Comic-Con 2012: Tim and Price Discuss Day 4 (AUDIO)

By Price Peterson

Jul 16, 2012

Our Comic-Con 2012 drew to a close on Sunday, but not before Tim and I took one last opportunity to sum up our daily experience(s). Press play below to hear about Tim's face time with the cast of Supernatural and how our impressions of Comic-Con changed over the course of five days:

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  • saxyroro Jul 19, 2012

    Either Tim or Price can do the 2005 Who and forward. Maybe more Tim because its a little Supernatural, Time Travel and saving the world. And Price, John Barrowman is the best thing in the world. Torchwood represents too. (Torchwood = Men in Black) Captain Jack Harkness on Nerdist at Comic Con. And he is filthy! LOL

  • IndianaMom Jul 17, 2012

    From all I've seen the Doctor Who panel was one of the biggest. I'm disappointed none of you covered it.There are a lot of Doctor Who fans at Somebody really needs to start covering it, but you can wait until it comes back in the fall.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 18, 2012

    Doctor Who was a massive panel, I barely got in myself, and the thing is that Comic-Con doesn't give press any special access to anything, so you gotta wait in line like all the other chumps.

    Doctor Who had a massive presence at the con though, and does deserve some greater coverage here, the TV Guide Favorites panel was dominated by Joel McHale and Nathan Fillion, but when it came time to take questions from the audience every single one was for Matt "The Doctor" Smith, to the point where the TV Guide editor moderating the panel shut down audience Q&A; entirely (something I've NEVER seen happen at Comic-Con before). There were tons of various Doctor costumes, Amy costumes, River Song costumes, even a couple Dalek costumes (the one asking the question on Sunday's Who panel was awesome). So yes, more coverage.

    PS - I kept an eye out for Price & Tim at the show, but never spotted them.

  • cecylia248 Jul 17, 2012

    "......Positive fun and sincere event...." Price am afraid of asking about the kind of events you used to go to...anyhow

    Tim, Price and Jen..THANKS! you guys kept us informed and entertained (plus hella jealous we couldn't be there and experience what you guys did)!..

  • priceiswrong Jul 16, 2012

    Oh, Tim was trying to get me to admit that we were recording this in my car, but I failed to get the hint. It's true though, we were sitting in my car.