Brothers, Grey's get guests

By Tim Surette

Oct 11, 2007

Two funnymen from decidedly different generations are taking a more serious acting turn. Former and semicurrent Saturday Night Live cast member Chevy Chase will be joining Brothers & Sisters, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Seth Green will guest star on Grey's Anatomy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters, Chase will play a former flame of Sally Field's character, Nora Holden. As Stan Hirsh, Nora's high-school boyfriend, the man who played Fletch will join a love triangle also involving a new character played by Danny Glover.

Chase gained fame on the golden years of Saturday Night Live, and went on to star in several respected comedies, including Caddyshack, Fletch, and National Lampoon's Vacation.

Seth Green will appear in a pair of episodes of Grey's Anatomy, ABC's hit medical drama. The actor will play a patient at Seattle Grace. Green is best known as the lycanthrope Daniel Osbourne in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is also a cocreator of Robot Chicken, as well as the voice of Chris on Family Guy.

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  • Pinkmyst Oct 29, 2007

    Can't wait for Brothers and Sisters - Should be good!

  • LAURAMARIE63 Oct 17, 2007

    Never thought Chase was all that funny; Seth Green will probably do very well.

  • billmaxwell3 Oct 17, 2007

    Love Chevy - Fletch is still a classic - this talented individual is poise for a major comeback along the lines of what Bill Murray did with his career.

  • mammalazz Oct 16, 2007

    cool they will be great

  • tainted_elf Oct 15, 2007

    Can't wait for Seth Green :D:D

  • serial_lover Oct 14, 2007

    LOVE Chevy Chase! and now he's gonna be on my favorite show. It's good news. :)

  • xoxJoJoRulesxox Oct 13, 2007

    YAYYYY :D I Love Seth Green :lol: He's Going To Be AWESOMME :) Can't Wait

  • Insomniac247 Oct 13, 2007

    im hoping that the two charecters will add something in the two shows.

  • redthor Oct 13, 2007

    At this point in their careers, they are just actors and their appearance on the shows is nothing to crow about.

  • vmdr12 Oct 12, 2007

    Apparently there's going to be a new add up to the show other then Seth Green;=15

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