POLL: Which Newly Canceled TV Series Will You Miss the Most?

By TV.com Staff

May 12, 2014

With the Upfronts officially in progress, the broadcast networks' annual spring cancellation bloodbath is finally (mostly) over—but as is generally the case with fallen shows, the pain in fans' hearts persists. Overall, this year's axings weren't nearly as brutal as they could've been—TV.com favorite Hannibal lives on, and Parenthood will get a final season!—but that doesn't mean we'll miss Almost Human or Community any less. So while the networks try to dress our wounds by looking ahead to the fall, we want to know: Which recently canceled series will you miss the most? Share your answers via the poll below, then work through the grief with fellow mourners in the comments. 

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  • nuwonda May 26, 2014

    all 1904 signed here already? https://www.change.org/petitions/save-almost-human
    363 more needed!

  • oldinfantrygrunt May 24, 2014

    The TV show Believe had a positive message and I could watch it with my entire family. It had no race or gender agenda, no sex, no killing, no dismemberment, no mindless idiots acting stupid or any of the crap that is found in so many shows these days. All of the actors were very good and likeable. If it were more violent, raunchier, and pushed an agenda, it would probably still be around. Sadly that is what our world has come to. We will miss it.

  • johnmckenzie338658 May 24, 2014

    Goodbye Warehouse 13!

  • KarryShamaya May 23, 2014

    I'm gonna miss that show so much I love it ♥
    Surviving Jack was a cute show
    I will miss comunity but without the director is just wasn't the same
    Suburgatory had a nice ending but I was expecting a little bit more

  • silverscreenluv May 23, 2014

    Thank God Star Crossed is over. Also, Revolution needed to be put out of its misery - take that out back and shoot it please.

  • liisterinen May 22, 2014

    i can`t get over trophy wife.

  • meatyhoughton May 22, 2014

    it got to be revolution,the tomorrow people,star crossed and almost human as there is nothing better on tv in the uk at the moment so2 ep22 of revolution and what an ending it just gets better and better and for the tomorrow people omg i was in shock that it was canceled just as things where just got heated up too

  • ardie8 May 22, 2014

    The Tomorrow People the only problem with this tv series, is too much like a soap opera. Less drama, more action

  • rbstoker May 21, 2014

    I really liked Almost Human, but I am not surprised it got the axe. After about the 6th episode I told my 16yr old son, who really liked it too, that I thought it was a one and done show. In my opinion it focused too much on the two lead characters and left the rest of the cast's character development twisting in the wind. I kept waiting for Minka Kelly to do more than just give us that Lyla Garrity smile. Also, poor Michael Irby who is a fantastic character actor was written as the butt of jokes and was portrayed as clownish. This guy when given a good script can mine it for gold and not disturb the flow of the main characters. And what was up with the part played by Mackenzie Crook? I don't know how much it was the writers or his interpretation of his lines, but he always came across as a creepy pervert. When he should have just been an eccentric genius. For those of who are huge fans of Karl Urban and Michael Ealy we would have continued to wach no matter, but the disjointed plots and inconsistencies probably did not keep the avg viewer after one or two episodes. Just my opionion...

  • Arithon_UK May 20, 2014

    Crisis; Yes. Believe; Sad but okay. But Intelligence and Almost Human? What the hell do these TV execs think they'll replace those shows with, that anyone would watch? What do they have that's better? Nothing I've seen.

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