Caprica Pilot Is Online, Not Very Good

By Tim Surette

Dec 14, 2009

Things aren't fair for Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel series from Ronald D. Moore set to debut on SyFy next year. Its biggest challenge is stepping out of the shadow from its postquel (new word!), one of television's best sci-fi dramas (or even just plain dramas) of the last decade.

For whatever reason, SyFy has decided to put the extended cut of the pilot online (watch it below), in all its 90-minute glory. The telemovie was released on DVD way back in April and has popped up elsewhere since, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time it's been available for the public to see for free.

The show takes place 58 years before the events of BSG and chronicles the family feud between the Adamas and the Greystones, and their responsibilities in getting those darn toasting Cylons made in the first place. Thematically, it asks questions about how human a robot can be, how people deal with loss, and the dangers of getting what you wish for, but if you ask me, it's like a Hallmark movie of the week from 2062.

Caprica makes its broadcast debut on SyFy on January 22.

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  • LaRueWorld Dec 16, 2009

    I was thrilled to find the Caprica pilot on Hulu and even more thrilled to find that it was great. When you compare it to most other shows on TV, it is so far above and beyond the rest, its not even funny. I loved BSG as well (a lot) and this is just as good. The writing, the production values, the cast, the acting and the directing are all FIRST RATE. I can't think of any other show still airing original episodes that tops this, other than maybe Mad Men. TV needs to get out of it formulaic funk (CSI, NCIS, L&O;, Mentalist, etc.) and embrace something truly special and out of the ordinary. Caprica is thinking peoples's TV and that's what I think.

  • logossun Dec 15, 2009

    To me, Caprica was fantastic SF drama that had just enough hints of the future and a fine, fine level of standing on its own two feet to warrant a great suspense-thriller series. This constant bellowing and whining about BSG is completely unwarranted because these are apples and oranges. The reviewer gives us nothing in the way of supporting his claims, in fact, he gives us very little in view of anything. The problem is, he got on - and that's the real shame. Next time, my dear disappointed reviewer, put up or shut up.

  • AmmarSaqib Dec 15, 2009

    im a huge fan of BSG ,but if caprica has any chance of success ppl hav to stop compering the cuz ,face it, it will be almost impossible fr it to top BSG!!
    but frm the movie or the pilot,which i saw back in summer, im very intrigued by its prospect

  • MrShotShot Dec 15, 2009

    Frankly I really enjoyed Caprica. For those who were really into the intrigue and politics of BSG, I think you will really like it. If all you wanted was shoot 'em up, spaceships, and laser guns, you might be a little disspointed - although there is a bit of that in Caprica.

  • fryman1701 Dec 15, 2009

    Here is just another wonderfully biased review from It seems that this sites reviewers just have it out for anything remotely sci-fi. Earlier this season, we have reviews of dollhouse saying this is crap, it should be taken off the air. Now that it has been cancelled, we get reviews saying, wow, this show is really worth watching. I have yet to watch the Caprica pilot, but I plan too, and I also plan on completely ignoring this pointless review, that gives no reasons for its negative stance. Hey, try getting some less biased reviewers, cause the ones you use, SUCK.

  • DanFixx Dec 15, 2009

    Yes, what do they mean by 'not very good'???

    It is wrong to present such a comment as a title without adding further explication.

  • acideagle Dec 15, 2009

    Opinion without some kind of analysis to back it up, and from one who has adopted the mantle of TV critic for a major site, is as cheap and pointless as a schoolyard taunt. I get that Surette doesn't rate the Caprica pilot, but I have no real feel for why, because the dismissal "Hallmark movie" is just left hanging out there with no substantive argument to back it. Personally, if all Hallmark movies of the week were like the Caprica pilot, I wouldn't miss one.

  • blossom77 Dec 15, 2009

    I read a lot of the reviews on this site because I like to see other people's opinions of the various shows that tv has to offer and for the most part its in interesting eye opener into the viewing habits of the wider world............but I will not make my viewing decisions based upon what one critic has to say.

    Most of the responses to any review usually runs along the lines of people criticising the critic because they didnt like what they watched. GET OVER IT PEOPLE WE DONT ALL HAVE TO LIKE THE SAME SHOWS ALL THE TIME.

    I for one LOVED the BSG Miniseries that set up everything for the four season run.....was looking forwards to the series and watched every week waiting for the show to get better. IT LOST ME TWO THIRDS OF THE WAY THROUGH THE FIRST SEASON and despite my best efforts season two could not bring be back to it.

    The writing was contrived, the plot lines had more holes than my mums collander and the acting was stiff at best dead at worst BUT HEY FOLKS HERES THE CRUX - ITS ONLY MY OPINION

  • LazLongLives Dec 15, 2009

    You been watching television based on what the internet has to say? Weak minded fool!

  • tkpanda Dec 15, 2009

    lately the articles on have seemed like they have been written by someone with downsyndrome

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