Ben Edlund Is Leaving Supernatural to Rejoin Eric Kripke at Revolution

By Tim Surette

Jun 01, 2013

Words I've used to describe NBC's Revolution during its Season 1 run: "terrible," "absent-minded," "turd-ish." Words I'm now using to describe NBC's Revolution heading into Season 2: "promising," "full of potential," and "exciting." Why the change of heart? No, I haven't seen the finale in advance and somehow come around because the show righted the ship by killing every single character and starting from scratch. I'm excited for Season 2 because of news out of Australia that says Ben Edlund, Supernatural's most celebrated writer and executive producer, is leaving the CW show to help out his old pal and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke at Revolution. It may not mean much to you, but this is a 50-ton bombshell dropped on my head!

Word of Edlund's new job came from actor Misha Collin's mouth, according to the great folks and Supernatural know-it-alls over at Winchester Family Business; Collins reportedly announced the news while attending the All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural conference down under. Edlund, who's also written for The Venture Bros., Firefly, Angel, and The Tick, is responsible for some of Supernatural's best and most creative episodes, including "The End," "The French Mistake," and "Wishful Thinking" (the porno-addicted teddy bear? That's Edlund's baby). 

Supernatural will survive just fine without Edlund, but Revolution should get a huge boost with him as it looks to improve creatively after its dull first season. And it's not just Edlund who will help things out in Season 2. It was previously announced that Farscape and Defiance creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, as well as CSI:NY's Trey Callaway, are also joining Revolution's writing team. Edlund, O'Bannon, Callaway, and Kripke make a solid quartet.

I would recap and review a Chinese Food Takeout Menu if Edlund wrote it. The man is on another level. But is he good enough to keep Charlie Matheson from getting stuck under a pile of junk, surrendering with her hands up, or having her life saved by Miles each episode after she does something stupid? I hope so!

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  • toddw3 Jun 17, 2013

    Nobody seems to be picking up on all the hints that Rachel caused the blackout. She did it to save Danny's life - we already know that the proliferation of nanites was keeping him alive. In "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" she alludes to Dr. Warren that she has done horrible things to keep Danny alive and killed "too many people". In a flashback in "Children of Men" she has a suicidal breakdown about over it (although she does not tell Ben the whole truth). And in this episode she hushes up Aaron when he starts to explain how someone used his backdoor to purposely cause the blackout. It was Rachel - crazy-ass Rachel!!!

  • LAF Jun 05, 2013

    The real problem is that it's not enough for Edlund to write brilliant scripts. You need the actors good enough to make his genius come alive. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were as good at "getting" Edlund and making it real, as he was creating it. Revolution is flat and humorless. Edlund will get bored fast, I think.

  • GirishKrishna1 Jun 04, 2013

    I'm torn! Ben Edlund's episodes are the ones I look forward to the most in every season. But I do think Revolution needs this a lot more than Supernatural. Lets hope no more bad writers from season 7 get into the writing team in his place.

  • shimmerinstars7 Jun 04, 2013

    Supernatural will be fine minus Edlund as long as jeremy Carver stays as showrunner and Kripke stays with Revolution

  • AdeleTeras Jun 04, 2013


  • headclub Jun 03, 2013

    What a waste....

  • NJLiz Jun 03, 2013

    Of course, Supernatural fans won't like losing a talented writer. They are many while Revolution fans, right now, are few. The poll results are predictable.

    Just looked at his credits and saw he wrote the Hollywood episode of Supernatural along with Smile Time for Angel. I wonder if Revolution is the best place for his humor and irony.

  • silverscreenluv Jun 04, 2013

    Well, since the whole show is kind of a giant joke, his humor seems like it'll fit right in. Now it'll just be intentional.

  • Rai101 Jun 04, 2013

    That's a good way to see it, hehe!

  • tnetennba Jun 03, 2013

    Does adding one good writer to a bad team really make that much of a difference? I only know one example, and it suggests the opposite. Anyone remember when Bryan Fuller rejoined the Heroes team? It got better*, but it didn't get good. Then he left again.

    *) At the time (season 3), it was so bad that it couldn't possibly have gotten any worse.

    This sounds very bad for Supernatural, and only a little bit good for Revolution.

  • CharmedOneP391 Jun 03, 2013

    True. He came back in time to write the best episode of Season 3 (my favorite episode of the entire series) and even that couldn't salvage a sinking ship.

  • headclub Jun 03, 2013


  • Whedonrules Jun 03, 2013

    So now "Supernatural" is briging back two of the below average writers in the show's history, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, responsible for most of the garbage in Season 6 and who couldn't even keep 'Ringer' on the air past the opening bell. EP Jim Michaels is talking about this like he's getting back what he's losing - put down the pipe Jim. "Supernatural" is in big big trouble now. Is anyone around "Supernatural", talking about this enormous loss? This is going to kill the Winchester boys.

  • myrddinde Jun 03, 2013

    Yeah lets save the horrible awful Revolution with its horrible actors and sacrifice the awesome Supernatural for it ... sounds legit and fair.

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