CBS Renews Rules of Engagement for Season 7

By Tim Surette

May 22, 2012

Hey guys! CBS has renewed Rules of Engagement for a seventh season! While that's probably seven seasons too many, the show has actually performed decently for the network during its run, despite being bounced all over the schedule.

Deadline Hollywood says CBS has ordered 13 episodes of the David Spade comedy, which will allow the series to reach 100 episodes—the magic number that's cherished for its syndication-friendliness. The renewal came late (CBS's scheduling decisions should have all been wrapped up last week) as the two sides had to hammer out some license-fee terms.

There's no word on where Rules of Engagement will be scheduled, as it's a perfect utility player for CBS. Expect it to fill in for failing comedies or show up around midseason.

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  • BeBopBigShot Oct 03, 2012

    Great show... Watching the reruns that have popped up on CW , Ion , and My20 .

  • FudgeReid Sep 18, 2012

    Rules of Engagement is so Funny and should last more than 6 1/2 seasons. What is wrong with these people? They don't know when they have a good thing. It's getting to a point of why bother if they are only going to go so far with these shows!!!

  • vgi-lee Jun 20, 2012

    I've just gone through a lot of the comments and I can only imagine that a lot of people who are negative about Rules of Engagement haven't watched much of the show and what they have watched must have been very early on when it hadn't found it's feet. How anyone could watch, for example, "Nature Calls" (season 6, Episode 4) and not completely laugh their *ss off is beyond me. This has turned into a great show.

  • vgi-lee Jun 20, 2012

    "Seven seasons too many". Who is this clown. OK, it didn't start out as the best comedy ever, but once they fixed David Spade's character who initially irritated the hell out of me and got the engaged couple Brad & Jen to take a slight step away from the limelight compared to the other characters, the show got better and better with each season. Season 6 has some of the funniest, sharpest writing I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing, it's truly up there with Seinfeld in my opinion. And "the David Spade comedy" is way off. If there was one main actor it'd be Patrick Warburton (in fact he comes up on the credits first along with onscreen wife Megyn Price). The single issue I have with the show is that while redeveloping some of the characters, they turned Adam into someone with an IQ lower than Forrest Gump which can be amusing but doesn't always feel right.

  • Asterix May 26, 2012

    It says 'The David Spade Comedy', now, that's a laugh. I'm still waiting to get even a laugh, from one too many TV series. He's just not funny. If it weren't for him, perhaps I'd give Rules of Engagement a try. And he's pretty much portraying the same guy. I guess just because he's the most famous of the lot, they dub it the David Spade Comedy. Next thing, you know he's going to come out with his own cologne, unless he's already has.

  • ltcomstella May 23, 2012

    i hope they develope adam more cos the whole naive male bimbo thing is getting old now..

    in short adam needs to grow a pair..

  • Muderboy May 23, 2012

    This show is consistently funny and entertaining, and CBS and many others obviously know that, because here it still is, just the comfy little unpretentious sitcom that could. I even like David Spade noe, he's not bad...

  • JT_Kirk May 23, 2012

    I like this show, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I don't know why it gets dumped on so hard. It's funny and it isn't trying to be more than a sitcom. I can't imagine CBS will pick it up after next season though.

  • Spoontown May 23, 2012

    It didn't start off the best, it is a hellof a lot better now and I normally watch it before I get to stuff like The Office, 30 Rock and even Community. Maybe I shouldn't have said that after all that last one is plainly the greatest show ever made....... I find R of E funny so sue me, and it's got nothng to do with me being thick or liking broad comedy, I watch stuff that makes me laugh rather than stuff which all the cool kids say I should find funny. Bravo R of E looking forward to a 7th series.

  • TrevPlatt May 22, 2012

    I've watched a total of eight minutes across three episodes - and hated it. I can't believe how much quality tv programming gets cancelled whilst crap like this, Melissa & Joey and Two and A Half Men can run for multiple seasons. Life really isn't fair.

  • BarryDalton May 23, 2012

    I agree with you on Melissa and Joey. I think that show is wretched and its unfair (and unjustifiable) to compare to those two other shows.

    isn't it great how we all have our opinions and our favorites? I have hundreds of shows I want to watch on DVR, and that's not counting the movies. SO there is plenty to watch out there, and very little complain about.

    I'd rather hear people dissect the shows and tell us why they think what they think about each show. That would be interesting. But just crying because a show you don't like has some success while the show you love is failing is a little bit spoiled behavior, I think.

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