Chevy Chase Has Been Expelled from Community

By Tim Surette

Nov 21, 2012

We may laugh at the on-camera antics of the Greendale Community College, but off-camera, the place is cursed. Cursed, I tell you! Chevy Chase, he of the angry phone call full of profanities and stubborn foot-dragging, is leaving Community and won't be returning, according to Deadline Hollywood. The decision was mutual, with both parties (Chase and Sony, the show's studio) agreeing that his departure was the best form of action.

No more Pierce Hawthorne. No more curmudgeonly racism. No more secret flasks inside of pens—Chase is leaving the show immediately. Luckily, most of Season 4 has already been filmed, meaning Pierce will only miss the last few episodes of the season.

I've always been more accepting of Pierce Hawthorne than most Community fans, so I'm bummed. I was also raised on Chevy Chase, growing up with movies like Fletch and Caddyshack. Heck, I even liked Funny Farm. However, I can't defend the allegations about his behavior behind the scenes, and if the show is better off with him leaving, that's the most important thing.

But can we all agree that even though Community is one of the most inventive comedies to hit television in the last decade, it's an utter mess, production-wise? Series creator Dan Harmon was fired at the end of last season, something that rarely happens in television. I'm sure the nuisance of Chase's disgruntled outbursts caused nothing but turmoil. The Community set must be one of the most bipolar places in Hollywood, if people are getting fired and arguing one minute and manifesting genius in episodes like "Remedial Chaos Theory" the next. What an absolute shame. And as much as it pains me to say this, there's no way NBC will renew Community for a fifth season or order more episodes beyond the 13 slated for Season 4. I just don't see it happening. I'M BUMMED, GUYS!

One more thing: How convenient that this news comes just as most people are in airport hell on their way to Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I'm not saying NBC and Sony TV are trying to bury it while Americans are busy spending time with their families, but okay yes that's exactly what I'm saying.

Farewell, Pierce. I will miss you.

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  • MarleeCouch Nov 29, 2012

    Community is the most amazing show I've ever seen, but it keeps losing too many people. I'm almost too scared to keep watching because if it goes downhill, it will just taint the memory of something that was really special.

  • efonsecajr Staff Nov 26, 2012

    Gonna miss old man river. Such a great character. This will probably be COmmunity's last season. So he'll only be missed for a few eps.

  • Lefin Nov 25, 2012

    Chevy Chase leaving the show is unfortunate, but sadly to be expected; shooting himself in the foot seems to be Chase's career specialty.

    The significantly bigger issue to me is that Dan Harmon was fired -- typical NBC, unfortunately. I know they've never really had faith in the show, but ousting the primary creative force behind it is a great way to ensure the final season won't be very good. Well done NBC . . . well done.

  • moumoutex Nov 25, 2012

    I love Community, makes me laugh and want to watch more episodes!!!
    Pierce contributed in the laughs and in the villain role, he will be missed!!!
    Sad news for the show but if he deserves it, hope at least the show doesn't get like Two and a Half Men when charlie left

  • BrewHaHa Nov 24, 2012

    Community has become my favorite show. I bought all three seasons on iTunes so I can re-watch over and over again. Yet with all this craziness, maybe it would have been better to end last season, when all the plot lines were resolved. It would be a shame if NBC royally botched season 4 and tarnishes community's legacy

  • Big_Pecks Nov 23, 2012

    Hate to say it, but it likely doesn't matter. I doubt a season renewal is planned or coming next year at all.

  • shocker713 Nov 23, 2012


  • JT_Kirk Nov 23, 2012

    Oh for the love of geewhiz! What's the point of canning the guy just before canning the show? So stupid. Dear NBC, just take it out back and put the whole thing out of its misery, you've tortured it and its audience enough.

  • JonWinter1 Nov 23, 2012

    Chevy created a whole lot of tension for the other actors and the writers, possibly the whole crew. I always considered his character to be the dissenter that balanced all of the younger antics on the show, but never thought he absolutely had to be in the cast. He's done plenty of terrible things to harm the show, including being vocal about his disinterest in watching while also stating the writing is horrible (how would he know if the end product is good??), not to mention his diva behavior. I feel really bad for the fans and those who work on the show, but not at all for Chevy.

  • headclub Nov 23, 2012

    Sad news indeed....First Dan Harmon, now Chevy. This show never got the respect it deserved from NBC. So often the great ones are largely underappreciated...

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