Cast updates: Doomsday for Smallville

By Tim Surette

Jun 23, 2008

There have been a lot of cast updates regarding Smallville recently, as the show has been shaken up with departures going into its final season. One of the biggest moves has been the exit of Michael Rosenbaum, who played the bald villain Lex Luthor.

But in order to maintain a dramatic balance of good and evil, producers have decided to add a new villain for the upcoming eighth season. And not just any cookie-cutter, just...THE GUY WHO KILLED SUPERMAN!

The previously revealed role of Doomsday (and his alter-ego--the easy-going paramedic Davis Bloome), a character who sends Superman to meet his maker in the comics, will be played by Sam Witwer. Witwer will be a familiar face to science-fiction fans; he played Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica, and has had roles in JAG, Dexter, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Also joining Smallville is Cassidy Freeman, who will play Luthor's successor Tess Mercer. A previous casting call noted that she would her powers of seduction on Clark, and that she was "brilliantly manipulative and dangerously sinister." Freeman was previously attached to the TV pilot Austin Golden Hour.

NBC has announced a replacement for moderator of Meet the Press left vacant by the sudden loss of previous host Tim Russert. Longtime NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw will begin his stint on the show on June 29, reports Bloomberg. Brokaw will man the post through the November presidential election, after which further decisions on the show will presumably be made.

In other casting news, Alfre Woodard has signed on to NBC's My Own Worst Enemy, the upcoming drama starring Christian Slater. The Hollywood Reporter says Woodard will play the boss of Slater, who is a top-secret spy. Woodard, an Oscar nominee, has an extensive list of television and film credits, and recently appeared on ABC's Desperate Housewives as Betty Applewhite.

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  • mackinmustang Sep 02, 2008

    Let Smallville die. I like the show (except for the constant soap-opera-like looks between Clark and Lana), but Doomsday with an alter-ego??? Have the writers READ the original comics? Putting Doomsday in now is WAY out of sequence. Aren't there enough legitimate villains? Put in Mr. Myxytlplk (spelling? ha ha). Create a few new villains. Make this the final season, and wrap it up with a good lead-in for the movies. And while you're at it, make the hospital rooms LOOK like hospital rooms! "Nurse, can we have a little light in here, please? I'd like to SEE the patient!"

  • caranvangils Aug 19, 2008

    well they're creating a fresh start.
    at least the whole crap story obout Clark->Lana->Lex->Lana->Clark is over. I'm sorry for those who really liked it, But COME ON that lasted way to long. On that point I agree with zackinthisbeh. Press the fastforward button. Clark needs to know how to fly, make THAT an item, plus doomsday Plus Luthor's successor. Then you've got at least 12 Great Episodes GRTZ

  • brumbyrun Aug 15, 2008

    again - a show of hands for people who could do a better job than the writers here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a crock of sh___ - What made the stories fun and entertaining (HEY execs remember THAT concept????)was the depth of the stories and that for all that went wrong there was a full arch that made things ok again - started going down hill when they just 'kinda' wrote off his mother and didn't explain why she doesn't come home when congress goes home and not in session...the love and friendships that made the man yes I agree with previous comments - how the boy became the man is what smallville has always been about - lot of crap this last season and sounds like not worth watching the new...too bad - writers are their own worst enemies - just look at the strike - brains in excess? not likely...

  • s_violin Aug 07, 2008

    smallville whitout Michael Rosenbaum is nothing.

  • zackinthisbeh Jul 31, 2008

    Honestly I don't think this should be the last season for smallville and they should not rush things, the whole point of smalliville was to tell the story of clark growing up and becoming a man (superman). Things are just getting so close to it finally happening it just wouldn't be interesting if they pressed the fastforward button. And as for cast members there really only was Clark, Louis, Jimmy, and Perry and whoever was the villian at the time so yeah...

  • voodoo2015 Jul 08, 2008

    The final season of Smallville.. It time for Clark to become Superman... Working in DP is one steep in right diretion (sorry my bad spelling).

    Killing him off that's mad CK/S was killed when he was all grown up.. So i hope the season ends where the movies starts... Smallville was suposed to end after the 7 season so the 8 season is a bonus :)

    And to all of the complainers out there... Way are you waysting your time.. don't watch the dame thing then.. I love it from season 1 to season 7.

  • integracer2003 Jul 04, 2008

    Doomsday...really? It's a huge leap in terms of the direction I thought Smallville was going but with Luthor gone I guess it's an okay substitute. I mean they went from fairly well developed story arcs to recently having Clark just fight really strong opponents i.e. Zod,The Phantoms, & Bizzaro. And now I guess that Doomsday will be the next one.

  • jaguayo Jul 02, 2008

    Doomsday???!!!!! Someone's driving nuts. I mean, Clark doesn't even know how to fly. Man we got to leave Smallville with some dignity.

    Sorry but i really liked this show but it got to far now. It's time let it go my friends.

  • Zustin662 Jun 26, 2008

    Damn it this better not be the last smallville I think they should at lest Go to ten Seasons if not more any one who wants to see him become superman in this Season! is nothing but an **** hole! I've seen ppl posting on many sites saying they think smallville gonna end! and I think is that kinda Thinking That Could make it happing! Smallvilles not not done for just Becuse Lex is gone and Lana well only be on some of the eps The writers for Smallville are So Good What what they Do That They Could Keep This show on for many more Season if they want to! i'm think that if Season 8 Of Smallville is really good that they would make Season 9 & Even 10 it would not be the 1st time a show went to 10 Seasons

  • NCIScrazeD Jun 26, 2008

    Season 8 of Smallville,This is MADNESS!!~I agree with many of the other commentors!!It is has gone way too far,the story just like wad godhood said 'after season 2 the writers just decided to do whatever they wanted, and it shows with some of the past lackluster season'This is Totally True.they cud've just stopped at season 4 or maybe 5

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