Being Human "These Teens They Are a Changin" Review: Werewolf Welcome Wagon

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jan 29, 2013

Being Human S03E03: “These Teens They Are a Changin’”

Being Human was quick to put the cliffhanger-that-wasn’t out of its misery when “These Teens They Are a Changin’” opened to our gal Norah sipping a cuppa with Daddy Werewolf, showered and poo-free and everything. Lookin’ good, lady! Daddy Werewolf was pretty chill about Norah’s I-don’t-know-anything-about-your-missing-wonder-twins-and-I’m-clearly-lying-my-face-off stance. Either he believed her or he’s just biding his time and/or stalking his prey, but he sent Norah on her way with a pep talk about what an awesome wolf she is. (Probably) see u later, pops.

Josh was way less chill about the gaping hole ripped in Norah’s mighty kennel and lamented to a binge-eating, undead Sally that he just wanted to take his boring human self and revel in normalcy... as he toyed with the idea of proposing to a werewolf. Lol, oh you. Admittedly though, Norah is a pretty good candidate for a were-bride if normalcy is what Josh seeks. Sort of. When Aidan went to Josh and asked Josh to send him and Henry flu-free patients for a “catch and release” brunch party, Josh was apprehensive and Norah backed him. She argued that Josh was free and Aidan was just going to drag him back into the supernatural underworld with his morally reprehensible grocery lists. Meanwhile, she has no problem with her boy continuing to room with an assortment of things that go bump in the night, and she straight-up freaked when Josh didn’t want to join the werewolf welcome wagon for new girl Erin.

That actually makes a lot of sense concerning Norah—not because she sucks, because she doesn’t—but because we’ve had it beaten into our heads that Norah embraces her inner wolf and she’s a “good” wolf and Norah herself admitted to feeling pretty awesome as a wolf. She’s taken her ongoing condition in stride, despite what must have certainly been disappointment when killing Ray freed Josh, but not her. Granted, there’s not much she can do about it, short of whacking Josh, but honestly I was expecting a little more moping. Norah isn’t disgusted by her monster status or plagued with overwhelming guilt about what she becomes once a month, what she’s done, and what she is capable of. Every thirty or so days she's inconvenienced (insert obvious ladybit lulz here), and the rest of the time, she goes about her life just like anybody else. That’s actually a pretty healthy attitude. Good for her being all adaptive and stuff.

Was Josh right to initially turn Aidan away? Sure, given Aidan and Henry’s collective track record of accidentally killing everyone, the delusion that their plan to get a fix and return the product unharmed wouldn’t eventually result in a body count was laughable. But as long as Josh continues to live in undead Sally’s old house and pine for the puppy of his dreams, he’s just not going to have a chance at a normal life, whether he hooks a vampire up with a reliable food supply or not. "Almost normal" is a possibility, though, and almost normal can be a positive thing if Josh wants it.

When foster care extraordinaire Erin showed up at the hospital demanding antibiotics for the infection she got from a nasty dog scratch, Josh immediately identified her marks as having come from a werewolf. Not gonna lie, I was totally relieved to learn that, as far as we know, the scratches didn’t come from any werewolves we’ve gotten to know. He panicked, because that’s how Josh rolls, and even considered “putting her down” before she could hurt someone... which is logical, sure, but also kind of WTF coming from Josh. It seems that our little Joshy-poo is growing up and even though it’s occasionally shocking, it’s been a long time coming and it’s refreshing considering what the character’s been through the past two seasons. Josh will always be a little bit whiny, but he doesn’t have to be helpless. With a little prodding, he ended up embracing Norah’s plan to run Erin through a little werewolf orientation, and ultimately, it was a good call—as of this week. I mean, Norah was quick to see her younger self in troubled Erin, but like Josh pointed out, Erin was essentially a stranger to them. She was an angry, hurt human, and those tend to make the meanest wolves. Josh packed some un-Josh-like heat for their little Were-fest in the Woods and when Norah called him on it, he was absolutely correct to point out that Erin could just as easily be more of a Brynn-wolf than a Norah-wolf.

And the thing is, we just don’t know. Norah and Erin turned and ended up batting noses and apparently being puppy pals for the night, but we just don’t know what the long term plans for Erin are. Being Human is skilled at establishing reality in the short-term and then turning it on its head within an episode or two... and that’s awesome.

