CBS caves, Jericho lives

By Tim Surette

Jun 07, 2007

Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development fans take note. The people have rallied, and a television network actually took notice.

A day after it was rumored that a deal was in the works to bring Jericho back from cancellation, CBS today confirmed that the show will return for at least seven more episodes.

On the official Jericho message boards, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler began a lengthy post with one word--"Wow!" Impressed with the outcry from fans of the show, Tassler announced that Jericho will return midseason next year.

The post reads, "Over the past few weeks, you have put forth an impressive and probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a primetime television series. You got our attention; your e-mails and collective voice have been heard."

The initial order is only for seven episodes, but CBS is hoping that the show's fans can rally more viewers, which will in turn mean more Jericho.

"In success, there is the potential for more. But, for there to be more Jericho, we will need more viewers," Tassler's post continues. "A loyal and passionate community has clearly formed around the show. But that community needs to grow. It needs to grow on the CBS Television Network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available. We will count on you to rally around the show, to recruit new viewers with the same grass-roots energy, intensity, and volume you have displayed in recent weeks."

CBS will do its part by re-airing the first season of Jericho this summer, streaming episodes and clips of the show online, and releasing the first season on DVD on September 25.

Shortly after the show's premiere season ended on a cliffhanger, Jericho was left off CBS' 2007-2008 fall schedule and presumed to be cancelled. The die-hard Jericho fans fought back with e-mails, "save Jericho" Web sites, and countless message board posts. But the real protest came in the form of a campaign, which saw fans send in pounds and pounds of nuts to CBS' corporate offices.

"On behalf of everyone at CBS, thank you for expressing your support of Jericho in such an extraordinary manner," Tassler's post reads. "Your protest was creative, sustained and very thoughtful and respectful in tone. You made a difference."

The post closes with, "P.S. Please stop sending us nuts :)"

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  • gunnar189 Aug 02, 2007

    You guys are nuts!

    I don't think we will have to worry. Many people doesn't watch new shows simply because they get cancelled. Any show getting a 2nd season gets a stable fanbase. And with the reruns and DVD release, makes it even better!

    But if we now get 7 episodes, does that mean we have to wait till fall'08 for more episodes? I hope not.

  • avinaamat Jul 29, 2007


  • rocker0192 Jul 25, 2007

    FINALLY! This just made my day... *snifle snifle* i think im gonna cry...

  • darktrpr Jun 29, 2007

    Do not underestimate the power of NUTS!!

  • Mokuba34 Jun 26, 2007

    as much as i LOVED Stargate SG-1 the series was on for TOO long while it was a great show and i WAS in love with it i got bored in the 8th season :/

    as for Jericho ill be happy with 3 decent Seasons it dont have to be on for 10 years but 3-4 season is good

  • jtilly25 Jun 17, 2007

    it doesn't have to be 10 seasons just some closure. Maybe Jericho the Capital of the US. How about that? President Green!!LOL

  • osmose_jones Jun 14, 2007

    i'm wishing for about more 10 seasons...

    oh yeah

  • cathwillows Jun 13, 2007

    Fantastic news! Long live Jericho!!!

  • tfoy98 Jun 13, 2007

    Jericho saved!!! YES!!!!!!!!

  • Jakesmyhero Jun 12, 2007


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