Cartoon Network brings anime to the Web

By Colin Mahan

Apr 26, 2006

Cartoon Network is teaming up with manga publisher VIZ Media to create Toonami Jetstream, a broadband site dedicated to streaming episodes of anime shows. The ad-supported site will offer free, full-length streams of shows that have been featured on the network's "Toonami" block of programming, as well as new shows.

Toonami Jetstream is set to launch on July 17, and will feature new episiodes of shows as well as an archive of past shows. At the outset, the site will offer the shows Naruto and Samurai Jack, as well as Hikaru No Go, MÄR, and The Prince of Tennis, which are currently not offered on US broadcast or basic cable television. Other shows that will be featured early on include IGPX, Megaman NT Warrior, and the all-new Zoids Genesis, with more shows to be added later.

"We were the first to stream, in 2001, full-length animé series online. Now, with this joint venture with VIZ Media, we will give our fans the chance to view popular shows on-demand and follow new series that cannot be seen anywhere else," said Paul Condolora, senior vice president and general manager of Cartoon Network New Media, in a statement.

"Toonami Jetstream will provide our current fans and new fans alike with unlimited opportunities to view our popular hit shows such as Naruto," added John Easum, executive vice president of VIZ Media. "It will also give us the opportunity to share with our fans an unprecedented variety of Japan's newest and most exciting animated series. We are thrilled to be expanding our strong relationship with Cartoon Network."

Hikaru No Go features a young student, Hikari, who stumbles across an old Go board in his grandfather's attic. The ghost of an ancient Go champion is unleashed and enters Hikaru's consciousness. Soon, Hikaru embarks on a quest to become the ultimate Go master.

In MÄR, a 14-year-old boy is transported into the fairy tale realm he envisions in his dreams, the World of MÄR. In MÄR, the boy must fight to save the world MÄR from evil chess pieces.

If you're a fan of tennis skirts, check out The Prince of Tennis, which tells the exciting story of middle-school tennis. When Ryoma Echizen joins the Seishun Academy tennis team, the cocky young lad must lead his team to victory.

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  • Blackhawk54 Feb 05, 2009

    It's truly amazing when they put anime on the internet when they are unable to continue to air them on tv.

  • mariamedrano777 Oct 08, 2008

    Naruto is the only BEST!!!,COOLEST!!!,HOTTEST!!!,AWESOMEST!!!,and INCREDIBLEST!!! show ever.Naruto is a bizillion times better than any other shows.Sasuke is the only HOTTSET!!,SEXIEST!!!,COOLEST!!!,CUTEST!!!!!,and HANDSOMEST character in Naruto.I love Sasuke he is the BEST!!!.He is a bizillion!!! times BETTER!!!.

  • an0nyme Aug 07, 2008

    naruto is the best anime ever!!! hikaru no go and prince of tennis are also pretty good.

  • Flaremancer Jul 16, 2008

    Yeah the dub isn't very good, I just like comparing the english voices with the Japanese

  • katdawgTv Jul 09, 2008

    The dub, removed, blood, the Naru-Sasu kiss, language, And they changed the swastiiga on Neji's forhead.

  • mase422002sam Mar 22, 2008

    i don't mind i love naruto

  • Akatsuki398 Mar 21, 2008

    I don't mind the voice actors at all.I love Naruto.

  • Leyto Feb 28, 2008

    uh i have to say naruto is one of the worst anime i've ever watched i gave it a chance and i hated it i was more into the DBZ ,yes it's repetitive but the fillers they had sometimes had to do with the story line but some they didn't and they were interesting to say the least, yu yu hakusho , lots of action and from what i remember hardly no fillers, gundam wing, only like 2 fillers but those were recaps, reboot , can't remember anything it was so long ago, outlaw star, and tenchi muyo, really funny, and if any of u have only seen the toonami now then u don't know what toonami was playing Monday-Friday at 4pm eastern time and showed quality anime shows back to back i have been only dissatisfied one time when old school toonami was around and there were shows that were on that i didn't care to watch but besides that almost always wanted to watch the entire show schedule or watch all but 1 or 2 shows in my personal opinion cartoon network has gone down the drain ever since i was a kid and the quality and how funny shows were has gone drastically down

  • juicy315699 Jan 25, 2008

    I absolutely love naruto. And i supposer Batousai is somewhat correct as cartoon network does cut out too many important scenes for the sake of small children who are just gonna find out when they get older anyway. But still, it's nice to wait unpatiently every week and have the relief of watching it so you dont end up getting too obssesed lol.

  • Batousai26 Jan 13, 2008

    You English Naruto Fans, who love alot of cruddy voice actors (especially Naruto's voice... stupid 56 year old woman) Will probably NEVER get to see the conclution of The Naruto Series. By conclution, I mean Naruto Shippuuden. (Hurricane Chronicals) Even if they tried, it would be 4-5 years before you guys even got a glimps at this New and freakin awesome continuation with NO FILLERS (made up episodes having nothing to do with the plot) Some sweet stuff like finding Sasuke and Naruto fighting Orochimaru in Kyubbi form. Carton network wouldn't allow you to see his skin get burned off, as the Kyubbi's true power is shown. And if you ever want to see Akatsuki, Shippuuden is where to look.

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