Christina Applegate Is Quitting the Disaster That Is Up All Night

By Tim Surette

Feb 08, 2013

Christina Applegate is not stupid. No siree. The star of NBC's Up All Night is now the ex-star of NBC's Up All Night, as she has decided to quit the show, according to Deadline Hollywood. Lisa Kudrow (Friends) is rumored to be a potential replacement. Have a fun time explaining that one, writers.

Good for Applegate, I say! The comedy was launched in 2011 with a fairly safe premise: Applegate and Will Arnett playing new parents in a single-camera comedy about the challenges of balancing a professional life with a new baby. It had a good cast, it had the tried-and-true-so-it-was-overtried-but-still-okay premise, and it bridged the gap between NBC's ideas of smart comedy and broad comedy.

And then NBC changed its mind.

Up All Night has undergone more transformations than a tweaky Gobot. Right after the pilot was filmed, NBC attempted to piggyback on the success of Bridesmaids and gave co-star Maya Rudolph a much bigger role, turning her character from a PR executive to the host of a major daytime talk show with Applegate's character her producer. When that didn't work, NBC decided to cut out the talk show and focus on more domestic stories. And in late October last year, NBC blew the whole thing up and decided to—in the middle of its season and during a multi-month hiatus—turn the show into a multi-camera comedy (none of those episodes have been filmed yet). Series creator and producer Emily Spivey left the show early this year, just the latest in a string of personnel changes the show has faced.

NBC, what the heck are you doing? Why don't you just kill the show? It wants to die. It's begging to die. "Kill me now," it pleads, having given up any hope of turning itself around. Passersby avert their eyes when they see it, children point and look at it in horror, and the stench is unbearable. Kill it. It's the humane thing to do. I know NBC wants the cast, but instead of stringing them along through a series of production makeovers, euthanize the show and develop a new show around the actors. If I were Applegate or Arnett, I'd take a job at Arby's before working with NBC again. I don't know if there are any contractual issues keeping Applegate from giving pilot season a shot, if there aren't, she'll be scooped up before the end of next week. And good for her, she deserves better than the career torture she's been through in the past two years.

On the plus side, if NBC does decide not to move forward with Up All Night, the chances will (slightly) increase that NBC's other comedies might live to see another season.

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  • pallas Feb 13, 2013

    This show was always slightly amusing. I think what was missing was focus on the child and on the problems living with and raising a child. Instead it mainly looked at the parents, and how they tried to maintain their previous life - which is part of the game, of course, but really not the main one.
    Considering that so many much better shows had been killed already for much less reasons, I don't see many chances for this show to survive. But if it does, they could convert it into a Full House revival (mother died, but look who is coming in to help now - whatever they understand by the term "help" ...).

  • andreido9 Feb 11, 2013

    I was perplex when I read this!

  • joy9585 Feb 11, 2013

    Liked the show season 1. Not a must-see, but funny enough. Hated it the first few episodes season 2... Completely changed the somewhat fresh premise! Boo on NBC refusing to allow shows to find its natural, loyal audience and building to a strong show. It could've been funny had they been allowed to do what I'm sure the writers wanted to do.

  • moviemanic Feb 10, 2013

    They should cancel it and use the cast and crew to make a whole new show. They have all the right actors on board to make something funny, they just need better writer's and a better show idea. I think NBC is just too financially invested to admit defeat but just can it and build something else.

  • dref22 Feb 10, 2013

    Yay for abandoning a sinking ship! Jason Isaacs FTW! ...wait...I wouldn't want him near this ill-fated show! D:

  • JazidContreras Feb 10, 2013

    I'm surprised it's lasted this long. In 2011 I watched the first 2 episodes and dropped it immediately. It was lame from the beginning.

  • Mantis82 Feb 10, 2013

    hope they cancel, then will arnett can be in something funny again

  • modernfamily120 Feb 10, 2013

    How to start the next episode...
    (Regan enters room)
    Regan: Hey baby, like my new hairstyle?
    Chris: Yeah, wow, you look like a completely new woman.
    (Regan and Chris kiss which is interrrupted as Scott walks into the room)
    Yeah, just cancel the show.

  • edge1710 Feb 10, 2013

    She wouldn't leave if there wasn't anything waiting for her, would she?

  • WindUpRobot Feb 09, 2013

    There's a lady with her priorities straight. Maybe she and the departed creator can figure out a new project.

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