Being Human "What's Blood Got to Do With It" Review: A Waste of a Perfectly Good Pellegrino

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Feb 19, 2013

Being Human S03E06: “What’s Blood Got to Do With It”

When in doubt, call in Mark Pellegrino for a guest spot. It’s the Being Human way. After all, Mark Pellegrino makes everything better. Usually. I mean, it helps when his screentime isn’t largely filler, when he does more than rehash a story that, for the most part, we already know. I think I prefer my Bishop as a hi-fi hallucination. He wasn’t even all that snarky in flashback mode and if he isn’t just going to bust Aidan’s balls the whole time, then what’s the point?

Aidan’s entire story this week consisted of skipping out on work—he must have a very understanding boss—after flashing his fangs at Bubble Boy, telling Bubbles his tale of blood and woe when Bubbles went all yo-ho-yo-ho-a-vampire’s-life-for-me, aaaand finally twitching on the floor because Erin laced his Juicy Juice with werewolf blood because girl is totally on the take from Papa Werewolf. You guys called it. You’re brilliant. Have I told you lately that you’re brilliant? No? Well, you are.

She’s totally gonna wuss out on staking him though. She is. And then we’ll all have to feel bad about thinking she’s the worst because REDEMPTION and stuff.

Whatever. She’s the worst.

And speaking of redemption, Sally sold her soul to Donna the Soup Kitchen Necromancer when she accidentally ran into her scam-artist brother on the street. Sorry, Doofus Trent, Sally just didn’t carry that much guilt over your death. Nevermind that all of her troubles with that pesky "killing old friends" complication could've theoretically been avoided if she'd just relocated when Awful Erin brought it up and before we go down the “that isn’t fair to Sally” route, let’s just pause and take a moment to reflect on her status as a reanimated corpse. I feel like sucking it up and picking a new zip code is a small price to pay for being raised from the dead. But hey, that’s just me.

Anyway, I’m still loving Sally’s story because it takes her places (and puts her in clothes) we haven’t seen her in before. It’s just that there are little things that are silly and don’t make a ton of sense. Sally can’t leave Boston because we need her to remain a part of the core three on this show, and that’s fine, but skipping town is the most logical solution to her problem and I don’t think Being Human has done a great job of justifying Sally’s stay within the context of her world. She just looks dense at best and selfish at worst.

So Donna said Robbie could live if Sally agreed to let the Sanderson Sister reject take ownership of her soul when she died a perfectly “natural” death. I have a feeling Sally’s death isn’t nearly as far in the future as Sally thinks it is. Natural, schmatural—the woman raises the dead and eats souls for breakfast. I doubt she’s going to just sit around and wait another sixty or so years for Sally to keel over on her own.

But for now, Sally doesn’t have to worry about accidentally killing her friends and family through chance meetings on busy sidewalks, which means she’s free to suck face with Max in public and oh boy is Max super-pumped about it. Down, boy.

Sally’s soul-for-sale storyline also opens up more opportunity to interact with Donna, who has mostly just popped in for a snack now and then. Maybe we’ll finally learn what she did with Ray from the season premiere? WHERE THE HELL IS RAY?

While Ray remained MIA this week, his “descendents,” Josh and Nora, were doing the deadbeat parent and the helicopter parent thing at the same time. Nora’s absence was frustrating because she left Josh to take care of the pet project he's said from the very beginning is a terrible idea. I suspect his neurotic hovering was supposed to be funny, but I’m so over this "playing house" storyline that at this point, I’d rather sit through another redundant Aidan flashback—at least they had cool costumes.

What did you think of this week’s episode?


– Sally, Sally, Sally, of course charging Donna with a carving knife was a great idea. The woman can raise the dead, but I’m sure she’s totally defenseless, right. Amateur.

– I love how Sally ran into her brother the very first time she talked herself into leaving the house. Girl has the WORST luck.

– Aidan refused to turn Bubble Boy into his sassy vampire offspring. How much of that was the sincere belief that living out his days in a glass box in the hospital basement was way awesomer than being a semi-immortal bloodsucker with pretend daddy issues and how much of that was a practical approach to preserving his food supply?

– Do you think Erin is gonna choke?

– As been-there-done-that as I thought Aidan’s flashbacks were this week, I appreciated Bishop’s line about a vampire’s semi-immortality, “What you believe and what you love changes in as many lifetimes.” I suspect that the entire point of the flashbacks was to give Mark P. a chance to drop that line, which basically sums up everything that's wrong with the vampire life cycle and describes every flavor of Aidan Through the Ages that we’ve seen over the length of the series. This really isn’t assuaging my fears that there's going to be a parallel between Aidan’s storyline and the BBC’s Mitchell storyline on the original Being Human.

– Liam said that Nora was also a part of his pack. Do you think he meant that generally or specifically? Is she working for him too?

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  • tmims07 Feb 26, 2013

    Ughhhhhhh Nora the were-bitch must go, she's trying to come between the friends!!!! No matter what happens you can tell she's a vampire hater just like Liam, she's been different ever since she hung with the twins, they're making Josh look way too naive on this subject!

  • dazednconfuuzed Feb 24, 2013

    I missed Being Human this week, and only had the chance to watch it earlier today.

    I must say I'm not surprised about Erin being in league with Liam, saw that coming.. I know they're settng it up for her big redemption cuz shes just a poor, misunderstood, manipulated teen... But I can't f*cking stand her...have never liked her a bit since she was introduced... maybe its the girl playing her I can't figure it out but she bugs me. I think Nora is going to end up making an irreparable error because of that girl..

