Cartoon Network's Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series Are Effectively Canceled

By Noel Kirkpatrick

Jan 29, 2013

The heroes of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, have been defeated (read: canceled).

The writing first appeared on the wall when both series were unexpectedly pulled from the schedule last October (and by “unexpectedly,” I mean "not even the shows’ producers were informed of the change"), and continued today when Cartoon Network announced its traveling upfront presentation with neither series on its list of returning shows for 2013. But maybe there was some chance? After all, the blurb for the forthcoming Beware the Batman mentioned the DC Nation block! Alas, no. Green Lantern showrunner Giancarlo Volpe tweeted the following some hours following the Cartoon Network press release:

According to Newsarama, Warner Bros. Animation has confirmed the axing of both shows, while Cartoon Network has only said that the episodes that have been completed will air.

While we're at it, it's worth noting that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was also missing from Cartoon Network's list of returning shows. Presumably, Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm means the series will switch channels, should it continue. Series director Dave Filoni stated in Star Wars Insider 137 in October that scripts and designs for Season 6 were underway.

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  • firemax Mar 23, 2013

    does anyone know of the executives email addresses where we could write them? a few thousand emails to all of them might change their minds.

  • achase19 Mar 14, 2013

    So I just saw the stills for the new Teen Titans go looks like they made it using microsoft paint. In any case with Clone Wars ending, Why not make DC nation a 2 time block and keep Young Justice and GL, while also adding Batman and Teen Titans. Young Justice and GL are good shows. i like how GL is introducing characters that are currently in the comics.

  • whowhat Feb 17, 2013

    We have two months to save younng justice!

    Give it more views!

    a post from someone who rang one of the higher-ups at CN and was told that "if the fans want to turn things around for YJ, we have two months to do so and we need THOUSANDS of more viewers".

    "Runaways" scored 2.123 million viewers.

  • whowhat Feb 17, 2013

    I guess they really dont care for views just for their money

  • lady_catseyes Feb 05, 2013

    Well, I'm not at all surprised. Everything I loved about the show's first season didn't return for the travesty that was the second. The same thing that happened to Justice League happened to Young Justice. I enjoyed the small cast of heroes you could develop into individuals. Now it's just a random smattering of every single DC youngster they can come up with, with a horrid plot line to boot. Can't comment on GL as I didn't watch it. As for SW:TCW, all I gotta say is its about darn time they returned their story lines to the characters we care about and not the one-shot-wonders they were playing with this season.

  • MotioBlue Feb 05, 2013

    CN, I dare you to find one single approval of your decision in all these replies...
    Even if there is some idiot out there, 99.999 percent still disagree with your appalling decision. At least for a short time CN started to become awesome again, now its just plain fail all over again.

  • elianalopez12 Feb 02, 2013

    It's disappointing that Cartoon Network continues to let down fans in this way. I used to watch Cartoon Network when I was younger and I remember being so angry that they discontinued the Justice League and other shows. Now I see how these decisions affect others. I work in a children's hospital and the kids love watching the super heroes especially Young Justice. It makes them feel so much happier, when they can't leave the confines of their rooms. It's like they are losing a good friend of theirs. I really hate how Cartoon Network continues to disappoint children, especially children who are living with such serious medical conditions.

  • robertmorriso2 Feb 02, 2013

    The people at CN are clueless and it really shows they have no clue about television!

    They cancel Young Justice and Green Lantern which are among CN's top shows and replace with more Batman and Teen Titans. Granted I love Batman, but how many Batman shows can one watch?

    It is time for something different and both Young Justice and Green Lantern offer good solid stories and the people at CN cannot even see the success of the show.

    I am really tired of getting hooked with a show and they go off and cancel it for no good reason.

    CN please get a clue before you alienate your viewing audience completely!

    - Robert

  • firedrakes Feb 01, 2013

    bad management of the shows. and cn just doing bad period in alot of their shows now

  • HitDitch Jan 31, 2013

    Cartoon Network's show ratings according to IMDb
    1. Adventure Time (8.8)
    2. Young Justice (8.7)
    3. Regular Show (8.6)
    4. Green Lantern: TAS (8.0)

    Young Justice and Green Lantern are among the top shows. Yet, they're not being renewed. While The Annoying Orange (4.5) and Level Up (4.7) are. So it's obviously not a ratings issue. CN obviously does not care about its viewers.

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