Bob Barker announces retirement

By Colin Mahan

Oct 31, 2006

In June, The Price Is Right host Bob Barker will tell someone to "come on down" for the last time. Barker today announced he will retire from TV.

"I will be 83 years old on December 12, and I've decided to retire while I'm still young," he joked with the Associated Press

Barker has been host of The Price Is Right for 35 years and has been on TV for another 15 years on top of that. He says he has been thinking about retirement for many years, but he was having too much fun to stop.

"I've gone on and on and on to this ancient age because I've enjoyed it," he said. "I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm going to miss it."

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  • FancyPants22 Jun 06, 2007

    No Bob! No! Don't do it! Noooooo! Kinda funny. Bob Barker is my master.

  • funebune May 01, 2007

    pgsuperfan, are you saying its about time Bob left, or its about time, the show ended? WHat do you mean by about time?

  • Benhallums1 Apr 27, 2007

    Well Mr. Barker, I Enjoyed your funny antics & silly remakes and giving old-fashioned compliments. Thanks for the fun.

  • funebune Apr 24, 2007

    I will miss Bob too!

    Who will be the new host?

    Seriously, I think that someone like Alex Trebek should do it.

    If anyone knows, please email me at either or at

    Thank you! I love you BOB BARKER!!!!!!

  • bambi51965 Apr 03, 2007

    Nooo Bob you can't go! I've been watching you everyday since I was 5! I use to stand in front of the TV when I was little with a play microphone and do everything you did! I Love You sooo Much!! I'm gonna miss you soo bad Bob. Even now, everyday when I watch you I cry just knowing you are going to leave us soon. Well just know this, I Love You soo Much and you will be missed terribly. I'll never forget you Bob, never...

  • marioman687 Mar 11, 2007


  • TeddyTerrific Mar 02, 2007

    Bob Barker is the best host ever in game shows!!! He treated them all like they were his own house guests. It wont be the same when he leaves but I will try to cointinue watching.

  • tvfanatic91 Nov 06, 2006

    We'll miss you Bob. I really also loved the firght seen with him and Adam Sandler in the Movie Happy Gilmore

  • pgsuperfan Nov 04, 2006

    about time

  • angelofmusicvi Nov 02, 2006

    I kind of agree with koenig ... it is hard to imagine anyone else as the Host. But, alas...change is evident. I cannot imagine anyone else in his place, yet I cannot imagine a world without the Price is Right! I watch it every day. I will give it a chance though, having an open mind. But it will be hard to watch it without Mr. Bob. But when Rod died, I certainly didn't think I would like it then, either. In fact, I did stop watching for awhile, but I couldn't stay away.

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