CBS's 2013-2014 Schedule: New Nights for Person of Interest and Hawaii Five-0, More Comedy on Thursdays

By Tim Surette

May 15, 2013

Toni Collette and Tate Donovan star in Hostages a new drama that will air on Monday nights.

We all know CBS is comfortably in first place among the broadcast networks, finishing this season (unofficially, but you can chalk it up) first in both total viewers and ratings. So what does a televsion behemoth and bully do as an encore? Strengthen AND grow. The Eye boosted its already solid-performing comedy efforts by extending its Thursday comedy block to two hours, shuffled around some dramas for some formidable nights, and still managed to squeeze in five new series for the fall. It's good to be the king.

Let's take a look at CBS's 2013-2014 schedule day-by-day (an easy-to-read schedule is available at the bottom of the story): 


Monday's comedy block of yesteryear gets a facelift to allow for the development of new sitcoms, as Monday now hosts CBS's B-team laugh block. The final season of How I Met Your Mother, which will focus solely on the infamous mother-meeting wedding weekend (yes, the ENTIRE season), starts the block off again at 8pm. It's followed at 8:30pm by new comedy We Are Men (pictured above); the show is about four dudes (three of whom are Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn, and Jerry O'Connell) who become friends in a short-term living complex. 2 Broke Girls remains the anchor at 9pm, leading into Anna Faris as a recently sober single mom drying up in Napa Valley in the new Chuck Lorre comedy Mom at 9:30pm. We Are Men (pictured) is one of two single-camera comedies for CBS in the fall, and apparently CBS doesn't care about matching up formats, because it's stuck in a sea of multi-camera sitcoms. Mike & Molly takes a break until it's needed. By giving more time to new comedies, CBS is hoping it can find solid replacements for the departing How I Met Your Mother and departed Rules of Engagement. At 10pm, things get dramatic with the new series Hostages (pictured at the top of the page), starring Toni Collette as a doctor who must operate on the president—and kill him, I believe—if she ever wants to see her family alive again. I still have no idea how it will work as a continuing series but only 15 episodes have been ordered, so I guess the producers wondered the same thing. In the midseason, Josh Holloway as a cyber-enhanced cop takes over in Intelligence.


Leave Tuesday to the guys who want to save the world. It's back-to-back NCISes with NCIS at 8pm and NCIS: LA at 9pm. CBS passed on the potential NCIS spinoff NCIS: Red, and let's admit that was a good decision. Reese and Finch move up two days in the schedule as Person of Interest takes the 10pm slot. This is about as solid as it gets, performance-wise, for an evening of drama. All three series were regularly the Top 3 most-watched dramas of the week, so good luck everyone else! You'll need it!


Nothing changes on Wednesdays. It's Survivor, Criminal Minds, and CSI. This will probably be the next night CBS eyes for an overhaul as things are starting to feel a bit stale, but not until next season at the earliest.


CBS's experiment to move The Big Bang Theory over to Thursday nights has paid off to the tune of a gazillion dollars, so now the network is ready to enter phase two of its Thursday-night dominance. And apparently that means absolutely crushing NBC's tradition of a Thursday-night comedy block. The laughs expand to two hours, starting with Sheldon and company at 8pm and continuing with three new comedies. At 8:30pm it's Will Arnett as the newly divorced dad who deals with his parents' own breakup in the multi-camera The Millers. 9pm features some starpower with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar playing father and daughter at an advertising company in the single-camera comedy The Crazy Ones (pictured). That's followed by the multi-camera stalwart Two and a Half Men, with Angus T. Jones not returning as a regular. Again, CBS is going against traditional wisdom and mixing comedy formats. Will anyone notice? Will a "laugh now" caption have to appear on the screen during The Crazy Ones? Elementary, which had a great first season, stays put at 10pm. Mike & Molly could also fill in here if one of the comedies fails. By CBS standards, I mean.


With the network's abundance of riches, Friday's become even more formidable for CBS. Undercover Boss starts at 8pm, and new Friday resident Hawaii Five-0 moves in at 9pm, taking over for the recently deceased CSI: NY. Blue Bloods sits tight at 10pm. CBS is this close to programming Saturdays, I can feel it.


Another stay-put night. 60 Minutes at 7pm, The Amazing Race at 8pm, The Good Wife at 9pm, and The Mentalist at 10pm. Steady, steady, steady.


