Chat Live with Peter Facinelli from Twilight!

By Staff Writer

Jan 13, 2010

To celebrate the premiere of Twilight on Showtime, join us on Saturday, January 23rd at 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT) for a live Q&A; chat with Peter Facinelli. Peter plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the venerable vampire series, as well as Dr. Fitch Cooper on Showtime's Nurse Jackie. Ask Peter what it's like to play two doctors with two very different agendas. Or whatever else that comes to mind.

Sign up for an email reminder and tune into Showtime for the cable premiere of Twilight on January 23rd at 8pm ET.

We’ll try our best to post as many questions as we can, but in order to keep the conversation flowing and easy to follow, every question or comment may not be posted. Think of this event as similar to a live Q&A.;

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  • DorestaPeters May 11, 2010

    hello Peter just stopping by to say hi, my mother and i were huge fans. shes been gone for a year and i knew she loved you so im doing this for the both of us!_! great job and u rock at what u do.

  • alexutzaaaaa Apr 09, 2010

    hello are you doing? where are you? I love how you play the movie. `you and Robert Pattinson` x are all nice kisses from romania

  • Johanna_80 Mar 18, 2010


  • ChelseaBright Mar 17, 2010

    hello peter how are you doing

  • ChelseaBright Mar 17, 2010

    hi peter how are you doing

  • BlFLORY Feb 01, 2010

    hei , when you in ?
    I really see you and talk with you, kiss from Romania

  • ShazzThompson Jan 31, 2010

    hi peter would just like to know will you all be in the final film breaking dawn it would spoil everything if you were all not in the final film all my love to everyone i cant get enough of these films thankyou so much x

  • xoxcarlislex9 Jan 28, 2010

    hi peter i am a huge fan and i would love if u could email me i am such a big fan i have ur twitter face book and my space i would love if u would be able to come to my littel town of waterford in ireland give me an email please at well i am a huge fan and talk to u on email :) :) ur awsome ur biggest fan in ireland amanda jacob

  • HopeMonnie Jan 28, 2010

    Hey Peter
    Well first of all I want to congratulate you on your work in Twilight and New Moon. Well my questions are
    1. Is there any tips you can give someone like me who wants to act and want to work to be a person selected for films like twilight,etc.
    2. Will you and your wife be doing any other work together, you two are a great team and work well together.
    3. Do you ever wish you had a normal life, meaning when paparazzi are following you and you personal life is published world wide. Please explain how it makes you feel.
    4. Would you ever visit families and people in poor countries and try to help out where possible if yo had the time?
    5. What is the best part of acting and what you have done so far.
    I know there are a few but I hope you can answer them. Well thank you for taking time to read this comment.
    Best wishes for the future in anything you do.
    Kind regards Hope xx

  • Katuwa555 Jan 25, 2010

    Hello Peter, My name is Katya, I live in Ukraine(((.It is very noble act - to answer the admirers. But I am not assured, that you will read through this message. I wish to learn you and your partner on shootings Rob Pattinson as the person, what hobbies from you, hobbies. Also that it is necessary for you to write, that you would be interested with this message. And at the Uniform is twitter. Transfer it greetings. With deep respect Katya.I apologize for mistakes, I do not know English language.

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