CBS Renews 15 Series, Including Person of Interest

By Tim Surette

Mar 14, 2012

It's mid-March, and networks have been eerily quiet on renewals for veteran series. Until now. CBS held a renew-a-palooza today, handing out return orders for 15 series. In fact, so many renewals were announced that it's actually easier for me to tell you which shows DIDN'T get orders for another season. So I'm sorry, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Unforgettable, A Gifted Man, Rules of Engagement, and Rob. Maybe you'll get some good news later.

Everyone else, break out the caviar and Triscuits, because you have at least another year of employment! Here's which shows CBS are officially welcomed back to the family, in order of importance to me because alphabetical is just plain boring.

Person of Interest: One of the biggest surprises of the season. Can't wait for more sexual tension between Reese and Finch. Also, this is the only CBS show that I actually watch.
The Good Wife: More episodes for me to catch up on once I finally start watching this like everyone tells me to.
Hawaii Five-0: Just plain fun. So I'm told.
Undercover Boss: Surprisingly watchable at times.
Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck. That's all.
NCIS: I just want 20 million people a week to be happy.
The Mentalist: I just want Simon Baker to be happy.
Mike & Molly: Melissa McCarthy deserves all the skrilla she can get.
Criminal Minds: A user once told me he loved Criminal Minds. This is for you, user!
60 Minutes: It always helps me remember how many minutes are in an hour.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Still holding out hope for a Justin Bieber zombie return.
2 Broke Girls: It's a step in the right direction for youth-starved CBS.
The Amazing Race: Works well as a way to repair damaged familial relationships.
48 Hours Mystery: Getting ratings out of murders since 1998! – NCIS: LA: Really just don't care for LL Cool J. Sorry!

You may notice that Two and a Half Men isn't up there. CBS and Warner Bros TV are in "preliminary discussions" to bring the show back, but there are some messy contracts to work out. They will eventually be worked out, it's just a matter of time.

Also not on the list above are Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory: All three of those shows were previously renewed for multiple seasons (The Big Bang Theory, for example, was renewed through 2012-2013 last January). Legendary, bazinga, and whatever Jeff Probst likes to say!

This is a pretty solid statement from CBS, which is telling the world, "Yo! We're badass, suckaz." Fifteen renewals in one day is practically boasting, but given the dominating position the network is in, CBS has the right to do so. We bow before you, CBS.

Which shows are you excited to see return?

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  • patmood5 Mar 17, 2015

    Person of Interest...Only show I watch on CBS without missing a beat. knock it out of the park with this show. Remember this.

    It is the Tiffany's of Plot Twists, love, technology breakthrough introductions, casting breakthroughs for those who appear, state secrets, wry humor, sadness, love to hate the villains that are introduced repeatedly or for one episode; etc.

    The cast and writers...rule

    Sit back, grab some popcorn, favorite beverage and enjoy.

    I would love one time to contribute to a story line

  • tiny1357 Aug 07, 2012

    I wish u would bring back CSI-Miami

    and a gifted man back my whole family love them

  • PeterPolock Jul 27, 2012

    oh my word I forgot 2 broke girls what happened there? Person of interest and 2 broke girls best shgows on tv in 45 years wake up cbs

  • PeterPolock Jul 27, 2012

    I have not seen a better tv show on CBS than my favortite 'Person of Interest' and 'Blue Blood' can't leave out 'The good Wife' Big brother, big bang, how I met your mother, 3 can all go in the ciricular file. Don't forget Julie Chan dump her crap .... put the three shows on longer! Congratulations to the actors of 'Person of Interest' getting season 2. The writers deserve season 1 thru 1000. keep 'Person of Interest' on tv for a long long time. I am 54 and this show is the best I have seen on cbs in 40 years. Thank you!

  • DeborahKeithH May 15, 2012

    None of them you have taken most of the good ones off and thank you because there is no reason for me and many others to watch CBS anymore so put that in your axe and smoke it!!!!!!!

  • DeborahKeithH May 15, 2012

    The only one of the 15 shows they renewed that makes sense to me is CSI. But to take off CSI:Miami,CSI:New York and Unforgettable is just pure insanity. Do these people need to be hit over the head with a baseball bat to realize what an injustice they have done. I loved Unforgettable because it is a very ing show and there insn't another one like it on television. I just don't understand who is doing this because they obviously don't watch the shows on their ownnetwork or are they too busy watching other networks. So in closing,I think it is time for the fans of the shows they canceled to boycott the CBS nightly lineup and then they will get no ratings. Oh by the way,try changing nights,like put CSI:Miami back on Monday nights at 10 and do something else with the stale remake of Hawaii 5-0. The good wife I believe has run it's course I used to watch it and then it just plain got stupid so what do you do you remove all the good shows and keep the junk. You will lose alot of people who watch CBS including me and most of what I watch is on CBS so I will have to find some other network to watch,because I will no longer bewatching cbs. Anyone with me?

  • Stellina84 May 13, 2012

    we all wnat Simon to be happy. and few of us, maybe in bed with lisbon.

  • LynnPoelman May 07, 2012

    I vote for person of interest and a gifted man to return!

  • ConnieKing3 May 07, 2012

    A Gited Man is too good to cancel. There is so muh more that could bedone with all the characters and the plot possibilities from local clinics is huge! Nice to have a show that isn't focused on sex and vioence.

  • StefanEmmerik May 07, 2012

    Why does this post say "Including Person of Interest"? This is one of my favorites shows I'd like to watch. Here in Holland we only have the stupid shows "Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden" and all the stupid Voice of/Big Brother/So you think you can... look-a-likes.

    BTW, what's happend with Sanctuary? Will there be a 5th season?

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