CBS Schedule-swaps Golden Boy and Vegas

By Tim Surette

Mar 07, 2013

Life is imitating art as CBS's new drama Golden Boy, about a young cop who shoots all the way up the ladder to New York City police commissioner in record time, is getting its own hasty promotion. CBS announced today that Golden Boy won't be relegated to Fridays as was initially planned, and will stay put (after one Friday airing, scheduled for tomorrow) on Tuesday nights at 10pm, where CBS has been testing it.

"But wait," you say, "what about Vegas? Wasn't that on Tuesdays at 10pm?" Well, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay on Tuesdays (sorry). That drama, starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, will move to Fridays at 9pm, where Golden Boy was originally headed. Vegas's first Friday airing will happen on April 5. 

While this is great news for Golden Boy, it doesn't necessarily mean that CBS is planning to bury Vegas in a shallow grave in the desert. Vegas and its older audience will pair nicely with Blue Bloods, and the lower ratings expectations for Friday-night shows could work in Vegas's favor. Or maybe CBS really is putting it out to pasture. 

Golden Boy performed admirably, but not outstandingly, in its first two airings on Tuesdays. It won its time slot each both times in ratings and overall audience (with an average just shy of 10 million viewers). However, it's only been up against ABC's Body of Proof and NBC's Smash, which is like The Harlem Globetrotters bragging about beating The Washington Generals.    

The future of both shows is still very much a question mark, but the move indicates that CBS is trying to give each of them a better chance at survival. 

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  • paintcan May 09, 2013

    Love Vegas. It has depth and places to go hat haven't been done to death.
    Like Golden Boy.Little depth and it has all been done to death.

  • denman55 Mar 27, 2013

    Typical Network Television get me hooked on a show and then you pull the rug out from under me (NEVER AGAIN!!!!) golden boy is CRAP! Vegas was a great show with great writing. Network Execs. suck big time, end of story.

  • Writerpatrick Mar 11, 2013

    The 10pm Tuesday slot is a prime location for new shows since whatever show that's there gets a big boost from the NCIS crowd. And usually the 10pm show doesn't stay in that slot but they usually give it at least a year before moving it. Although Vegas' ratings aren't the best for a CBS show.
    It's worth noting that Vegas was also cut back an episode to 21 episodes, suggesting that CBS may be considering cancelling it. The period setting probably makes the show expensive to produce since all the background stuff has to match the period. Modern period shows can just shoot on the streets. It does look however that CBS will at least allow the show to finish the season and the ratings are strong enough to keep it there. Besides, with Grimm back on Fridays CBS might see this as something to run against it.

  • gtbell Mar 10, 2013

    No surprises in Glden Boy. You know he'll come to no harm if he's going to live long enough to become Commissioner.
    I have no trouble in believing anything in Vegas so far. I love the characters and the music. I do, however, think Quaid should stop making that 'tough' face that he does. Don't try so hard, Dennis!

  • shootingstar609 Mar 09, 2013

    I was not impressed with the first episode of Golden Boy, but the second episode did a much better job of humanizing Clark. I don't think it's as good as Vegas though. It really surprises me that CBS would make this kind of a move to switch Golden Boy and Vegas. As you said Tim, Golden Boy beat out everything in it's timeslot but what is that really saying about the potential of the show? Vegas on the other hand, has been consistently performing well in it's timeslot when there is actual competition.
    Dear CBS, do not make me lose respect for you as well. I already only have a shred of respect left for ABC, FOX, and NBC. I don't believe I ever had any for the CW.

  • teaward3 Mar 09, 2013

    I thoroughly enjoy Golden Boy. It has this steady feel of tension needled throughout the show. Theo James is fun to watch. He conveys all of Clark's angst and that tightly coiled anger and intensity.

    But the biggest plus for the show is Chi McBride. No one does unstated comedy/sarcasm like that man and he and Theo play well off of one another and that will only get better with time.

    I also like Clark and Arroyo's can feel that those two do not like one another. Kevin Alejandro is an a$$ on the show and it makes me love to hate him and those beautiful eyes. =)

    There have been several comments and events that I hope will get a chance to be enacted and fleshed out. Like Clark's cracked out mom and mobster dad, his tough upbringing, the hinted at precinct shootout, how did he get that limp etc.

  • LittleComet Mar 08, 2013

    Golden Boy is awesome, my new favorite show and I hope it gets a few more seasons :)

  • Zyeox Mar 28, 2013

    Me too!! I am really enjoying the show!!

  • LittleComet Jul 13, 2013

    And now I am sad because it ended, too bad, it had great potential.

  • Cobo Mar 08, 2013

    Great news!

    Vegas and Blue Bloods on Friday night.
    Body of Proof on Tuesday!

  • jsmith0 Mar 08, 2013

    they changed the schedule because golden boy would have been paired up with bluebloods and both shows are police procedurals set in new york but they are completely different worlds and they would not work together very good

  • DERBEST Mar 08, 2013

    Bastards! Vegas is a guilty pleasure whereas Golden Boy is one more show...

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