CBS Orders 7 Series, Including Dennis Quaid's Vegas and a Sherlock Holmes Drama

By Tim Surette

May 14, 2012

CBS has finally jumped into the scheduling fray! Set to hold its official Upfront presentation on Wednesday, the network stayed relatively quiet last week as NBC, Fox, ABC, and The CW got busy canceling and renewing existing shows and ordering tons of new ones. Before Saturday's announcement that Two and a Half Men will return for Season 10—not exactly the shocker of the year—we hadn't heard so much as a peep. But the network broke its silence on Sunday with a flurry of pickups. Let's take a look!

Friend Me

What it is: A multi-camera comedy about a pair of buddies, Evan and Rob, who move from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles to work for a website. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) and Nicholas Braun (10 Things I Hate About You) star; Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), Dan Ahdoot, and Tim Robinson round out the cast.

Initial reaction based on description alone: That website they work on is Groupon, which smacks of trying way too hard and corporate synergy.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: As good as MySpace's chances of survival.

Where CBS might schedule it: This would be a good fit with How I Met Your Mother, wouldn't it?


What it is: Another multi-camera comedy, Partners follows two bestie architects whose friendship predates either of their current romantic relationships. David Krumholtz (Numbers, The Playboy Club) and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) star as Charlie and Louis, respectively; things get complicated when Charlie decides to propose to his girlfriend and Louis's attempts to be supportive nearly ruin his own relationship. Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) and Brandon Routh (Chuck) also star.

Initial reaction based on description alone: This sounds dumb at first, but let's give CBS some credit for going gay! That said, this is either a hit or disaster.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: This could help usher in a new era for CBS. We say it works.

Where CBS might schedule it: This also goes with How I Met Your Mother, and while we're at it let's throw 2 Broke Girls in there too and make a concerted effort to form a young comedy block.


What it is: This period drama was one of the 20 pilots we hoped would get picked up to series. Based on the true story of Ralph Lamb, a Las Vegas sheriff who battled mobsters in the '60s, it stars Dennis Quaid (Enemy Mine), Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Jason O'Mara (Terra Nova), and Carrie Anne Moss (The Matrix).

Initial reaction based on description alone: This is a bit of departure for CBS, but look at that cast! We'll definitely be tuning in.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: I'm just gonna say this is CBS's biggest hit of 2012-2013. Whether that comes from the audience or critics, we'll see.

Where CBS might schedule it: If CBS were to move The Mentalist, this would pair great with Person of Interest.

Made in Jersey

What it is: It may sound like a reality show, but this appears to be a standard legal drama. Janet Montgomery (Entourage, Human Target) stars as a working-class gal who "uses her street smarts" to succeed at a top New York law firm. Stephanie March (Law & Order: SVU), Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives, Donna Murphy, and Pablo Schreiber (A Gifted Man, Lights Out, The Wire) also star.

Initial reaction based on description alone: This needs more meat on its bones. Street-smart lawyers belong with Franklin & Bash, not on CBS.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: This will be next season's Unforgettable.

Where CBS might schedule it: Friday nights, where A Gifted Man once lived.


What it is: TV's latest spin on Sherlock Holmes, set in present-day New York. Another one of the pilots we hoped would get picked up. Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) plays the legendary sleuth; Lucy Liu plays Watson.

Initial reaction based on description alone: Lots of people are slamming this one, but we say it'll be hot fun. This could be Miller's break to become a huge star instead of just that guy who used to date Angelina Jolie.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: You don't have to be a smart-alecky detective to know there's some long-term potential here.

Where CBS might schedule it: I'm expecting CBS to slot this in some prime real estate. Wednesday or Thursday works.

Golden Boy

What it is: A drama starring Theo James (Downton Abbey's Mr. Pamuk) as a cop who climbs the NYPD ladder from detective to police commissioner. Holt McCallany (Lights Out), Chi McBride (Human Target, Boston Public), Bonnie Somerville, and Kevin Alejandro (True Blood) round out the cast.

Initial reaction based on description alone: The series lost some luster when Ryan Phillippe dropped out of the lead role, but it still has some potential.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: It won't be a smash, but could be a steady performer that returns for a few seasons.

Where CBS might schedule it: This seems like a perfect pairing with Blue Bloods, doesn't it?

The Job

What it is: Scheduled for the midseason, The Job is a reality competition series in which contestants vie to win their dream jobs. Lisa Ling hosts; Survivor's Mark Burnett and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire's Michael Davies executive-produce.