Take Sexy Henry, for instance. He walked off in a pissy huff at the end of last week’s episode, basically telling Aidan to screw off for letting his pretty dinner hostage go free, and it really felt like one of those medium-term goodbyes that aren’t “goodbye” so much as “goodbye until I figure out a way to ruin your day.” Henry’s slippery. He’s screwed Aidan over before. The previously established pattern dictated that Henry would disappear for a few episodes and come back around mid-season to be a nuisance. However, we returned this week to Aidan and Henry working together to suss out the last of the untainted blood in Boston (seriously guys, why not just vacay in another hemisphere until this all blows over?) Henry was bad at it and ended up chowing down on some contaminated people juice, so by the time Josh finally forked over the name of a clean human, him was a dead vamp walkin’. BYE HENRY, MISS YOUR HAIR.

You know what, though? We didn’t see him keel over on screen. We just saw him walk away looking pretty gross and it doesn’t count if we don’t see it on screen. (See also: Mother.)

And finally: Sally. Sally, Sally, Sally. STOP. MEDDLING.

Sally felt bad about accidentally killing poor dumb Trent with her overwhelming desire to get laid and decided to track down his ghost and help him find his door. It was the least she could do, you know? I love that Trent was having none of it once Sally came clean about her life as a reanimated corpse, “You were warned by a witch... and you still tried to make out with me?” <3ed him. Loved him even more when we found out that poor dumb Trent was actually poor dumb douchebag Trent who cheated on his fiance—though the fact that she was also cheating on him, and therefore more delighted than devastated by Sally’s revelation, probably helped.

When Sally crashing Trent's wake and coming clean to his ladyfriend didn’t get Trent his magical mystery door, he told Sally to go away, and voila! A few scenes later that poor schmuck had his portal. It was a nice door and the ambient music was pretty and appropriately anemic. We had every reason to accept that door was Trent’s One True Door, so through that door poor dumb Trent went... and he was promptly vaporized and eaten by that whatserface witch from the soup kitchen, restoring her wrinkled visage to a smooth and healthy glow. Nom nom nom!

What did you think of this week’s episode?


– “Her name was Emma. She was pretty and she smelled like vanilla.” Is it me, or are vampires across the board almost always prone to developing sad/adorable/creepy crushes on their lunch?

– I love how every week is conveniently a full moon, and by "love" I mean "stop it, Syfy, we won’t forget that Norah is a werewolf if we go a week without seeing her turn." I promise.

– Norah and Josh sending were-newbie Erin into the woods with her little bundle of raw meat and morning-after bag felt like two parents sending their offspring to school for the first time. “Bye sweetie! Be good! Make friends! Try not to get poo in your hair!”

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  • vcivi Jan 31, 2013

    Ok....first i loved Being Human, but now it is all weird....
    - Sally who is human and very annoying if i may say...i rather see her as a ghost..
    - Josh needs to be a torned Werewolf again...I loved when Norah was explaining it to Erin about how it felt to change to a ww...Josh sais like awful and she was like it is amazing....i need that Josh back...who always complains and so...
    - Adain has no right to say to Henry what he should do or not....he has been in a coven for a year....he should be lucky that he got out of it....!!!

    This season it is not doing it for me....

  • dtothep3 Feb 01, 2013

    It isn't/wasn't doing it for me either. Glad someone agrees with me. It's pretty bad. Normally, the third season is supposed to be the better seasons of a series in it's early days.

    But this is just crap now. We disagree on Sally though. You'll have to explain her annoying-ness because these, you can't get away with that. It's too easy.

  • dtothep3 Jan 31, 2013

    Why am I the only one who noticed and is talking about Erins sick ass body?? Come on I can't be the only one. Not every comment has to be chock full of well thought out coherence, folks

    They wouldn't have casted a girl like that if they didn't have some reason. I hope she stays around. Since my other comment was for some inane reason, removed, the other plotlines are decent to stupid. Decent being the witch and stupid being the vampires getting sick and Aidan mooching and begging Josh to get keep surviving is stupid. Raw stupid and annoying.

