Dan Harmon Has Apologized for His Comments About Community Season 4, But Should He Be Forgiven? (POLL)

By Tim Surette

Jun 18, 2013

Community creator Dan Harmon hung out with capital-D Drama over the weekend, when he announced at his anything-goes podcast/live show Harmontown that he watched the fourth season Community—the season he was not part of after his firing—and did not care for it. At all. In fact, he compared watching Season 4, specifically seeing James Brolin play Jeff's dad, to "being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach." And "flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone." Colorful.

Harmon had previously said he didn't "want to be a jerk" about watching Season 4, and noted that many writers he'd worked with were still on staff while he was unemployed. Maybe Harmon has a different definition of what a "jerk" is, but in my neck of the woods, comparing someone's work to a rape and gangbangs isn't considered nice unless they were actually raping or gangbanging.  

It's more risky (and entertaining) behavior for the anti-establishment Harmon, who had no problem pissing on his bosses at Sony TV, too. He said Sony pushed for infighting among writers and considered writers interchangeable. 

Harmon has since apologized for his comments in a blog post titled, "It Won't Happen Again." (Spoiler alert: It will happen again. This is what Harmon does.) He apologized to fans, the Season 4 writers, and the cast and crew for his remarks, but did not mention Sony or Season 4 showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio. He also acknowledged that he said what he said in a cheap attempt to get laughs and that his head "was up his ass." 

But are you letting him off the hook? Does the apology make amends? Did he have the right to say those things in the first place? Are you sick of his sh*t? Let's get all opinion-y about this with a poll!


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  • OdumC Jun 25, 2013

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and as it was his show before being taken, he, more than anyone is perfectly justified to voice that opinion.

  • matheny Jun 25, 2013

    So "Community" is still on? Wow. Who knew? Who's Dan Harmon, anyway? Sounds like a classless whiner.
    But, hey, maybe you guys actually know the guy. Just wonder if you'd excuse, say, Chuck Lorre if he said stuff like that...

  • JolarEQ Jul 08, 2013

    I would. Chuck Lorre is awesome. As is Dan Harmon.

    Nice attempt at trolling, though.

  • matheny Jul 22, 2013

    Irony, actually, not trolling. Dan Harmon may be "awesome" as a showrunner (though "mercurial" might be a better term given that this show's one consistent feature has been its inconsistency), but his comments showed zero class.

  • Davieashtray Jun 24, 2013

    I thought season 4 was pretty terrible with one possible exception. The Sophie B. Hawkins dance episode. I really felt like that one episode out of the whole season, to me at least, felt like classic Community. I remember wondering at the time, if it was possibly an unfilmed Dan Harmon episode from season 3.

  • Spoontown Jun 22, 2013

    Obv rape jokes aren't cool, this is boring now anyone would think Series 4 was a complete left turn, series 3 wasn't great in places and Harmon is obv too big for his boots so he got fired. Series 4 continued the slide and should have been the end of the show. I have low hopes for Series 5 there's better stuff out there.

  • BriannaKirkla Jun 22, 2013

    I think if you actually listen to the Harmontown episode, and hear the comments in context, they're not quite as offensive. Yes, joking about rape is really not ok. It just adds fuel to the fire of rape culture, so his choice of wording there was very unfortunate. But when you listen to him express himself you can hear the hurt he felt from this whole situation, and you understand what he meant by those comments.

  • ManuelValero Jun 20, 2013

    Season 4 was really weird specially because it wasnt properly "bad" just akward and stiff, more close to a common sitcom than the original concept of the show. Harmon was taked away from his "baby" in a very rude manner because Chevy Chase´s ways just for nothing because Chevy hated the show and it was just a silly power trip of him as the "resident superstar", so Harmon have all right to rant about it. So...good riddance

    The network came back to Dan to make Community recover his real "mojo" because at the end the show have an steady and loyal fan base unlike all those shows they axed merciless few weeks ago. So is kind of ironic the way those networks make desitions...at this point they need him more than Harmon himself needs them.

    Is a class act the fact he accepted working on it again, he made it for the fans and that´s really cool. So just let the man rant all he wants...is the way he is ...since always anyways. That´s why we liked him at first place : because he´s irreverent and caustic. Im quite sure the production team know his sense of humour and the way he feels so...no big deal

  • yeldarbn Jun 21, 2013

    And now for the English version, for those who can not understand Engrish...

  • ludoTV Jun 20, 2013

    I actually welcome the honesty of someone like Harmon - community's season 4 was not great, to put it mildly and I get it as a creator, he felt aggravated but hey, be a grown up about it and do not make insensitive and completely inappropriate jokes about rapes and what not. It's not fucking funny

  • blueboy11 Jun 20, 2013

    People saying Dan should haven't apologized because its his show and whatever. I get what you're saying but he basically shitted everyone who's involve in this show (to the cast, to the writers etc.) The writers who's responsible for tons of great episodes and the cast who represented this little show and while I think season 4 was a mess, the rape joke was out of line. BEING SMART IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR TALKING SHIT TO ANYONE EVER.

  • NancieBurke Jun 20, 2013

    I think he's entitled to his opinion and at times I felt the same way. Season 4 did suck, except for the hot air ballon episode where they all trip out as puppets. That one was awesome!

  • allielisa Jun 20, 2013

    Wow I completely missed this. Vaguely skimmed over the comments in this thread. To avoid being verbose/redundant, in sum:

    1. LOL Classic Harmon. People surprised by his remarks should...really not be surprised.
    2. Season 4 was just as terrible as Harmon said it was. (Jim Rash is welcome to bring his Oscar to the writers' room and contribute some quality stuff though)
    3. He's kind of a douche, but he's right.
    5. Is it time for Season 5 yet?

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