Dancing's finale gets mixed results

By Tim Surette

Nov 28, 2007

**Warning: Spoilers Inside**

The formula for ABC's Dancing With the Stars is simple: Pair a professional dancer with a celebrity, and have them compete in various dancing styles against other teams. The winner is the team that out-cha-chas the competition, right?

That was, of course, a rhetorical question.

"It's not only about dancing, you know? It's about popularity," said winner Helio Castroneves, who is a professional racecar driver for a living. "That's what I'm actually happy about."

Though early favorite Melanie Brown, a Spice Girl by trade, and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were ahead in the final scoring, the votes of the viewers eventually pushed Castroneves and Julianne Hough to the title. This is Hough's second consecutive title. "She has an incredible fan base," Castroneves said of Hough.

Brown joked that "We were robbed" on Good Morning America, but her partner apparently has had enough.

"If this is the limit of where I can get in a show, then let it be," Chmerkovskiy told Extra. "I'm satisfied and moving on." The Russian dancer has appeared in every Dancing With the Stars run since the second season.

As for critics, most seem to be on board that Brown and Chmerkovskiy were the best dancers, regardless of the results. But as The Washington Post's Teresa Wiltz put it (and put it best), "Eh, it's a popularity contest, what are you going to do?"

Last night's two-hour finale was watched by approximately 24.9 million viewers, according to Variety.

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  • bigfan080 Dec 03, 2007

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  • Noirnevara Dec 03, 2007

    Though Brown and Chmerkovskiy were the better of the two couples they really have nothing to complain about. THE best dancer (Sabrina Bryan) of any season never even made it to the finals. They should be counting their blessings they made it that far.

  • Lokar Dec 03, 2007

    As a dancer, Helio is a great race car driver.

    Ugh. Please do not subject us to this show any longer. It's a shame they can't be affected by the writer's strike.

  • triogirl Dec 02, 2007

    I didn't even watch this show, but because of the constant coverage of it, I feel like I watched every episode.

  • nancyzhang23 Dec 02, 2007

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