Call for Submissions: Your Top TV Moments of 2012

By Jen Trolio

Nov 23, 2012

Seasons greetings, readers! The holidays are upon us, and on the internet, that can only mean one thing: It's time to start compiling our various year-end stories and lists.

So snap out of that turkey coma, because even though you've already weighed in on which shows and actors you'd like to see nominated for our "Best of 2012" awards, we're not done asking you for end-of-the-year input just yet. As we discussed in our podcast earlier this week, preparations for the fifth annual installment of's Top 100 Everything officially begin today; just like last year, we'll spend the last days of December reliving the most excellent television moments of 2012.

But selecting the 100 most amazing things about television from a entire year's worth of the stuff is no small task. And so we'd like to know: What do you think should make our list for 2012?

Thing big, think small, think awesome: If it happened on (or had something to do with) TV this year, it counts. Seriously—from a brilliant new character to a particularly hilarious commercial to a beautifully decorated set to an all-around flawless episode of your favorite show to... you get the idea.

Post your nominees in the comments section below... and check back on Monday, December 17 for the first installment of this year's list!

P.S. You can check out last year's entire Top 100 list here.

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  • 6cardkitty Dec 17, 2012

    The series finale of Flashpoint - I had tears n my eyes the whole time. Excellent emotional ending

  • mac94102 Dec 12, 2012

    Alphas - watching little girl Nina find her father on their kitchen floor

  • tatouline Dec 11, 2012

    Fringe Olivia and Etta's reunion.

  • whatsername24 Dec 10, 2012

    Nashville: Scarlett and Gunnar singing I Should Known Better in the first episode. Blew my mind and made this a much watch show, so much chemistry!
    TVD- Elena and Damon going for it finally.
    Game of Thrones- Bron shooting that arrow and wildfire!

  • NathanLabont Dec 10, 2012

    Community - evil Abed and the darkest timeline

  • ejpena1990 Dec 10, 2012

    Walking Dead - Glenn killing zombie while tied to chair
    The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena finally
    Dexter - Deborah finds out about Dexter the serial killer
    Greys Anatomy - Death of Lexie and Sloan
    True Blood - Bill turning into vampire god
    Game of Thrones - White walkers heading towards the wall
    Dexter - Deborah tells Dexter she's in love with him

  • hell693 Dec 10, 2012

    GOT the war scenes
    Walking dead governor loses his eye due
    Arrow killing people
    One Tree Hill Dan's death (it was so moving)
    Sheldon Spanking Amy on TBBT

  • Davieashtray Dec 10, 2012

    Community - Digital Estate Planning (the whole episode)
    Game of thrones - Battle of Blackwater
    True Blood - Bill becoming vampire god
    Sherlock - The reveal that he is still alive
    Fringe - the Death of Etta

  • holcomb_rocker Dec 10, 2012

    Opie's Death in SOA should be on the list somewhere

  • holcomb_rocker Dec 10, 2012

    Oh, and the departure of Dan Harmon from Community

  • anna_22 Dec 10, 2012

    Game Of Thrones: Blackwater
    The Walking Dead: Lori's death, Glen killing a zombie while strapped to a chair and Michonne and the Governor's fight scene
    American Horror Story Asylum: The entire season, amazing improvement from season one

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