Community Finally Has a Return Date! NBC Announces Its Midseason Premiere Schedule

By Tim Surette

Oct 30, 2012

Fellow Community nerds, I come bearing great news! Our beloved comedy finally has a return date after being jerked around the schedule by an uncaring NBC. The fourth season of The Greendale Tales will debut on...


That's a Thursday, which means Community will reclaim its original time slot. It will replace 30 Rock, which at that point will have wrapped up its final season. Community was originally scheduled to air on Fridays beginning October 19, but NBC finally stopped taking stupid pills and saw the light.

The Community premiere date comes as part of NBC's announcement of its midseason schedule. Another big change is the move of Smash from Mondays to Tuesdays, essentially killing the "Music Mondays" the network was so keen on last season. Smash returns with a two-hour episode on February 5 at 9pm.

New comedy 1600 Penn, a family sitcom set in the White House starring Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, and Josh Gad, joins NBC's Thursday-night block starting January 10. It will air at 9:30pm, pushing Parks and Recreation up to 8:30pm. Up All Night will take a break while it retools itself as a multi-camera comedy.

Revolution, which NBC is calling "the season's only bona fide new hit series," will take an extended vacation at the start of the new year. The sci-fi drama will return on March 25, presumably after a midseason finale sometime in December. That means Revolution, a serialized sci-fi fantasy drama, will be off the air for a quarter of the year. Ditto for The Voice, which is currently in its third season and will return for its fourth on the same night. NBC just can't keep those two apart!

Subbing in for Revolution and The Voice during their breaks will be The Biggest Loser and new drama Notorious Infamous Deception (its third name).

Here's how the schedule breaks down, in handy-dandy list form, with the rest of the returns and premieres (be warned that it's confusing, but that's NBC for ya!):


Sunday, January 6
9:00pm – The Biggest Loser (special two-hour premiere)

Monday, January 7
8:00pm – The Biggest Loser (regular one-hour edition)
10:00pm – Deception

Thursday, January 10
9:30pm – 1600 Penn

Tuesday, February 5
8:00pm – Betty White's Off Their Rockers (back-to-back episodes)

Tuesday, February 5
9:00pm – Smash (two-hour premiere)

Thursday, February 7
8:00pm – Community
8:30pm – Parks and Recreation (time change)

Tuesday, February 12
10:00pm – Smash (regular one-hour edition)

Sunday, March 3
9:00pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (two-hour premiere)

Monday, March 25
8:00pm – The Voice (two-hour edition)
10:00pm – Revolution (returning from hiatus)

Tuesday, March 26
8:00pm – The Voice (one-hour edition)

Sunday, March 31
8:00pm – Ready For Love
10:00pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (one-hour edition)

Obviously we encourage you to express your pleasure over Community's return date—and share any other thoughts you have about NBC's midseason schedule—in the comments.

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  • TheBam711 Nov 02, 2012

    If only NBC placed a series order for Mockingbird Lane a couple of months ago....then Mockingbird Lane would replace Revolution and they'd probably have another hit. (I can see the same viewers watching Revolution watch Mockingbird Lane and the same viewers watching Mockingbird Lane watch Revolution) I don't see Deception as being a likely hit. and it's likely going to also affect the ratings of Revolution.

  • JT_Kirk Nov 01, 2012

    Thursday? Good. February? TERRIBLE. 3 more months?!? What is wrong with NBC that they cannot make a single good decision anymore without some stumbling? This confirms that the show will be canceled, there's no way they can build an audience starting at sweeps after 9 months off the air and only a handful of episodes until the end of the season AND it has no lead-in yet again, how is that supposed to build promise?

  • XY Nov 01, 2012

    Finally... February it is then. Thursdays is actually a good slot and it looks like it won't suffer from a long midseason break. It's good to see that NBC at least gave this some thought.

  • Air-man77 Nov 01, 2012

    NBC is going to killed "Revolution" with that break. Bad move, really bad move.

  • JT_Kirk Nov 01, 2012

    They're pulling another "Heroes", basically they didn't want to commit to a full run and now they've got to play catch-up.

  • DavidJackson8 Oct 31, 2012

    Argh, I can't wait until February.

  • MintberryCrunch Oct 31, 2012

    Awesome news that its coming back, but surely now theres no chance of Season 4 getting a full 20-something episode order.

    However hopefully if Park and Rec/being on a thursday can get it a ratings boost maybe a season 5 has a glimmer of hope.

    Still don't get why theres so much riding on what day of the week stuff is on in the U.S.A., over here in U.K. shows seem to air all over the place no matter their popularity. In fact a lot of really good stuff is on Saturday (something seen as madness across the pond)

  • elhund Oct 31, 2012

    So revolution is going to come back about the same time that the new season of Game of Thrones usually premieres, seems like a wise decision, no difference in quality there :-).

  • Goonerboy74 Oct 31, 2012

    The return of Community and Psych. February is soooo October 19th!

  • ZeroCals Oct 31, 2012

    I wonder how everyone at my office is going to react when they see all their calenders have been flipped back to October that day...

  • Goonerboy74 Oct 31, 2012

    I am so doing that!

  • Doctimus Oct 31, 2012

    POP POP!!!

  • youngnan Oct 31, 2012


    13 episodes?

    I'm sad.

    If this thing ever ends up cancelled.... I'd never forgive NBC, ever. What if all the fans go on a hunger strike or something? Just until NBC swears to give us full seasons forever or until Mc Hale goes bald. Can we do that? Can someone get that organized?

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