Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast Announced

By TV.com Staff Writer

Feb 09, 2009

Check out the Dancing with the Stars cast list here:

Belinda Carlisle: Lead singer of the Go-Go's and 80s pop star, Carlisle is a favorite of many.

David Alan Grier: Hilarious on the small-screen (TV shows such as In Living Color and more recently Chocolate News), Grier is a triple threat as he is an accomplished actor on the silver screen and Broadway.

Jewel: This three time Grammy nominee will no doubt turn heads.

Shawn Johnson: She'll be the youngest competitor on the show at the tender age of 17. Will her Olympic-level talents give her an advantage?

Lil' Kim: This Grammy award winner is sure to entertain if her performance of "Lady Marmalade" with Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Mya is any indication.

Gilles Marini: For those of you that longed for anther glimpse of Samantha's beach-front LA neighbor in the film version of Sex and the City, look no further!

Ty Murray: This accomplished rodeo athlete will attempt to hang on until the end! His better half, singer-songwriter Jewel, is a fellow competitor this season - now that's good television!

Steve-O: We've seen MTV's Jackass and we cannot wait to see what surprises this daredevil has in store!

Nancy O'Dell: O'Dell is cool as a cucumber in front of the camera when reporting from the red carpet and within segments for NBC's The Today Show and Dateline NBC - we'll definitely be watching to see how this new role turns out.

Denise Richards: Model-turned actress, Richards is well-known for her work in films such as a Bond-girl in The World is Not Enough, the-then controversial film Wild Things and the action film Starship Troopers. She is currently working on the second season of her reality show for E! Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

Lawrence Taylor: Does this hall-of-famer of the NFL have twinkle toes?

Chuck Wicks: This country-crooner has opened for the likes of Brad Paisley - does he have what it takes to stand on his own?

Steve Wozniak: Steve "The Woz" Wozniak designed the Apple I and II, becoming among the top innovators of Silicon Valley. He was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame and earned the Heinz Award for Technology, The Economy, and Employment...but can this brainiac cut a rug?

What do you think of this season's cast?

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  • 55maria55 Apr 20, 2009

    Gilles Marini is the best of the bunch, ooooooooooo La La my favorit 4 sure, lil kim is trying to dance better and yes she gots some moves but Gilles has the most potential, all others are sluch, all the best of luck Gilles am sure u will win, u have all the elements of entertainment, sexy, passion, and lots of determination, i have been dancing since i was a little girl (not professionally) and i know how it feel the music runs thru ur bones and makes u react and dance.

    Maria in Arizona

  • waltmor Feb 11, 2009

    oh right Chuck Wicks... he was on Nashville which lasted all of 2 episodes

  • LAURAMARIE63 Feb 10, 2009

    I am surprised this many people have so much time on their hands.

  • cheezewhiz Feb 10, 2009

    don't care for the show... but steve-o!!!!!! he's freaking insane! he is the craziest person on tv. WTF is he doin on this show!!!

  • carloice Feb 10, 2009

    Wow. Steve Wozniak? Thats pretty awesome. I bet he's the first to go. :)

  • Crogos Feb 10, 2009

    Chuck Wicks is only on because of Julianne Hough. I thought she was leaving the show? I guess they found a way to reel her back in, unfortunately it's in a way which I think is really lame.

    Also, Denise Richards? Can I roll my eyes any harder?

  • CoffeeCake225 Feb 10, 2009

    steve-o is gonna be fun to watch but i doubt hes gonna be good, ill be so happy if he is cuz that would truly be surprising. As for the rest the cast kinda sucks, this season is more then ever has-beens

  • titiembe Feb 10, 2009

    truth be told, i don't like this cast much...

  • Nikkles Feb 10, 2009

    this is a really random cast

  • leondepeon2 Feb 10, 2009

    steve-o ftw

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