Bush may hire Fox News reporters

By Colin Mahan

Apr 20, 2006

When President Bush reshuffled his cabinet this week, White House press secretary Scott McClellan was one of the people to go. Among several potential candidates being mentioned as replacements are two Fox News correspondents, according to Fox News.

Fox News reporters Dan Senor and Tony Snow are two of the names mentioned on the shortlist. Senor was previously the spokesperson for Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Snow hosts The Tony Snow Show on Fox and was previously a speechwriter for George Bush senior. Snow recently recovered from colon cancer.

Also approached for the job was Victoria Clarke, a former Pentagon spokesperson and one of the talking heads on CNN's Situation Room. Clarke firmly stated on Wednesday that the job is "not happening."

McClellan began working for Bush Jr. in 1999, when the future president was governer of Texas. He became White House deputy press secretary in 2001 and took over the top job of press secretary when Ari Fleischer vacated the post in 2003, months after the US-led invasion of Iraq.

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  • SenatorAssFace May 01, 2006

    MassInsanity go suck a fucking suck you shit head.

  • MassInsanity Apr 23, 2006

    TheVertMan you have provided nothing to back your ignorant claim; all you have done is call FNC RNC and say its biased PERIOD. The burden of proof is on you to prove your point, which you have not. You have made yourself look foolish and stupid by what you have said, so save face and knock it off!

    CNN middle of the road? LOL! Once again, look at their reporting on the Republican Convention to prove that wrong!

    Bill O'Reilly has said the oil companies and the Government have screwed us over on Gas prices, now be quiet. Bill just points out the wrongs liberals do, like blocking Jessica's Law. Just because people attack you doesn't mean they are wrong.

    TheVertMan, You lose. Now just quit before people who know you are wrong and full of crap go all out and make you look worse then you already do!

  • TheVertMan Apr 22, 2006

    I doubt you can provide any evidence to your claims of RNC being proven "fair and balanced" either insanity. Cause most of this is based solely on opinion. And if a non-partisan website did do a study that proved RNC was bias you'd say they were liberal wingnuts (it's happened).

    Though I will concede that Bill "Ted Baxter" O'Reilly is not a traditional conservative, he's defintely anti-left. Which leads me to the point that's he as objective as Olbermann in reporting the news. Which is why I generally watch both programs to get a more balanced picture. Then I watch CNN to the middle of the road view and check out some news sites online. That way you get the whole picture. Cause you're not gonna get it from the "news networks" especially rnc. And if you wanna claim you get all your news from Faux you're the "wingnut."

    "Clinton News Network?" I bet it took you all night to come up with that fresh and insightly post didn't it? Boy is that tired and lame. Sorta like this whole conversation lmao. RNC is still bias.

  • MassInsanity Apr 21, 2006

    BTW, Bill O'Reilly isn't a Republican or Conservative, he has said so many times and even yelled at a guy who called him a conservative.

    TheVertMan you making a fool out of yourself, you didn't even provide any proof of your attacks and then praised CNN and Olbermann? How can you called Fox news biased and then praise those 2? Did you NOT see CNN prop up protesters at the RNC convention? CNN is far-left and we all know it!

  • MassInsanity Apr 21, 2006

    TheVertMan that whole Faux news is republican and neo-con crap has been proven wrong so many times its sad! I find it sad that after all this time we still are brainwashed by left-wing attacks against the network.

    BTW, if The Democrats can hire 2 CNN men why can't the Republicans hire some FNC ones?

  • gutsmanmaniac Apr 21, 2006

    CNN, you mean "Clinton News Network" don't you VertMan?

  • TheVertMan Apr 21, 2006

    John Kerry does not bame Faux News for his loss, at least I HIGHLY doubt he does. The 2004 election came down to about 20,000 votes in OHIO. In all honesty two factors played into his loss, the liars from the Swift Boats ads and the fact that he was a terrible candidate. Which leads me to wonder how he ever got so close to winning, oh yeah BUSH is the most hated president in American history (or close to it).

    And no you can claim all you want that I don't want conservatives on TV. It's untrue. I just don't see Faux as being "fair and balanced" at any hour of the day. Let's check the anchors, Brit Hume? Are you kidding. Neal Cavuto? he pretends to be fair. Fox and Friends? OMG that is so laughable. Shep is the only reporter on the network that I respect and trust. The people who buy that Faux is "fair and balanced" are in the minority. They're not. And it's an insult to claim that they are. I just don't see why ALL THREE (conservative, liberal and Independent) points of view are not expressed on the no. 1 cable news network.

    Lastly, why does RNC...oops I mean FNC do better in the ratings than CNN (which btw they are closer than people wanna admit)? It's simple, it's more entertaining. I enjoy watching it myself, I just thankfully have other sources to get REAL news from (google, cnn, Olbermann).

  • pooldude256 Apr 21, 2006

    I guess some people *coughTheVertMancough* believe conservatives should not have a voice on cable television. True the O'Reillys and Hannitys speak their Republican minds, but no more than the likes of Aaron Brown on CNN and his left wing spin. Truth is FNC has a regular slate of liberal commentators to debate topics with conservatives guests and (mostly) conservative hosts. If you watch FNC during the day all they do is report fair and balanced news, while CNN and other networks don't provide you with that same balance. Wonder why FNC smokes CNN in the ratings? Just compare the last two elections. In 2000 Bush lost the popular vote to Gore, but in 2004 Bush won by over 3.5 million votes over Kerry. And John Kerry blames Fox News for his loss, when all they do is report the news as it is.

  • yellowdoor Apr 21, 2006

    Tony Snow and Dan Senor are commentatars not reporters. This article is wrong.

  • KrazyPlaya005 Apr 21, 2006

    Tony Snow is great.

    By the way Colin Mahan, you might want to check your facts next time before you publish an article. George W. Bush isn't Bush Jr.

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