  • bleumystique Jan 31, 2013

    - It's not you. They also seem to have this way of comparing their victims' blood to the best tasting food on Earth. How do they know it tastes like that? do they even remember?! I loved that Henry line. I have a love/hate relationship with Henry that only continued with this episode. will he die? I don't know. Do I want him too? surprisingly I don't think I do. Plus I both love and loathe watching handsomeface Aidan with his handsomeface vamp son. "I'll never make you proud dad." "You do make me proud son" Vampire Hallmark moments.
    - Noticed that too! They didn't used to do that so much before! I'm not too fond of all these time jumps anyways. It ff 15 months in the premiere, and then a few weeks in the premiere and then in the second episode it was like three weeks.
    -They missed out on a great opportunity to have that very akward moment when Nora wakes up stark naked, dirty, bloodied, and spooning Papa werewolf. I mean that is all I kept thinking about when he locked himself in the storage room with her before changing.
    - I went back to not liking Nora. I have no choice but to accpet that she's around, and it's nothing against the acress but Nora just gets under my skin. I like her story, as far as having this person who revels and embraces what she is to balance out Josh's self-loathing, but we got that mildly irritating Nora again. I don't think it was her place to back Josh up on telling Aidan no, but to go as far as to claim that Aidan will be the one dragging Josh back into supernatural crap when she previously spent months searching for Sally and hours digging up graves to bring her just doesn't sit well. Her distaste for one of her bf's best friends on the regular..laced with that innate race hatred amongst their kinds. I did love her bonding with the teen though. I liked the teen, she was interesting, even though I don't know if I'm ready to see another addition so soon.
    - Oh Sally. If Sally weren't Sally we wouldn't have as many stories to tell, but she's so loveablly irritating and meddlesome. I love it. I too loved how Trevor wasn't letting her off the hook. Did NOT see that coming with him making the witch be all prettified again! Freaky deaky stuff right there. Definitely interesting.
    -I'm okay with saying that this may be the best season so far. I mean we are only three episodes in, but they've been a really good and solid three episodes, and the previews have me more and more intrigued. What kinda Sally/Aidan action were they hinting at next week for pete's sake? I'm appalled! I'm intrigued! I'm impatient! Bring it on!

  • klotensen Jan 30, 2013

    Percy as werewolf-dad is the best thing that could happen to Being Human.

  • JustinJohnson9 Jan 30, 2013

    Definitely liking this season as well. When problems arise is when this show is at its best to me. Drama creating conflict. Once again, I feel Sally is getting roasted unfairly by the reviewer, but that's probably just me. Everybody creates their own problems, and how they work through them is what makes these characters shine. So once again, I say give Sally a break!!!!

  • fangtasiaforev Jan 30, 2013

    I'm enjoying this season a lot more than last season. They seem to all be finding a path and that's really good. The first season was still the best though.

  • MunirRahool Jan 30, 2013

    First of all, I want to start with "Welcome back Ghost Whisperer, I missed you." But I did like the twist in the end. I knew something was fishy about that witch. Let see when Sally will learn about this event and how she will take it.

    Second, I am with those who want Josh back to Wolf world. And is Norah start making her own wolf pack? While I know there are more wolf roaming in the city but I will not surprise if Norah turned out to be one who scratch that girl in first place.

    About Henry, I still cannot shake his character as powerful good friendly vampire from "Blood Ties", I liked, actually LOVED that series and those 3 lead characters so, seeing him this much miserable and pathetic makes me sad. Since 1st episode of this season I was hoping that Josh will help finding the cure of this virus for them.

    Aidan is Aidan so far, being a supporter but now Henry is out of scene he might take his own show back.

  • ddstephens Jan 30, 2013

    And don't even get me started about Sally.....

  • ddstephens Jan 30, 2013

    Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!Josh bring back the wolf....I can't stand your whiny human self.....

  • MunirRahool Jan 30, 2013

    I am so with you on it. I was just about to write that in my comment for the show.

  • Bottron Jan 30, 2013

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there are too many humans in "Being Human"? If I want to see some crap show about humans in werewolf/vampire world, I'd throw some fairies and nudity in there and settle for "True Blood". Because I'm looking for a good show, I m waiting for Josh to turn into a werewolf again and kill Sally.

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