CBS Orders Full Seasons of Vegas and Elementary

By Tim Surette

Oct 23, 2012

The season of kindness from TV networks continues, as two more new shows have joined the pile of newbies with full-season orders while other struggling freshmen somehow continue to linger (is The Mob Doctor a Highlander or something?). CBS has made the easy decision to keep Elementary and Vegas around through the spring. Both series are three episodes into their debut run, and both have received a back-nine order for a first-season total of 22 episodes.

For you numbers nerds, Elementary and Vegas have each been averaging more than 14 million viewers, according to CBS, and based on a quick survey of first-run audiences, that's presumably including DVR viewings. Both shows are still struggling in the 18-49 demo, though, with the most recent episode of Elementary grabbing a 2.3 rating and Vegas rolling up a 2.0. Fairly typical CBS numbers, right there.

With casts that include Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, Jonny Lee Miller, and Lucy Liu, there wasn't much doubt that these two shows would be successful. But what I really like here is that CBS is branching out ever so slightly from its standard "contemporary procedural" format. The network hasn't given up on the typical "Let's solve a crime tonight!" formula, but at least they're doing it with a druggie Brit and a sheriff in 1960s Las Vegas!

CBS previously canceled its new Friday show Made in Jersey and has yet to make a decision on its new comedy Partners. However, if I was a betting man—which I am!—I'd put $20 on Partners not making it to Episode 14. I think it'll be quietly swept under the rug once its original 13-episode order is complete.

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  • shootingstar609 Oct 25, 2012

    I'm excited for Vegas and I am undecided about Elementary. Hopefully Jason O'Mara can catch a break with Vegas...

  • Writerpatrick Oct 24, 2012

    One of the reasons Elementary is doing so well is that it took over the slot that The Mentalist was in, right after Person of Interest. Although it's actually loosing viewers from POI. And unfortunately it means that the Mentalist was bumped to Sunday night so people looking for something like the Mentalist in the Thursday 10pm slot watch Elementary.

  • vicbjones Oct 25, 2012

    From CBS' point of view, how is people who like The Mentalist watching a similar show in the same time slot unfortunate? That's probably some of the reasoning that factored into the scheduling in the first place. As to Surette's relief that CBS is somewhat branching out, if I wanted to see continued stories with no resolution within the hour, I'd watch a soap opera, and better a procedural than a "reality" show (although admittedly the case-of-the-week has been the least interesting aspect of Vegas so far).

  • meathead704 Oct 24, 2012

    Glad to hear "Vegas" and "Elementaty" will have full seasons. Quaid and Chiklis do a great job on "Vegas". Chiklis can now add a third strong performance to his resume following "The Commish" and "The Shield" (Let's forgive him for "Daddio".). Quaid has shown he is just as good on the small screen as he is on the movie screen. "Elemenatary" is terrific as well, but Johnny Lee Miller needs to slow down. I can't begin to count how many times I have had to roll back the show when I am watching it on On Demand because he talks at 500 miles per hour.

  • Atlantida Oct 24, 2012

    super, now i live in the world where last resort is still waiting for a full order (having not many chances, for f sake!) while elementary and revolution are getting full seasons. #itsnotfair

  • Chocolatier Oct 24, 2012

    Yay love Elementary, don't watch Vegas but it was my tie-break show....ah well better late than never haha

  • Air-man77 Oct 24, 2012

    Never watch Elementary but i try "Vegas". It looks like a promising crime drama.

  • terminaltrip421 Oct 24, 2012

    I watch Elementary. Vegas I never gave a shot because I have zero interest in seeing Dennis Quaid in anything.

  • ohnobees Oct 24, 2012

    Glad Elementary is getting picked up; I tend to like shows with abnormally intelligent leads. Vegas is completely off my radar as I have never had any interest in mafioso dramas. The only organized crime shows/movies I've enjoyed are old as all get out or Brick.

  • meee223 Oct 24, 2012

    So far, except for Vegas, every show picked up for a full season I don't watch anymore because I don't like them. But thank god for so much great stuff on HBO, Showtime and those other cable networks.

  • quasar9 Oct 24, 2012

    two of my favourite new shows right here! glad they both got a full season pickup

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