Initial reaction based on description alone: Ummmm, sure.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: Feel-good stories about other people getting jobs? Not in this economy!

Where CBS might schedule it: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Anything here sound good to you?

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  • BarryDalton May 16, 2012

    Elementary looks HORRENDOUS .. but I was wrong about Awake, so I'll give it a look

  • PlayballK May 16, 2012

    None of these sound interesting. I am dead set against Elementary because it is a blatant rip-off of the BBC's Sherlock. It has the same premise expect they changed Watson to a woman.

  • constant May 16, 2012

    dead alive

  • curtis1 May 16, 2012

    i thought, that CBS would understand something about tv, but this offer is all crap...cant believe it

  • rye06p May 15, 2012

    All sound blah. Need trailers to get a real feel for them.

  • seone1985 May 15, 2012

    nothing will becomes really a hit

  • mon717 May 15, 2012

    sounds all boring

  • Prup-aka-JBentn May 15, 2012

    Ooookay, nothing too promising, though I may be the only person who sees MADE IN JERSEY -- which I too was, btw -- as the most interesting one. Stephanie Marsh is always good, and I like good lawyer shows. (F&B; is great fun -- but it's an over the top Dramedy. I'd like to see the idea done 'straight.' If you tell ne Jonathan Schapiro had anything to do with this, and I'll be hooked. I ignored THE FIRM -- no Grisham fan, but now I have to go and watch it. Schapiro was behind my favorite underappreciated lawyer show of all time, JUST LEGAL.)

    "VEGAS" -- you KNOW they'll change the name before it gets on -- sounds like the waste of a great cast. I'll watch an episode or so, I guess, but I lived through the early sixties and feel neither need nor desire to go back there. (I have also felt, from descriptions, that these shows are treating the misogyny and male dominance of the time the way some newspapers treat pornography, condemning it in a way that titilates the audience while they can pretend to be shocked.)

    On the other hand it is the 'time-shifting' aspect -- if they use it -- that would be the only thig that would make GOLDEN BOY interesting. It would be a great show, seriously recreating different years in his career -- and not thinking there was 'one thing' called 'The Eighties' but realized that 1983 and 86 -- to pick two at random -- were different experiences. If it showed how police work and police attitudes had changed -- and didn't show the changes as a straight line from bad to good or even vice versa -- and really used the basic idea, it would be a must watch for me -- but not sure for how many other people. Anyway, doubt if they would be that adventurous.

    Which brings us to ELEMENTARY -- and the name alone scares me. (The word reminds me more of the movie adaptations than the original stories.) If they are recreating the original stories in a modern setting, -- no, I haven't watched the BBC version, I'm a tec story fan but not a Baker Street Irregular type -- they could be interesting, seeing if there are modern equivalents of the settings the original stories needed. (No 'secretive members of the European Royal Families' these days, no Victorian era prudery that spurred the blackmail-centered stories, and even the 'daring jewel thief' is passe. And Moriarty! The 'sinister rich man who secretly heads a crime syndicate' wasn't that realiztic even then -- and when Nero Wiolfe introduced Arnold Zeck it made for the worst stories in THAT 'canon.' TRoday making it credible almost requires an SF/fantasy aspect -- Dick Roman anyone -- and even then it is weak.)

    The trouble is that everyone knows those stories, knows how they will come out, if they are Holmesians at all.

    But if they put the characters into new stories, why bother? Just to 'use the names'? The use of a 'watson' as a narrator -- the name became a common noun -- was so common that it became ;old-fashioned' in the 30s, though there are more modern and credible versions in current detective stories. Once we had Hastings and Archie Goodwin we had defined the spectrum. Even a female Watson with the possibility of romantic attachment goes back at least to the early Asey Mayo stories from 1931-34 (Phoebe Atwood Taylor abandoned the device as unneccessary after 4 books, and her characters were in their 50s.)

    I expect it will be this year's TERRA NOVA and start out high but bomb fast. It's not the sort of blunder you expect from CBS, and hey, maybe I'll be wrong, but I'd not expect ever to see a DVD of a non-existent second season.)

  • AlistairDsouz May 15, 2012

    bring back THE UNIT

  • firetoon12 May 15, 2012

    Again more horrible shows not a click and not wasting time on new shows this fall.

    cant wait for dead pool

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