BSG and Joss Whedon almost happened

By Tim Surette

Mar 18, 2008

Today begins an onslaught of Battlestar Galactica-related happenings, and fans of the series could not be any happier. The third-season DVD set is finally on shelves, more than a year after the release of season two on DVD.

Several Battlestar cast members will be in New York City tomorrow making a guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman to read off the talk show's famous Top Ten list. Among the cast participating are Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas, and Jamie Bamber.

On March 28, Sci Fi Channel will run a pair of back-to-back half-hour specials at 10 p.m. This heap of frakkin' promotion is all a mass-marketing run by Sci Fi for the fourth (and final) season of Battlestar Galactica, which kicks off on April 4.

Naturally, this is also a time for BSG creator Ronald Moore to pass along a few quotables, this time through the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan. Moore, who confirmed last October that he would be making his directorial debut during this forthcoming season, told Ryan that he will get behind the camera for the 12th episode, the first one shot when they return to production next week.

While Moore's directing gig is set, another one seems to have fallen by the wayside. Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, was allegedly lined up to helm an episode this season, but won't be able to do so because of his commitments to his new project, Dollhouse. "He really wanted to do it, but I'm dubious that it will work out," said Moore.

As for season four, it still looks like there's no avoiding splitting the 20-episode run into two halves. Moore doesn't expect the back half of the season to be completed until the fall and has no idea when it will air. However, that timeline fits in place with previous rumors saying that the final 10 episodes of the season will air in 2009.

Moore is already planning his post-BSG career as well. He has several side projects in the works, both television- and film-based, including a sci-fi pilot for NBC. Finally, Moore confirmed that the BSG spin-off Caprica is being heavily looked at and could be made into a series.

But that won't be all. A Battlestar Galactica press conference is scheduled for later today in New York, and will allegedly contain some big news related to the show. Hmmm...maybe a Caprica greenlight?

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  • B4UBlahh Mar 26, 2008

    They should do as many episodes as they need to finish there story lines and just have the season run longer or have another break to finish the season so when they sell season 3 on dvd its not a waste with only 13 episodes

  • Butterfli0411 Mar 25, 2008

    this is going to be CrAzY!!!! I'm freaking out right now! BSG is going to be amazing! I can't believe it's been over a year since BSG's 3rd season.

  • ForzaDoria Mar 23, 2008

    "There must be some way out of here...said the Joker to the thief..."
    Incredible third season finale...I can't wait till 4th April!

  • nightwing65 Mar 23, 2008

    Best Sci-Fi show on tv

  • Enthropii Mar 19, 2008

    Pity. But I can't complain, not when there' Dollhouse on it's way.

  • Solo154 Mar 19, 2008

    Yeah, this is a bummer - my favorite episode of The Office is the one that he directed, and we'll always love his projects like Firefly, Buffy, etc.

    On the other side, though, Dollhouse looks interesting.

  • Kadodian Mar 19, 2008

    Dollhouse ! Eliza Dushku ! I can't wait ! I love Buffy the vampire slayer ! I love Angel ! I love Firefly !

  • LAURAMARIE63 Mar 19, 2008

    Joss Whedon is super-talented, can't wait for Dollhouse.

  • Idbeolderifiwas Mar 19, 2008

    That sucks, I was just thinking about him today whilst watching my season 3 DVD. I thought "I wonder why they don't bring in Joss to direct an episode.. He would be great for the show!" Oh well :(

  • clos_vf Mar 19, 2008

    damn joss i bellieve the episode would have been a great one! He is awesome. I cant wait to see the new season i am a new fan jumping on the bandwagon!

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