Best of 2012: Who Would You Nominate in the Comedy/Drama "Best Actor" Categories?

By Staff

Nov 21, 2012


Good heavens, it's almost 2013 which means it's almost not 2012 which means it's almost time for us to declare what was definitely great in 2012! It's not easy to sort through all the television happenings of the year on our own, and because we value your input—and also because you will complain if we omit your favorite show or actor—we're asking for your help as we assemble the nominees for our Best of 2012 awards.

Today we're looking at the fellas, dudes, and bros who acted their hearts out for your entertainment. For everyone's convenience, we've combined the comedy and drama categories into a single post, so make sure your voice clicks are heard in BOTH polls. We'll take the top vote-getters from readers and throw in some editorial picks for the final ballot, which will be out in early December.

The only requirements are that the actor appeared on a program that aired in 2012, he acted well, and that he is a he. (To submit your picks for the "Best Actress" categories, click here.) Feel free to add your own nominations using the write-in feature, and please make sure you nominate actors in the correct poll (dramatic actors in drama, comedic in comedy). Now get clicking!

UPDATE: These polls are closed! Check back in early December to vote on the final list of nominees!


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  • tnetennba Nov 27, 2012

    LOL at Joshua Jackson getting as many votes as Bryan Cranston, Damian Lewis and Peter Dinklage combined. I like JJ too, but seriously, that's ridiculous.

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Nov 26, 2012

    Hi everyone, we're closing this poll now, but thanks so much for voting! You can see your top picks above; check back in early December to vote on the final list of nominees!

  • waterfallbooks Nov 26, 2012

    Alan Tudyk wasn't even on the list?!? I have remedied that fact and added a few more Suburgatory noms.

  • smileDAMMIT Nov 25, 2012

    SMILE =)

  • CindyMorman Nov 25, 2012

    you no we're not insulting to u guys and we're not insulting to your choose or picks so why do yall stoop so low as to attack us i've aways been taught all my life if you can't say something nice about someone don;t say nothing at all and thats what i've aways taught my son im a Kaniac a Christian kane fan and im very proud of that thk u ;)

  • AkiraHideyo Nov 25, 2012

    W(who)TF is Christian Kane? Zzz.

  • tnetennba Nov 26, 2012

    Eliot Spencer on Leverage. I've never seen him in a movie, but I'll take Joan's word for it. The first time I saw him was as Lindsey on Angel (the Wolfram & Hart lawyer). He was good there too. I remember thinking at the time that he would probably get a lot of good parts after this, but then I didn't see him in anything until Leverage.

  • mentdijinn Nov 26, 2012

    check him out at imdb ,com where you can see a listing of his acting credits

  • JoanMueller Nov 26, 2012

    Obviously some people know who he is. He plays Eliot on Leverage and has been in a lot of movies too.

  • bellaherna Nov 25, 2012

    Since not recording my votes I'll post here:
    1.) JOHN NOBLE-Fringe
    2.) Damien Lewis-Homeland
    3.) Joshua Jackson-Fringe

  • bellaherna Nov 25, 2012

    Why are my votes not recording? How do you actually submit your vote? I am clicking on my selection but there is no submit button and once I refresh page my vote is removed and vote tally is back where it was before I voted?

  • tnetennba Nov 26, 2012

    I think that they were recorded the first time you voted.

  • tnetennba Nov 25, 2012

    I just realized that one of my favorite characters from the past few years isn't even on this list. After the death of Batiatus, "Ashur" took over as the best character on Spartacus. The actor's name is Nick Tarabay. I would like to see him somewhere around 8th place on this list.

    It's really annoying that those who weren't on the lists when they came up had no chance to make it onto the list later. I'm not sure where Nick Tarabay would have ended up, but Spartacus would probably have been a top 10 (or at least top 20) show. But it started outside the list, so it never had a chance to make it into the top 100.

  • tnetennba Nov 25, 2012

    Christian Kane and Joshua Jackson are definitely too high up. They're both pretty good though, especially Kane. It surprises me *a lot* to see Kane at the top, ahead of John Noble. In the discussions regarding the Emmys this year and last year, I remember seeing lots of people *screaming* for a John Noble nomination, but I don't think I have ever heard anyone say that Christian Kane is the best actor on TV.

  • smileDAMMIT Nov 25, 2012

    I agree. Not to take any credit away from Kane, he is a great actor. BUT I almost feel like his fans are being biased when voting for him. The guy is good, but I find John Noble is better. Or maybe I'm being biased as I'm a Fringe fan!

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