Here Are All the Shows That've Been Renewed or Canceled Since June (UPDATED)

By Jen Trolio

Nov 13, 2014

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: TV is a year-round "thing" now, with both broadcast and cable networks doing what they can to air new programming throughout all 12 months, instead of just focusing on the September–May schedule of yore. But of course that means show cancellations and renewals are also a year-round thing now, and this week has been particularly heavy on them, with something like eight shows receiving verdicts in just the last few days. As a result, our annual list of what's renewed, what's canceled, and what's still in between—which we generally stop updating at the end of May—isn't as helpful as it was a few months ago! So here's a quick list of everything that's been renewed or canceled since the beginning of June, give or take a few shows. 

4TH AND LOUD AMC canceled 4th and Loud

A TO Z NBC canceled A to Z

ADVENTURE TIME Cartoon Network renewed Adventure Time for Season 7

THE AFFAIR Showtime renewed The Affair for Season 2

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT NBC renewed America's Got Talent for Season 10 (scroll down to "Business Time")

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL The CW renewed America's Next Top Model for Season 22

AMERICAN DAD! TBS renewed American Dad! for Season 12

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR NBC renewed American Ninja Warrior for Season 7 (scroll down to "Business Time")

THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW The Arsenio Hall Show got canceled three months after it was renewed

THE AWESOMES Hulu renewed The Awesomes for Season 3

AWKWARD. MTV renewed Awkward. for a fifth and final season

BACHELOR IN PARADISE ABC renewed Bachelor in Paradise for Season 2

BACKPACKERS The CW canceled its comedies Seed and Backpackers

BAD JUDGE NBC canceled Bad Judge

BETTER CALL SAUL AMC renewed (and postponed) Better Call Saul ahead of its series premiere

BIG BROTHER CBS renewed Big Brother for Season 17 and Season 18

BLACK BOX ABC mercifully canceled Black Box

BLACK JESUS Adult Swim has renewed Black Jesus for Season 2

BLACK SAILS Starz renewed Black Sails for Season 3, three months before the start of Season 2

BOJACK HORSEMAN Netflix renewed BoJack Horseman for Season 2 just a few days after it premiered

THE BRIDGE FX canceled The Bridge after two seasons

CHASING LIFE ABC Family renewed Chasing Life for Season 2

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST USA Network renewed Chrisley Knows Best for Season 3

CLARENCE Cartoon Network ordered more episodes of Clarence

COMMUNITY Yahoo! rescued Community from cancelation by ordering a Season 6

CONTINUUM Canadian network Showcase renewed Continuum for a shortened final season, which will air on Syfy in the U.S.

DALLAS TNT canceled Dallas after three seasons

DATING NAKED VH1 renewed Dating Naked for Season 2

DEFIANCE Syfy renewed Defiance for Season 3

DEVIOUS MAIDS Lifetime renewed Devious Maids for Season 3

THE DIVIDE WE tv canceled The Divide

DOMINION Syfy renewed Dominion for Season 2

DOWNTON ABBEY ITV renewed Downton Abbey for Season 6

DRUNK HISTORY Comedy Central renewed Drunk History for Season 3 

EAST LOS HIGH Hulu renewed East Los High for Season 3 (scroll down to "Business Time")

EXTANT CBS renewed Extant for Season 2

FARGO FX renewed Fargo for Season 2

FAKING IT MTV renewed Faking It for Season 2, and then it extended Season 2 by 10 episodes

FALLING SKIES TNT renewed Falling Skies for Season 5 (which will be its last)

FAMOUS IN 12 The CW canceled Famous in 12

FINDING CARTER MTV renewed Finding Carter for Season 2

FRANKLIN & BASH TNT canceled Franklin & Bash after four seasons

FREAKSHOW AMC canceled Freakshow, reneging on an earlier renewal

THE GAME BET has announced that The Game will end with Season 9

GAME OF ARMS AMC renewed Game of Arms for Season 2 oops wait just kidding AMC canceled Game of Arms, reneging on an earlier renewal

GANG RELATED Fox canceled Gang Related after one season

GIRL MEETS WORLD Disney renewed Girl Meets World for Season 2

GRACELAND USA renewed Graceland for Season 3

HALT AND CATCH FIRE AMC renewed Halt and Catch fire for Season 2

HAPPY VALLEY The BBC renewed Happy Valley for Season 2, just in time for its U.S. debut on Netflix

HELL ON WHEELS AMC renewed Hell on Wheels for a fifth and final season

HEMLOCK GROVE Netflix renewed Hemlock Grove for a third and final season

HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo amid allegations that Mama June is/was dating a child molester

HIEROGLYPH Fox canceled Hieroglyph before it even aired LOL

HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT NBC renewed Hollywood Game Night for Season 3