As I mentioned above above, Mike & Molly and its 22-episode order are being held as a lifeline or a midseason replacement. Also being held for midseason are the new multi-camera comedy Friends With Better Lives, starring Kevin Connolly, James Van Der Beek, and Brooklyn Decker as part of a group of friends that each think the other has it better, and the new drama Reckless, about a sexy big-city female lawyer and a sexy country male lawyer who try a police scandal against each other and also try to get in each other's pants. It's Castle meets Hart of Dixie

CBS's 2013-2014 schedule in an easier-to-read format (new shows in bold and ALL CAPS):


8pm How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm WE ARE MEN
9pm 2 Broke Girls
9:30pm MOM
10pm HOSTAGES (fall) / INTELLIGENCE (midseason)


8pm NCIS
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles
10pm Person of Interest


8pm Survivor
9pm Criminal Minds
10pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


8pm The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
10pm Elementary


8pm Undercover Boss
9pm Hawaii Five-0
10pm Blue Bloods


8pm Comedytime Saturday (encores)
9pm Crimetime Saturday
48 Hours


7pm 60 Minutes
8pm The Amazing Race
9pm The Good Wife
10pm The Mentalist

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  • Mew_Mokuba May 23, 2013

    Personally I think moving POI was a bad move. I think someone in the scheduling dept hated Elementary and decided the best way to kill it was to do a LARGE comedy block in front of it! I'm not sure people who want to watch that many comedies in a row will like the sudden switch to a more serious type show. Maybe but I'll be surprised if it's not killed by having so many comedies in front. Why do you think they moved Hawaii 5-0? All comedies in front and though since it was renewed the rating were obviously been good they were hoping for better by moving it to Fridays. And I'm not sure POI is the best choice to throw at NCIS. They have new shows that are replacing Hawaii's spot wouldn't they have been better after NCIS?

  • JagsFan1 May 19, 2013

    5-0 on fridays? POI on tuesday?.....

  • emmiegirl May 18, 2013

    Not happy about moving POI to Tuesdays @ 10PM. Now it will be DVR'd unless FX moves Sons of Anarchy/Justified about in their lineup.

  • TrueTvWatcher May 17, 2013

    I can't wait for The Crazy Ones!!!

  • MikeUK123 May 17, 2013

    I wonder if HIMYM will last the season.... then again perhaps it's beyond cancellation at this point regardless of how it does.

    One weekend over a season just sounds terribly boring to me. And the show was really only surviving as it was (from the point of view of story).

  • indy2011 May 17, 2013

    So looking at the new line up and also remembering everyone is different this is how I see it (for myself remember) NOTHING on Monday Tuesday is good Wednesday Nothing Thursday Nothing and Friday only has 2 shows for me and Saturday and Sunday still have what ? yep you guessed it NOTHING I mean come on.

  • chris17blue May 17, 2013

    Why so many comedies? I don't get it....

    Not happy with the Monday/Thursday schedules. 2 Broke Girls should have been moved to Thursdays to be paired up with The Big Bang.

  • ionee24 May 16, 2013

    Sounds about right, as long as The Big Bang Theory and Elementary are on the same night CBS owns my thrusdays

  • Dre5d May 16, 2013

    you would think that the rise of fame and star power of Melissa McCarthy they would air Mike & Molly sooner than later.....thats really suprising

  • Suncatcher1 May 16, 2013

    Hollywood Reporter and many others confirmed yesterday that Sarah Shahi is now a series regular on Person of Interest. While I really like how her character works with Reese and Finch, I am concerned about what it will do to our 2 other long time, well liked, regulars - Fusco and Carter. Will their air time get cut? Fusco was no where to be seen the last several episodes. And Carter's role in the finale, normally would have been huge -her saving Elias's life - but it came across more like a footnote with Shaw stealing most of the scenes. POI writers - don't get so full of yourselves that you forget your "roots"!

  • vicbjones May 16, 2013

    "In Extremis" was the second to last episode of the season (I'm going to have wait to see the finale in reruns since my cable was out that night), so I'm not sure what you mean by Fosco not being in the last several episodes. I wonder if there will be episodes where Shaw stands in for Reese, the way Festus or Miss Kitty were often the lead character in later episodes of Gunsmoke.

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