Boy dies after friends imitate Naruto

By Tim Surette

Mar 13, 2008

A family is in mourning after an accident in a playground left their 10-year-old dead.

Codey Porter of Everett, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, died on Saturday after friends buried him in a sandbox, according to The Seattle Post Intelligencer. The boys were apparently imitating the popular anime show Naruto.

The children were allegedly reenacting one of the show's character's special attacks, where the target is enveloped in sand. Though the boy thrashed around when he couldn't breathe, his friends apparently thought he was joking and didn't pull him out until damage had already been done. He died later in a hospital, surrounded by his family.

Though the incident seems like a perfect lightning rod for watchdog groups to curse Naruto and call for its end, the general consensus is the death is simply the result of a tragic accident.

Naruto is a wildly popular cartoon imported from Japan that follows young ninjas. It currently airs on the Cartoon Network.

[UPDATE] Video news report on the matter is here.

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  • NimaJo Aug 14, 2015

    I'm sorry but everyone here who agrees that naruto Is a bad influence is retarded. Most people here have not even watched the show so have no idea what there talking about. Only because 3 retarded kids tried killed their friends trying to copy Gaara the Sand Ninja does not mean at all that it was Cartoon Networks fault. These kids clearly had something wrong in their brains thinking they should bury their friend in the sand. God damn what is wrong with the wrong RETARDED CHILD JUTSU

  • NathanielBobo May 31, 2015

    This is why Cartoon Network sucks and they're brain washing kids and regressing them to early child years and forcing kids to watch child friendly shows. The mom is in the wrong and I'm here to bring this topic back up.

  • NathanielBobo May 31, 2015

    Also for those watching CN now don't the original people don't own it they gave it to the people who SUED Cartoon Network it's time the truth came out!

  • kezzhawke Dec 05, 2014

    So retarded, half the time Gaara doesn't even cover his Opponents heads in Sand when he exicutes his moves anyway.

  • isiaharcher9 Aug 01, 2014

    Either sand coffin or sand burial. Moves by a guy in the series called Gaara of the Sand

  • suankem9 Jun 26, 2014

    if u miss (naruto) then go and watch (naruto shippuden)

  • TomVoldemortRoy Nov 12, 2013

    Sabaku Kyo

  • PhychoSun Aug 30, 2013

    Reenactment Style: Retarded child no jutsu!

  • baileycarring Jun 05, 2013

    Idk to me this sorta seems fake

  • ninjapirate Mar 22, 2013

    Seriously I started read and watch Naruto when I was like six years old and I used to play it with my brothers but we did not get the stupid idea to bury each others heads in sand even if we did fight and so but seriously who are so stupid that they bury someones head in the sand

  • shawnmacht Feb 28, 2013

    The parents should have been watching there kids like GOOD parents do..not put the blame on a TV show. The "scene" the kids were probably acting out is a character named Gaara's attack where he covers whoever in sand..and kills them..its called Sand Coffin or Sand Burial..honestly when I was 10 years old, I was smart enough to know something called Sand Coffin or Sand Burial might not be the best thing to go do. The parents are the ones to blame, it was in their backyard, under their supervision, and multiple other things.

  • xeyomythyogiri Nov 11, 2014

    "A family is in mourning after an accident in a playground left their 10-year-old dead."

    yeah, totally in the backyard.

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