Cedric hopes to entertain again

By Colin Mahan

Nov 28, 2006

Cedric the Entertainer wants to make you laugh. The funnyman has signed a talent deal with ABC and is readying a half-hour sitcom project cocreated by Bernie Mac creator Larry Wilmore.

The untitled pilot will feature Cedric as a security chief at LAX. He must balance his work life with the demands of being a single father raising a teenage girl.

Cedric appears semiregularly on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. He starred in his own sketch show, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, which ran for one season on The WB. Before that he was a regular on The Steve Harvey Show.

Recently, Cedric starred in Cedric the Entertainer: Taking You Higher, a comedy special on HBO--home to Cedric Presents cocreator Louis C.K.'s short-lived sitcom Lucky Louie.

Cedric next appears in the comedy The Cleaner.

Wilmore has recently been serving as a consultant on NBC's sitcom The Office. He also appeared in the episodes "Diversity Day" and "Gay Witch Hunt."

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  • LAURAMARIE63 Nov 29, 2006

    Cedric and Bernie, now that's a team.

  • Jamin_Jamin Nov 29, 2006

    honestly I never found him entertaining

  • AlkaStealther Nov 29, 2006

    I look forward to watching this new show...

  • telvisnostic Nov 28, 2006

    I think he is great as a supporting cast member and a great, great, great stand-up comedian.

    If he does a sitcom, let him do it on HBO or another cable station.

    Do no let him limit his hilarity.

  • louisck Nov 28, 2006

    there are two large errors in this story. 1. "Cedric the Entertainer Presents" was not on the WB. It was on FOX. 2. Louis C.K. (me) was not the Co-creator of that show. I was the co executive producer. there is a large difference.

    You should really fact check these stories at least a little bit before you post them. There are many sources where you could have found out that Cedric was on Fox, for instance TV.COM has all that information fully available.


  • outoffog Nov 28, 2006

    As talented as he is, I believe Cedric would be wasted in a standard situation comedy format- I can hear the audience groaning collectively, "Oh, not ANOTHER single father!! I had to put up with that, just to see Bernie Mac in action...". At least, the best place to put that kind of character is OUT of a "regular" family, and shepherd a "surrogate" one, maybe with a few kids Cedric wouldn't be directly related to {i.e., walk in and referee an argument and get mixed up in another ridiculous situation}. If the set-up is ALMOST like Bernie Mac's show, Cedric wouldn't have a chance.