HOMELAND Showtime renewed Homeland for Season 5

HOT IN CLEVELAND TV Land canceled Hot in Cleveland; the show will end after its current sixth season

I WANNA MARRY HARRY Fox canceled I Wanna Marry Harry and Riot

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER Comedy Central renewed Inside Amy Schumer for Season 3

JENNIFER FALLS TV Land canceled Jennifer Falls

KINGDOM DirecTV renewed its MMA drama Kingdom for 20 more episodes, which will presumably air in two seasons

THE KNICK Cinemax renewed Steven Soderbergh's The Knick, before its series premiere

KROLL SHOW Comedy Central and Nick Kroll announced that Kroll Show will end after Season 3

LAST COMIC STANDING NBC renewed Last Comic Standing for Season 9 (scroll down to "Business Time")

THE LAST SHIP TNT renewed The Last Ship for Season 2

THE LEAGUE FXX renewed The League for a seventh and final season

THE LEFTOVERS HBO renewed The Leftovers for Season 2

LEGENDS TNT renewed Legends for Season 2

LONGMIRE A&E canceled Longmire BUT WAIT! Netflix revived Longmire and ordered a 10-episode fourth season

THE LOTTERY Lifetime canceled its dystopian drama The Lottery after one season

LOUIE FX renewed Louie for a shortened Season 5

MAJOR CRIMES TNT renewed Major Crimes for Season 4

MANHATTAN WGN America renewed Manhattan for Season 2

MANHATTAN LOVE STORY ABC canceled Manhattan Love Story, marking the first cancellation of the 2014-2015 TV season

MARON IFC renewed Maron for Season 3

MARRIED FX renewed Married for Season 2

MASTERS OF ILLUSION The CW renewed Masters of Illusion for Season 2

MASTERS OF SEX Showtime renewed Masters of Sex for Season 3

MATADOR El Rey renewed Matador for Season 2 prior to its series premiere WAIT J/K El Rey changed it mind and canceled Matador

THE MENTALIST CBS confirmed that the upcoming seventh season of The Mentalist will be its last

MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Adult Swim has renewed Mike Tyson Mysteries for Season 2

THE MILLERS CBS canceled The Millers just a few episodes into its sophomore season

MISSION CONTROL NBC changed its mind about Mission Control and canceled the Krysten Ritter space comedy prior to launch

MISTRESSES ABC renewed Mistresses for Season 3, but Alyssa Milano is leaving the show

MR. PICKLES Adult Swim has renewed Mr. Pickles for Season 2

MURDER IN THE FIRST TNT renewed Murder in the First for Season 2 

MYSTERY GIRLS ABC Family canceled Mystery Girls after one season

NATHAN FOR YOU Comedy Central renewed Nathan for You for Season 3

THE NIGHT SHIFT NBC renewed The Night Shift for Season 2

ORPHAN BLACK BBC America renewed Orphan Black for Season 3

OUTLANDER Starz renewed Outlander for Season 2

PENN & TELLER: FOOL US The CW renewed Penn & Teller: Fool Us for second season of all-new episodes

PENNY DREADFUL Showtime renewed Penny Dreadful for a larger Season 2

PERCEPTION TNT canceled Perception after three seasons

PLAYING HOUSE USA (finally!) renewed Playing House for Season 2

POWER Starz renewed Power for Season 2

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ABC Family renewed Pretty Little Liars for Season 6 AND Season 7

RAY DONOVAN Showtime renewed Ray Donovan for Season 3

RECKLESS CBS canceled Reckless after one season

RECTIFY SundanceTV renewed Rectify for Season 3

REGULAR SHOW Cartoon Network renewed Regular Show for Season 7

REVIEW Comedy Central renewed Review for Season 2

RIOT Fox canceled I Wanna Marry Harry and Riot

RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT renewed Rizzoli & Isles for Season 6

ROYAL PAINS USA renewed Royal Pains for two more seasons

RUSH USA canceled Rush after one season

SAM & CAT Nickelodeon canceled Sam & Cat 

SATISFACTION USA renewed Satisfaction for Season 2

SEED The CW canceled its comedies Seed and Backpackers

SHERLOCK The BBC confirmed that Sherlock Season 4 is definitely happening even though we already knew as much

SMALL TOWN SECURITY AMC canceled Small Town Security, reneging on an earlier renewal

SIRENS USA renewed Sirens for Season 2

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Fox renewed So You Think You Can Dance for Season 12, which will feature a new format

THE STRAIN FX renewed The Strain for Season 2

SULLIVAN & SON TBS canceled Sullivan & Son after three seasons

SUITS USA renewed Suits for Season 5

SURVIVOR'S REMORSE Starz renewed Survivor's Remorse for Season 2, after just one episode

