CBS Cleans House, Cancels Seven

By Tim Surette

May 18, 2010

The Grim Reaper walked through the offices of CBS today, swinging his scythe willy-nilly at the network's schedule and ultimately slaughtering more than half a dozen shows. But the angel of cancellation spared two shows, assuring them a spot on the schedule when CBS announces its fall 2010 lineup tomorrow.

Here's what won't be coming back: The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Accidentally on Purpose, Miami Medical, Cold Case, Numb3rs, and Ghost Whisperer. The cancellation of the three comedies leaves a smoldering crater in CBS' schedule where its Wednesday comedy block used to be, but opens the door for a host of new shows that are ready to fill the void.

Rules of Engagement and Medium were the two shows spared, so if you're looking to blame someone for your favorite show getting canceled, feel free to address all anger to David Spade and Patricia Arquette. Actually, Patricia's pretty cool, so let's keep it all on Spade.

Having trouble keeping track of what's been renewed and what's been canceled? Check out my handy-dandy crib sheet.

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  • EdHildebrand Oct 30, 2010

    Sure CBS cancel Medium, But make sure you keep 2 1/2 men and Charlie's Sheen Salary of 2 MILLION per 1/2 hour show.....not even a half hour something like 22 minutes if that BS

  • Hopejoyfaith Jun 22, 2010

    Honestly, I'm glad Ghost Whisper got cancelled. I thought each and every episode was getting worse. Medium is an amazing show. It is based on a real life person and her family. It has a lot of suspence and it's funny at times when it comes to the family scenes. I'm surprised that numbers and Miami medical got cancelled. I thought Miami Medical could have gotten much better over time but that show didn't really have a chance. I agree with cheryfan, they should have cancelled the amazing race and the other reality shows. But I like survivor. But I defidently think the amazig race should have been cancelled. I think Friday nights won't be that good anymore. I thought it was a good line-up at the beginning with ghost whisper, medium and then numbers, it was a night that made sense. But that's too bad. But I'm soo excited that medium is coming back for another season! Thank you CBS! :)

  • Rowsh Jun 10, 2010

    Patricia Arquette is a treat to watch. Medium is rare and well done. Basically fun to watch--very excited about season 7...thank you CBS!!!

  • lifespeachy Jun 01, 2010

    Those are definately not the shows I want to watch. Hopefully somebody else has a brain. Who wants to watch who ever that woman is that plays the medium? I preferred Jennifer Love Hewit...she was atleast cute in a weird show.

  • stager89 Jun 01, 2010

    it's a sad day. ghost whisper dead??? come on jennifer love hewitt why... it was geting good,better dam dam dam..:-(

  • cheryfan Jun 01, 2010

    Have to agree with only some choices....mainly Miami Medical.....if they want room for new shows here's a clue...cancel...survivors...big brother....the amazing race.....and lead the way for the other networks....cancel all "reality" shows....(editing means ...??) similarity to reality...and so either change the name..or just cancel it all..and how do you cancel Jennifer Love Hewitt....I mean she's from TEXAS....and can act...and is more beautiful than a spring sunrise...............on a clear day...oh well starting to ramble...still liked Cold Case as well..............but hard to argue with some decisions......only two things good about rules of engagement really....Megyn Price and the other woman with those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!....

  • iamafan2009 Jun 01, 2010

    Bugga again. Rules should have gone and let Ghost Whisperer. There goes friday nite. totally sucks. first they take numbers and now ghosts. tv is really starting to suck. BAD BAD BAD CBS you have not made a friend here. time to change chanells lol maybe they might get the hint. someone start a petition

  • pufek20 May 31, 2010

    GW :(

  • provencrt May 31, 2010

    agreed with beamer69, reality must stop, i mean we have to drink and smoke to get out of the real world in life, so.....waht the hell, i can't even watch unrealistic tv

  • beamer69 May 31, 2010

    lets just get rid of all these reality shows and bring in some good comedy and mystery...How long do we have to put up with all these judge shows..A bunch of people acting......

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