    Sally- well jeez all I have to say bout that is if I were Sally, I would have wanted to know what exactly constituted "the rest of your natural life" before signing over my soul... its apparent from the next promo that Sally is going to start that sucks ass...That witch is no good... I can understand though, it was her brother.. But I thought that maybe the witch would reneg on the deal and take the brother anyways..still might..

    And Aiden... this better not be going in the direction of what I've heard happened to poor Mitchell on U.K BH (I have not watched that series myself, tho I may at some point) I liked Bishop being around, but felt he was under-utilized. Why would he turn that kid into a vamp now? When being one pretty much means you will be hunted down by d-bag werewolves and oh jeez u know the small problem of having practically nothing to eat cuz 99% of ppl are tainted? Not to mention how brooding and emo Aiden is about being a vampire and doing horrible things even if those other facts weren't the case. Interested to see how that one plays out...

  • RealityEngineer Feb 20, 2013

    I can see a potential plot twist to deal with the witch, and the issue that 2 of the 3 original housemates are now "human". In the UK version, I don't remember if it was in this one, werewolves can't become ghosts, they seem to leap past that stage. Perhaps if Sally becomes a werewolf, she would leap past the "ghost" stage where the witch could grab her soul. Then Josh might wind up being killed (perhaps by Erin) and become the house ghost.
    (of course they may not use the idea if they see it spoiled online).

  • RealityEngineer Feb 20, 2013

    oops, I didn't mean Sally would die now, just that she would become a werewolf in order to prevent the witch from getting her soul in the future. Perhaps there will be signs that her life is in danger from the which so she'll do it so the witch won't be after her anymore.

  • KateSullivan Feb 19, 2013

    Okay, I still think that Erin = Tom (didn't he try on a fairly regular basis to kill Mitchell and then he was always aware of Hal...and he still seemed to add to the necklace....). Yes, silly redemption story/orphan realizing this is her family story line coming up, but....

    Sally is an idiot...I lived in Brighton for like a year and I to work in Cambridge, now, in nice weather I could technically walk. But, like on a weekend, you usually groaned as complained about how far that was. She could easily move. Has she seems doomed to start to rot soon, I am curious.

    Okay, I watch Teen Wolf so some of this and Liam's idea comes from that and then also comes from a couple of series I read...while possibly Liam was the one who turned Erin, I suspect he is just trying to manipulate Erin. I kind of hope we get some sort of idea as to what happened when Liam and Nora changed together, I have this idea that she somehow subjugated him and that is why they are both still alive and he realizes she doesn't know that yet. I wondering the importance of showing how close Josh is to returning, yes, he was getting something to show her welcome to the house but unless Aiden takes his tainted blood..

  • Tjsmooth0 Feb 19, 2013

    I thought this was a pretty terrible episode. Other than the soul thing we basically were just treading water for an hour. And wouldn't Aidan be able to smell the difference between human and wolf blood? Or taste it at the very least before downing another vial? Pretty sure that's been established before

  • Mantis82 Feb 19, 2013

    Aidan was involved with hierarchy of vampires in last season and now his arc is about a bubble boy, damn you writers. I know it would have been predictable but I wanted all out war between wolves and vampires with Aidan being forced to lead vampires. Instead of war, its wolves picking on sick vampires.

  • mad-pac Feb 19, 2013

    "After all, Mark Pellegrino makes everything better." Yeah, yeah, like bacon. Tim already said that.

  • radiumgirl Staff Feb 19, 2013

    Well he DOES, though I would argue not necessarily like bacon. Adding bacon can backfire. Adding Mark Pellegrino can't.

  • erolas113 Feb 19, 2013

    Erin is the worst and she is gonna probably try to kill Aidan but fail, and Aidan is gonna put her in the hospital or something. That happens and Nora will probably end up taking her side and create a mini civil war in the house, that would be entertaing , Erin and Nora on one side, Aidan and Sally on the other Josh smack dab in the middle :)

  • kanniballl Feb 19, 2013

    That was the impression I got from the sneak peek at next week's episode.

    Though how Aiden can be labeled the bad guy I have no idea. What... after reading Josh's wolf-research journals she ACCIDENTALLY poisoned his blood supply? And what... he's not to be believed that she was about to stake him?

    I realize they played up the "Nora distrusting Aiden" thing a few episodes ago... probably to prepare us for this scenario. But it's still a logical mess.

  • kanniballl Feb 19, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

  • kanniballl Feb 19, 2013

    Some of Aiden's bit about probably sincere. He hated how he decided to tear up his friends on his opening day and doesn't want the kid to go through the same.

    And now that the world is-what-it-is... making him a Vampire is pretty much a death sentence. It's nearly impossible to find clean blood, and as we've seen a newly turned Vamp is unable to control his blood-lust. So... chances are the kid would pick a flu victim on his first day.

  • radiumgirl Staff Feb 19, 2013

    Lol, yeeeah. Poor Bubble Boy.

  • kanniballl Feb 19, 2013

    Erin really is the worst.
    Josh tries helping Erin out. He comes in and stops Nora's brother from going all pedo, the GUY takes the first punch, and Erin yells that Josh just came in swinging for no reason.
    Wow, appreciative much?
    Now a guy she's JUST met tells her to help kill one of her room mates and she agrees.
    What a *itch.

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