STAR WAR REBELS Disney renewed Star Wars Rebels for Season 2, prior to the Season 1 premiere

STEVEN UNIVERSE Cartoon Network renewed Steven Universe for Season 2

SWITCHED AT BIRTH ABC Family renewed Switched at Birth for Season 4

TEEN WOLF MTV renewed Teen Wolf for an Expanded Season 5

TRANSPARENT Amazon renewed Transparent for Season 2

TRIPTANK Comedy Central renewed TripTank for Season 2

TURN AMC renewed Turn for Season 2

TWISTED ABC Family canceled Twisted

TYRANT FX shocked us and renewed Tyrant for Season 2

UNCLE GRANDPA Cartoon Network renewed Uncle Grandpa for Season 2

UNDATEABLE NBC renewed Undateable for Season 2

UNDER THE DOME CBS renewed Under the Dome for Season 3

UNFORGETTABLE CBS canceled Unforgettable after three seasons, presumably for good this time

UTOPIA Fox canceled Utopia after two months even though it was supposed to last a year

WELCOME TO SWEDEN NBC renewed Welcome to Sweden for Season 2

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? The CW ordered 24 more half-hour episodes of Whose Line Is it Anyway?, to debut in 2015

THE WIL WHEATON PROJECT Syfy canceled The Wil Wheaton Project

WITCHES OF EAST END Lifetime canceled Witches of East End

WORKING THE ENGELS NBC canceled Working the Engels

YOUNG & HUNGRY ABC Family renewed Young & Hungry for Season 2

YOU'RE THE WORST FX renewed You're the Worst for Season 2, and the show will move to FXX

Z NATION Syfy renewed Z Nation for Season 2

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  • sadiabotore Apr 14, 2015

    How can they cancele the witches of the east end. I am so disappointed in so many ways. My niece and I were looking forward to this show so much but they canceled it for apparent reason or explanation.

  • yourmaster Jul 21, 2015

    It's always the same reason... not enough interest so not enough money to continue.

  • lesliecalloway1 Mar 19, 2015

    I really loved Twisted. Was it too much for ABC Family. But so is Pretty Little Liars.
    I will miss you Twisted...

  • kristenpounders Feb 06, 2015

    I think a lot of shows are being cancelled because now we have all of these tv apps and we watch them such as Hulu, Jetflicks, Netflix, etc. even the tv stations have their apps such as USA, NBC, CBS, TNT, etc. so when most are watching a show it is not counted in the ratings because we aren't watching it when it airs. A lot of good shows have been cancelled. I personally liked Gang Related and many others but I don't have time to watch them when they come on. We also have DVR's where we record them and those are being counted as part of the ratings either. I think the network's would be surprised at how many people watch their shows after they air. They should start including this data as well and they would have better ratings.

  • marteenex Dec 25, 2014

    Why on earth would they cancel the bridge? I give up.

  • Amah2Many Dec 23, 2014

    I am using Netflix and my computer more and more... It seems that when I find a show I like - they move it around so much that I can't find it - or remember what day and time they moved it too. I REALLY liked the olden days... LOL ... when I knew when the new shows would be on - could plan for them - and then watch all the reruns in the summer.... I know - I am an oldie...

  • anitahardin29 Dec 23, 2014

    I don't understand why the USA network cancelled Rush! Me and my dad got totally into that show as soon as it premiered, and then when the season ended, all we talked about was how we hoped they would get Season 2 out quickly, and how we couldn't wait to see what's going to happen on the show, and then today I find this article and find out that they cancelled it. It was really great and so incredibly entertaining, and I just can't understand why they took it away. Now we're left with all sorts of cliffhangers from the show, and we will never find out what happens...this is very disappointing.

  • kristenpounders Feb 06, 2015

    I loved that show as well very disappointed majorly

  • The_Loc_Nar Dec 22, 2014

    What's the status of Stalker? Full season? Partial season?

  • flyinglizard007 Dec 21, 2014

    Still no word on Siberia? Just please tell me it's cancelled already.

  • ZachMerriman Dec 19, 2014

    What happened to that end of the year video that showcased shows we lost, did they stop doing that?

  • TravisBailey Dec 12, 2014

    Instead of whining & crying about the state of TV online - Why not use the OFF BUTTON and enjoy Actual Reality, now playing in a life near you!

  • JerichoSteele Dec 18, 2014

    So says the troll wasting time scouring the web for message boards to inflame the populus :P

  • TravisBailey Dec 19, 2014

    Hey Jeri - It's okay to NOT watch TV. You won't die, you might actually learn how not to be so snarky. Just a thought - oh wait you've been watching those Disney shows again where the kids are always snarky --- now that's Trolling sir -- BEGONE!
    (NO STUPID emoticons included)

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