaway lines? I kinda love them. They're all matter of fact about the major stuff which is so much better than the typical build up to a revelation with twists and turns along the way approach. Thank God Nora killed Brynn. She shouldn't feel sorry about that one. I mean Brynn sucked, plus there was nowhere for that girl to go but downhill once her brother was killed. I am however surprised that Papa Wolf didn't suss that out of Nora's wolf. So Nora's wolf has to be skilled.
    -I'm still not a huge Nora fan. I suppose I never will be. Sure she and Josh are cute together but she still rubs me the wrong way. While Aidan was totally be an insensitive ass at times, I mean a kegger with co-eds at 3 a.m I'd be ready to stake him myself. But I felt bad for him. He's been gone for a year, he comes back to his house remodeled by his best friend's gf who moved in, made herself at home, doesn't hide the fact that she kinda hates him, and is just an all around killjoy. He's a stranger in his own house. Awkward. I didn't get the big deal about Nora's family either. So they may be vaguely racist/prejudice if the covering of the Star of David was any indicator. Her father is a misogynist, her mother is just...there holding things together, and her brother is kinda creepy and possibly a drunk. I mean, I they weren't the Cleavers but they were more like Roseanne Connor's family on a bad day. No biggie. Unless they show more I don't see where they were truly awful, or I haven't seen where that was enough to keep Nora's visits limited to one day a year, but to each it's own.
    -I LOVE Aidan and Sally. They always have had quite the interesting relationship to me, because Sally is less whiny and more introspective and vulnerable when she's having some deeper conversations with Aidan. It has always been one of my favorite things about the rare moments when they share the screen together. I never seen them as anything other than friends. I don't loathe the idea of them together if it ever happened, I just personally seen them as more of a sibling thing. Aidan always struck me as the wild, and moody older sibling. He doesn't share much, keeps to himself, tries to help the other two when he can, but he also keeps his distance as well. It really showed with them in this one. He always regarded Sally as that slightly bratty and annoying, but lovable and endearing little sister, and when he went and took her out and spent time with her, having fun, only to ditch her to do his own thing and later on slam the door in her face it was totally teenage. I kinda loved it. But he and Sally always have these moments where she has this almost innocence to her when she asks him questions and he actually answers her with this vulnerability that he wouldn't typically have. That was the most non-sexual, chick straddling a dude while holding a not his, in bed...and I LOVED that! "Why aren't Josh and I enough?" and "You're not alone" tears and you're on a path of destruction. I loved it. She got through to him and it was beautifully done. In a way they're in the same boat (most of the time as usual. Josh tends to be the one reigning the two of them in) and they could really help each other through it. I think they both feel a bit on the outside of the Norah and Josh bubble. At least both of them are getting it together now. Sally with her new job with the cute funeral director dude, and Aidan befriending a new bloodbag...I mean teen. He has a way with those kiddies.
    - Erin is a total brat but I kinda like her too. How does that even happen? I think I'm glad she's gone for now but I won't hate it if I see her again. I loved Nora and Josh playing house with her. Just how many rooms are in that house anyway? It's like a supernatural boarding house or something.
    -WHEN are we going to see anything else about Ray and the Witch? It's been two whole episodes that have gone by now!

  • sasou82 Feb 06, 2013

    "MIMI-SIKU IS NOT A WAFFLER" I love the way that you bring up Jungle2Jungle everytime you talk about Josh! Cracks me up! Anyways, I am still creeped out about the whole Sally and Aiden thing, but I still kinda can't wait to see it (if they do it). I soooo hope that Josh does NOT propose to Nora. She gets on my last nerve, and I cannot stand looking at her... there is just something about her that I do not like. That being said, I did really like the scene in her bedroom when Josh was telling her how he loves her. But that was mainly because werewolf-Mimi-Siku was looking pretty hot! I hope that next week's episode is more interesting and I can't wait to see more of that adorable bubble-boy!

  • radiumgirl Staff Feb 07, 2013

    Lol, Jungle 2 Jungle was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I had the worst crush on Mimi-Siku. Sam Huntington will always be Mimi to me. (Sorry, Sam Huntington.)

  • sasou82 Feb 07, 2013

    Lol! I know what you mean...I feel the same way!

  • Mate Feb 05, 2013

    That was better. It was certainly the first episode where I wasn't annoyed by Sally's plot. I am for more Sally and Aiden. Because at least then her plot is fun and interesting when it happens. So as long as they don't hook up I am fine with that. Besides she is going to hook up with the guy from the mortuary and Aiden is going to be busy using the bubble boy as his personal juice box.

    I agree that bubble boy is either going to be dead or a Vampire by the end of the season. Though I am not sure that is fine. It is becoming increasingly apparent that anyone outside of the core group is either lame or a giant douche.

    But what I liked about it, is hopefully it is going to be settling back into just a fun stride with drama mixed in. I like it when the show does that and the rest is negligible based on the character.

  • radiumgirl Staff Feb 05, 2013

    I was so pumped not to hate Sally's storyline this week! I'm not really thrilled about a possible hook-up either, but lately they've been kind of fun together and keep each other in check. More of that pls!

  • Mate Feb 05, 2013

    I keep wondering about Sally's problem. I wonder if it strictly a person that she knows. Or is it because she kissed the guy that died. I hope it isn't just people that she knows. Because the whole moving away thing would be an easy fix to that and as she did at the party it can be avoided. It just seems too easy a plot point.

    But yea it is really fun to watch Aiden and Sally.

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